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After 30 Memory Loss

Posted: March 29, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
After messing with the MSN Live Messenger Beta last night, I found that there are no significant improvements or changes to it…  Then, I fell asleep…  Thinking that I could wake up real early this morning to study a bit more…  Next thing I know…  It says 9:00 on my clock…  And once again, Lady Luck was on my side, I passed the CASA Exam!!  Two more to go!! Woo Hoo!!
After the exam, I flew one solo nav and then some night circuits.  Tired…
Is it true that after you turn 30, your start to loose your ability to memorize things, or just simply loose you memory?  I would open up a webpage, and forgetting which website I was going to go to…  Get my bag open and forgetting which book I was going to get…  It’s amazing that I can still pass these tests I’m taking…  Does it happen to you?  If it doesn’t, then there’s no need to reply
IREX tomorrow… what does that stand for?  I have no idea…
Thank you all for leaving me msg yesterday, yes, all THREE of you~


Posted: March 28, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
So why is it that ppl read my boring stories here but don’t leave a message?  Hmm… I guess I answered my own question… hahaha~
Tomorrow is Wednesday, you know, some ppl read it Wednesday, and some ppl read it Wensday…  Anyway, Wednesday means, CASA Exam Day…  Tomorrow is AGK, mainly about engines, electrical systems, hydrolic systems, and whatever else they cramp into the airplanes…  I am not sure why I have to know it since I don’t plan on becoming an engineer 
Here is a picture I took before my pre-flight yesterday evening.  I like it.  I think it’s such a waste of talent that I didn’t become a photographer, or an artist, or a singer, or a cartoonist, or an actor, or a race car driver…  Multi-Talented I am…  Hahahahahaha~
Better get back to study… at least have the book open… will feel less guilty that way…

Another Busy Week

Posted: March 27, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
Last week was tiring, and so will this week~
Today I found out Neil will be a dad in September~  Congrats to him~  Angus is getting engaged in June, congrats to him too~ (but please do re-consider…)   I guess I’m really in the group of 30 somthing…  Don’t feel old, but definitly not young anymore…  I remember last year on my 30th birthday, I didn’t feel anything till I saw the THREE-ZERO candle on the cake…  And it struck me…  I’m 30!!  And 10 seconds later… the hell with it… hahaha~ 
With a few days short of 4 months left in our training, the harder part of the training had just begun…  All the suffering and pain will only increase… hahaha~  I am surprised that I’ve made this far though~  Especially with ground school~  I guess my mom must pray for me a lot… hahaha~
Today’s solo nav was cancelled due to bad weather…  Now I just wait to see if I’ll be able to fly the night circuit…

Is This Really Necessary?

Posted: March 23, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
First of all, I passed my CASA HPL on wednesday~  It was hard, but I was lucky, again~  After passing the exam, thinking that I have the afternoon off, so I can take a nap, then do my flight plan…  But nope, that didn’t go as planned…  I had to wait around for 2 hours for my turn to do the interview with CAL Management, which only took me 10 minutes in there…  Then I have to fly the sim at night…
Today, I flew my first module 4 dual navigation flight with my instructor, and Dana in the backseat sleeping… hahaha~  It was warm today…  Then after I got back, ate lunch, napped, moped around a bit, and go do preflight for the night flight.  Tonight’s condition was really good~  Nice and calm, I didn’t really have to do too much on final, the aircraft flew itself~  After a few normal circuits, and a flapless, and simulate electrical failure with no lights on the panels and no landing lights, then a few tries at simulated engine failure, I got send solo~  Qoo~  Now I can fly night circuits by myself~  One more reason for other traffic to stay away from Parafield at night… haahaa~ 
With 4 more months left in our training, there are still so much to do, and much to learn.  I’m going coocoo for coco puffs…


Posted: March 21, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
Thank you all for your trust in me~
So today was a long day.  The morning sim was rescheduled till 1630, and then it was rescheduled again to 1430  After which, I stayed a bit longer to practice, and then get briefed for tonight’s sortie.  After the brief, I rush back to pick up my headset, and rush back to preflight the aircraft.  At 1915, get briefed again at Ops and then head out to do some night circuits. 
It was not too different than flying in the day, except you have to fly by your instruments most of the time.  However, it was a bit difficult for me to judge the flare height. since it’s all dark and you can see shit…  therefore, the landings were that great…  I’ll be doing it again on Thursday, and hopefully by then I’ll be able to do it better and get send solo. 
That’s it for today, CASA HPL tomorrow…  I think it’s one of my weakest subjects, cuz I’m just too lazy to memorize stuff… hee~ 

Lady Luck On My Side

Posted: March 20, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
First of all, yes, I was using my to take pictures on the .  But there ain’t no "sensitive" electronic equipments on the , so I guess it’s ok~  Instructors do it all the time~ hehehehe~
Well, today was hell.  Three exams in a row…  It was painful, but the results were good~   I passed them all!!  I must have done good deeds in my past lifetime~ hee~  However, there are still more to come… 
So after school, we went out to stock up on our drinks, and I bought a facial cleansing scrub.  Not very exciting…  Tomorrow, simulator at 0930 and night circuit at 1930.  I will get to fly at night for the first time!  Qoo~
That’s it for today~

Number 4

Posted: March 18, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
Finally, I am in Module 4!
Yesterday, I did my module 3 check with Mr. Eng, our flight training manager, and it was actually not as bad as I thought~  I was lucky though, first, the plane I took was YTN, the one that I did my first solo in~  Then, my check was scheduled at 1200, and by the time Mr. Eng was done with Jay, who was also doing a module check and passed, it was 1130 already.  So right after he asked me about the weather, he said we will go fly first, cuz the schedule yesterday was pretty tight, and we’ll do ground theory after we come back.  So off we go~
The weather yesterday was pretty good, nice and cool, a bit cloudy though~  Anyway, so a bit over two hous later, we landed at Parafield.  Nothing dramatic happened, I did surprise myself with the nice flapless landing I did at Murray Bridge though~ hehehe~  After helping me to tie down the plane, Mr. Eng asked me what did I think, I said everything was good, except a couple of minor mistakes, and he agreed.  Then~  while we were debriefing, ppl just keep on coming in to talk to him, and by the time he finished up with them, he said to me, "I have a meeting soon, I don’t have time to test your ground theory, so you better make sure you know it!"  And I PASSED!  Hahahaha!! 
So I get to stay here for another month and endure the crap food and hellish life a bit longer~ 
Tomorrow, Dragon Boat~