Christmas Eve

Posted: December 24, 2005 in Uncategorized
Pretty much everyone slept till noon today~    There’s nothing to do… so we played Counter Strike all afternoon… hehehe~   Then after dinner, which again, sucked, we started our Secret Santa Party~  We all got our gift wrapped in newspaper and use blue marker to circle the alphebets for the name of the receivers~   And I got a model airplane~   Then we went over to the bar to play "Mega Jenga"…How MEGA?  Just look at the pictures~   David lost and had to buy everyone a drink~   then my stomach started to hurt cuz of too much chili oil in my noodles for lunch…  So I come back home to take a dump and now sitting here typing this… So that’s how I spent my Christmas Eve~ How about YOU? 
Merry Christmas Everyone!!
The pile of junk looking things infront of the TV are the ~  David is reading the card that was sent from Ryan to all of us~ Thanks Ryan!    And the magazine the JJ is holding is also from Ryan~ That just made our Christmas even more Merry~  That’s how tall the Jenga Tower got~  That guy in the picture is Wilson from Cathay, I think he is a bit taller than me~
  1. Nicole says:

    Merry X’mas & Happy New YearI wish you have wonderful ,happy holiday

  2. Hoyuen says:

    Guess u are ready for da big X’mas meal after u dropped da kids in da pool last night… hahaha… Just kidding, don’t beat me…

  3. Titus says:

    Merry Christmas my friend.

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