After 30 Memory Loss

Posted: March 29, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
After messing with the MSN Live Messenger Beta last night, I found that there are no significant improvements or changes to it…  Then, I fell asleep…  Thinking that I could wake up real early this morning to study a bit more…  Next thing I know…  It says 9:00 on my clock…  And once again, Lady Luck was on my side, I passed the CASA Exam!!  Two more to go!! Woo Hoo!!
After the exam, I flew one solo nav and then some night circuits.  Tired…
Is it true that after you turn 30, your start to loose your ability to memorize things, or just simply loose you memory?  I would open up a webpage, and forgetting which website I was going to go to…  Get my bag open and forgetting which book I was going to get…  It’s amazing that I can still pass these tests I’m taking…  Does it happen to you?  If it doesn’t, then there’s no need to reply
IREX tomorrow… what does that stand for?  I have no idea…
Thank you all for leaving me msg yesterday, yes, all THREE of you~
  1. Hoyuen says:

    Yo Boss,
    I dig what u sayin’,
    Just don’t forget where u r flying to when u get in TOBAGO
    Peace out

  2. 振宇 says:


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