Is This Really Necessary?

Posted: March 23, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
First of all, I passed my CASA HPL on wednesday~  It was hard, but I was lucky, again~  After passing the exam, thinking that I have the afternoon off, so I can take a nap, then do my flight plan…  But nope, that didn’t go as planned…  I had to wait around for 2 hours for my turn to do the interview with CAL Management, which only took me 10 minutes in there…  Then I have to fly the sim at night…
Today, I flew my first module 4 dual navigation flight with my instructor, and Dana in the backseat sleeping… hahaha~  It was warm today…  Then after I got back, ate lunch, napped, moped around a bit, and go do preflight for the night flight.  Tonight’s condition was really good~  Nice and calm, I didn’t really have to do too much on final, the aircraft flew itself~  After a few normal circuits, and a flapless, and simulate electrical failure with no lights on the panels and no landing lights, then a few tries at simulated engine failure, I got send solo~  Qoo~  Now I can fly night circuits by myself~  One more reason for other traffic to stay away from Parafield at night… haahaa~ 
With 4 more months left in our training, there are still so much to do, and much to learn.  I’m going coocoo for coco puffs…

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