Lady Luck On My Side

Posted: March 20, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
First of all, yes, I was using my to take pictures on the .  But there ain’t no "sensitive" electronic equipments on the , so I guess it’s ok~  Instructors do it all the time~ hehehehe~
Well, today was hell.  Three exams in a row…  It was painful, but the results were good~   I passed them all!!  I must have done good deeds in my past lifetime~ hee~  However, there are still more to come… 
So after school, we went out to stock up on our drinks, and I bought a facial cleansing scrub.  Not very exciting…  Tomorrow, simulator at 0930 and night circuit at 1930.  I will get to fly at night for the first time!  Qoo~
That’s it for today~
  1. wesley says:

    dont forget the "Touch"

  2. Hoyuen says:

    U are da bum!!!

  3. andy says:

    哇靠  一面開飛機 一面用手機幫自己自拍  麻煩提醒我 以後千萬 不要做你的飛機  有夠給它可怕的  

  4. Nicole says:

    以後要打聽你開那一架….千萬千萬不要坐到 =""

  5. wesley says:

    just realized …
    i spelled torch as touch….

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