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CASA Tomorrow

Posted: February 28, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
This week is our last week of full time ground school.  After this week, we’ll be back on our normal schedule~
Tomorrow is our first CASA exam, so the Emergency Buddah Leg Holding Procedure will commence tonight…
Oh, check out this "Funny Video"~ Let me know what you think~
The pictures are just some different types of engines we saw yesterday for AGK.  The one with two big exhaust on top is a little helicopter engine that produces 600 hps~ Wow~


Posted: February 26, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
You know how ppl in Taiwan complain about how the internet fees are high and the connection is slow?  They should move to Australia
Our monthly internet connection fee is 117.22 AUD, that’s about 3,000 NT a month… and it’s only a 1.5 M ADSL line I used to have a 12 M line and I pay less than half of what we are paying here… and that’s not it… The plan we are on is the most expensive, and the fastest from our carrier… what kind of 3rd world country is this?  While everyone else in the world are moving on fiber optic connection direct to your home, here we only get 1.5 M with the carrier promoting their free dial up service (with a 5 dollar month fee)…  And there’s more  in addition to the slow ass service they have here, there’s also a "quota" on how much data you are allowed to download each month… What kind of shit is that? Being on the highest plan, we are allowed 20G a month, with 40G extra "FREE" from 12am to 8am  That just sucks big time!!  And what happens when you go over that limit?  They limit your speed to 64Kbps  64! That’s freaking Dial Up Speed from 10 years ago!!!  But wait, on their website, they say they will only limit our speed instead of charging for the excess data downloaded… like they are doing us a favor
I can’t wait to move back to civilization

Day Trip

Posted: February 25, 2006 in Uncategorized
Yesterday I turned 31 from now on, I’m really "30 Something"…  We were going to go try a newly opened Korean restaurant, but it was packed, and wouldn’t even give us the option of waiting  So we ended up at the food court and I had a tofu pot~  It was pretty good~  Then we went home to open up FTA KTV Room 10~ with equiptment upgrade too!  DD got these two wireless mics that costs over 600 USD each!  and I was up till after 5 this morning…
Today, I woke up around.. 11?  And we head out to Barrosa Valley to do some wine tasting!  Since all the vans and mini bus were gone, we had to rent these little Toyota Yaris~ it’s a cute little car~ 
This time, we went to a vineyard called Grant Burge, as you can see in the pictures, it’s pretty~  After sampling a sparkling wine, a few whites, and three port wines, I decided to buy a bottle of 10 year old Muscat Port.  Then we went over to a lookout point to get a view of the valley, and head for Barrosa Reservoir.  What’s so special about the dam?  It’s also known as the Whispering Wall.  The dam is 140 meters long, but when you stand at one end, and start talking, the ppl on the other end can hear it just as if you were next to each other~ Cool, ain’t it?
For dinner, we went to Handorf from some German sausages, pork knuckles, and I had a really tasty medium rare Rib Eye steak!  We also had some German beer on tap, and freshly made pretzels and bread.
That’s it for today~  Tomorrow I will be home all day studying… I hope…

Self Inflicted Pain

Posted: February 23, 2006 in Uncategorized
Do you unconsciously torture yourself everyday?  I do
The past few days had felt like forever  Groundschool is worse than college, cuz you can skip class in college but you can’t do it here…   The first period and the first period after lunch is the hardest to get thru.  I try very hard not to fall asleep in class, and it’s very very painful   So I tell myself everyday that I am going to sleep early today, but…  I some how always manage mope around till the wee hours and then wake up regreting going to bed too late… and the cycle starts again…  If I use those time moping around to study I would’ve graduated from Harvard with a law degree or something already…  Perhaps even an Astronaut… haahaa!!
Anyway, tomorrow I’m going to be another year older…  "So, Ted, how does it feel to be 31?"  "Hmm… I don’t feel like 31… Actually, can you tell me what I SHOULD feel?"  It’s just another year… and I’m still ME

Lucky Streak Continues

Posted: February 22, 2006 in Uncategorized
Today is Wednesday, but I really hope it was Friday  It’s only the 3rd day of full time ground school, and I already feel like it’s been two weeks, and the days are getting longer and longer
So we took our Meteorology Final today, and I passed again~  Isn’t it wonderful to find that you pass a test when you don’t study? hahaha~  However, our CASA exam for Meteorology is in two weeks.  So can’t relax at all…
I really hope today was Friday

Two Weeks Of Ground School

Posted: February 20, 2006 in Uncategorized
Starting today, our course, CAL 15, will be on a journey to hell Two weeks of ground school
With most of the classes coming to an end, we still have Navigation 2 and AGK 2 waiting to start.  Soon after this, we’ll be on our way to take the CASA exams.  CASA is like FAA in the US, except they like to see student pilots suffer in pain over their tricky wording in the questions. 
Today my lucky streak was kept alive as I passed the Aerodynamics 2 Final~  I have to say, Aerodynamics is not exactly my cup of tea…  And I don’t really understand why we have to learn so much about it… in case we fail as pilots we can always start designing aeroplanes?
Tomorrow will be another long day, and Meteorology final exam waiting for us on Wednesday…  I really hate exams…

Lucky Streak

Posted: February 18, 2006 in Uncategorized
So, it’s the weekend again…
Weekend or not, next week have more exams…
I now seriously think I’ve gotten myself into a holetrap I hate studying, and I hate tests… and now it’s study study study test test test…  Well… I still don’t study… But luckily, I still pass my tests… Maybe it’s because I watch lots of Discovery Channel
Last week I was lucky enough to pass my Meteorology and Navigation exams… Hope my streak of good luck won’t end till I retire

