Posted: March 28, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
So why is it that ppl read my boring stories here but don’t leave a message?  Hmm… I guess I answered my own question… hahaha~
Tomorrow is Wednesday, you know, some ppl read it Wednesday, and some ppl read it Wensday…  Anyway, Wednesday means, CASA Exam Day…  Tomorrow is AGK, mainly about engines, electrical systems, hydrolic systems, and whatever else they cramp into the airplanes…  I am not sure why I have to know it since I don’t plan on becoming an engineer 
Here is a picture I took before my pre-flight yesterday evening.  I like it.  I think it’s such a waste of talent that I didn’t become a photographer, or an artist, or a singer, or a cartoonist, or an actor, or a race car driver…  Multi-Talented I am…  Hahahahahaha~
Better get back to study… at least have the book open… will feel less guilty that way…
  1. Fereshteh says:

    wha?? i thought i was leaving messages all the time. huh. 🙂 wait. As once said by the venerable Debbie Gibson, "it was only in my dreams."

  2. Sofi says:

    Dear Shao Di:
    Just want to be supportive!!  Here it is……the comment you requested!!

  3. Hoyuen says:

    U r so so Talented,
    U r da MAN…
    Da Man Da Man Da Man…
    Ps. 我每天最少都開十次你的網頁,幫你衝人氣

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