Number 4

Posted: March 18, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
Finally, I am in Module 4!
Yesterday, I did my module 3 check with Mr. Eng, our flight training manager, and it was actually not as bad as I thought~  I was lucky though, first, the plane I took was YTN, the one that I did my first solo in~  Then, my check was scheduled at 1200, and by the time Mr. Eng was done with Jay, who was also doing a module check and passed, it was 1130 already.  So right after he asked me about the weather, he said we will go fly first, cuz the schedule yesterday was pretty tight, and we’ll do ground theory after we come back.  So off we go~
The weather yesterday was pretty good, nice and cool, a bit cloudy though~  Anyway, so a bit over two hous later, we landed at Parafield.  Nothing dramatic happened, I did surprise myself with the nice flapless landing I did at Murray Bridge though~ hehehe~  After helping me to tie down the plane, Mr. Eng asked me what did I think, I said everything was good, except a couple of minor mistakes, and he agreed.  Then~  while we were debriefing, ppl just keep on coming in to talk to him, and by the time he finished up with them, he said to me, "I have a meeting soon, I don’t have time to test your ground theory, so you better make sure you know it!"  And I PASSED!  Hahahaha!! 
So I get to stay here for another month and endure the crap food and hellish life a bit longer~ 
Tomorrow, Dragon Boat~
  1. Hoyuen says:


  2. Wenchun says:

    其他照片是一邊開飛機一邊拍的嗎? (疑惑中="=)

  3. Nicole says:

    嗯嗯…..真的真的真的….很Cool 耶!                                         越來越像Pilotㄜ

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