The Number 64

Posted: February 15, 2006 in Uncategorized
It’s been another while since I wrote anything…   Since I started Module 3, we need to plan for the navigation flights, need to draw map, measure track, distance, calculate heading, and other crap… Before was just pre-flight the aircraft 45 minutes before, and then get briefed… now have to prepare the map and flight plan the night before, then go to OPS 90 minutes before to get the weather report and forcast, then finish the flight plan and submit it… 
Actually, the truth is… I’m just too lazy to write this…
Anyway, since last time, I think I passed another couple of exams, and flew a couple of aerobatics sorties in the CAP10~  and this week, a bunch of Captains, FOs, and department heads from all the sponser airlines are here to discuss about this new license they are planning, MPL (Multi-crew Pilot License).  From the bits and pieces that we hear, it’s a new type of license that’s designed for ppl like us, Airline Sponsered Cadets.  Basically, it’s a real "crash" course on flying airliners.  What we do now is we need 250 hours of flying to graduate, but the new MPL only needs 64… that’s like a quarter of what we need now!!   Damn!! I should’ve applied a bit later!!! Hee~
This is what Mr. Carter thinks (our instructor for Human Performance, Loading, Math & Physics, and Instruments): The technology for aircrafts to fly from start up to shut down by itself exists, pilots are not needed anymore.  The only reason why we are receiving training and will have a job is because passengers want to see a human in the cockpit.  When the day comes where the passengers can accept an un-manned flight, we would all be out of jobs…
Another reason is probably airlines want to save money on the trainings of the cadets.  What we are learning now are the basic fundamentals of flying.   Of which, some of the skills that we learn now are not exactly needed once we go back to fly the big ones…  So I guess the airlines figure, why learn all that much, when the cadets can just learn the minimum necessities to operate modern aircrafts?   But… how would you feel if you step on to a plane from TPE to LAX and finds out that the FO only has 100 hours of flying experience? 
Can you tell what’s wrong with the aircraft in the pictures?

X/W Limit Now 18

Posted: February 6, 2006 in Uncategorized
Today was Superbowl XL with the Seattle Seahawks vs. Pittsburg Steelers.  I caught the second half of it, and saw most of the action till about 4 minute left in the game, Mr. Eng called and wants me to go over and do some crosswind circuits.
My crosswind limit was 12 knots, which is ok, but in order to fly my solo navigation later, I need at least a limit of 15 knots.  So I went over and I was already scheduled to fly with Ms. Long.  She is Jay’s instructor, one of the few female instructors here, and she briefed me and off we go.  Well, no quite…  We  needed start up approval for circuit operations today, and the tower denied our request, and then after another 20, 25 minutes, I requested again, and this time, they said OK~  So we went up.
I have to say, I flew quite poorly in the beginning, and this is actually my first time flying with someone other than Mr. Lines, well… if you don’t count Mr. Kerrison for the GFPT…  Anyway, Ms. Long is quite nice and we flew for quite a while… During one of the circuits, the tower asked me to continue downwind, and I did… for a long long time, till they said continue approach… Now it’s more like a straight in final cuz we are so far away from the runway… then… during our long descent… all of the sudden, there comes another aircraft from our 10 o’clock only about a couple hundred feet above us… Ms. Long quickly shoved the nose down and said "What the *#@%!"…  It was quite a scary thing…  Part of the reason was that the duty runway was 21, but we are using 26 for crosswind circuits…  and Ms. Long think the controller is tired too…  Anyway, that’s why lookout is very important… 
I’m too lazy to put colors and pics and stuff today… so there…

It’s Been A While

Posted: February 4, 2006 in Uncategorized
It has been a while since I wrote anything here…
Well, where should I start…  After eating 12 kilos of dumpling skin, all the CAL courses went out to dinner together~  All 46 of us… or was it 48 Anyway, half way thru dinner, the lion dance ppl came to preform.  Surprisingly, it was all foreigners who were doing the dance and karate stuff~  There was a cabbage hanging on the top of the ceiling, then the lion climb up the table and took it down… then "spit" it out in all directions… I guess it’s a good luck thing… Then there were two little girls who came out, one did some karate moves, and one did it with a wooden stick.  It was interesting~   And when we went out for a smoke, we saw this guy wearing a orange polo shirt… Tell me, polo shirts from RL, do the logos come in O-Gi size?? 
During the week was nothing special… ground school, passed HPL final, flew simulator, that was it.
Last night, we went out to eat at the Korean BBQ place~  You see that big plate of meat? it’s actually Cow Tongue~~  Unlike Japanese BBQ, it’s very very thinly sliced.  The real beef slices were too lean I thought, so we ended up eating the tongue instead of regular beef… We must have eaten at least 4 or 5 big ass plates of it. 
Today, Betty and I invited our instructor for some Dim Sum action~   After meeting him underneath the 中華門 , we made our way over to the restaurant. And we saw the guy in the pictures… wearing short short shorts, and stockings, and with HANS written on his butt…  After lunch, we went to do some shopping, and guss what I saw?  It’s the Little Chicken Noodles from Nissin!!  I don’t remember how much it was in TPE, but it’s 8.50 AUD here… Not cheap…
Later today, some of us went downtown to eat dinner, at the end, we each pitched in a dollar to get David to eat a big chunk of wasabi  I have to give it to him, he didn’t just swallow it whole, he actually chewed
Anyway, that’s pretty much it for today…  Now it’s KTV @ Unit 10 again…