Another Busy Week

Posted: March 27, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
Last week was tiring, and so will this week~
Today I found out Neil will be a dad in September~  Congrats to him~  Angus is getting engaged in June, congrats to him too~ (but please do re-consider…)   I guess I’m really in the group of 30 somthing…  Don’t feel old, but definitly not young anymore…  I remember last year on my 30th birthday, I didn’t feel anything till I saw the THREE-ZERO candle on the cake…  And it struck me…  I’m 30!!  And 10 seconds later… the hell with it… hahaha~ 
With a few days short of 4 months left in our training, the harder part of the training had just begun…  All the suffering and pain will only increase… hahaha~  I am surprised that I’ve made this far though~  Especially with ground school~  I guess my mom must pray for me a lot… hahaha~
Today’s solo nav was cancelled due to bad weather…  Now I just wait to see if I’ll be able to fly the night circuit…
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