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MOD 3 Check Tomorrow

Posted: March 16, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
As Titled…
It’s got pushed up to tomorrow noon…   So… Tha’s it for today…

The Longest Day

Posted: March 15, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
Last night, after dinner, I had to nap… so I slept from 8pm till 12am… Woke up to do one of the Air Law practice exams, and finished my flight plans for today.  Went back to bed around 430, and wake up at 740 this morning to get ready for the CASA exam. 
After two hours of torture… actually, it wasn’t that bad…  I passed!! Hahaha!! But… that’s just the beginning…  After getting back to school around 1100, I went straight to fly my first sortie of the day.  So off to Adelaide I go.  The only thing different about landing at Adelaide is the radio call.  You need clearance to do pretty much everything.  And you don’t really get to fly the route you planned.  Either approach or tower will give you instructions on what to do, then you have to read back whatever they said…  Anyway, so I went to Adelaide for touch and go, then track south to Port Stanvac (but I don’t see no port… just an oil refinary. Wasup with that?)  then back to Adelaide to do a full stop, then taxi to another runway to fly back to Parafield… 
After getting back around 1330, I was waiting around for my instructor for debrief, then go home, finish the rest of the plans for the second sortie.  At 1600, I finally got up in the air after some delays, and on my way for my first solo nav.  I was kinda worried that I would get lost, but luckily, I found all the check points and waypoints~  After 2.6 hours, I made it back alive!!  At 1930, my day had came to an end, finally.  Didn’t even make it to dinner, just went home to eat a pack of instant noodles.
Thank God there’re no tests tomorrow…

I’m Tired

Posted: March 14, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
Well, turns out, this week is going to be a very busy week…
After learning that we will have AGK progress and Navigation final this Thursday, I found out that I have two sorties tomorrow… Yes, TWO CASA at 0830 for two hours, back to school at 1100, put down my bags and grab my headset to go off to Adelaide for touch and go at 1130  then back at 1300 to prepare for my first solo nav at 1500  Seriously.. what the hell man??  And I also found out that I will be doing my Module 3 Check with Mr. Eng on Saturday  Then… Why can’t I do my solo nav on Friday??  Why??  Man… So tired…

Stay Low Fly High

Posted: March 13, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
So, what happend in the past weekend? Nothing… I can’t remember shit… Saturday, nothing… was home all day… supposedly "studying" for AirLaw… Sunday, same…  Nothing exciting happen in this little town called Parafield…
Today is another day off… Since it’s a public holiday in Australia, my instructor decided not to come either…  So I get a day off…  still trying to "study" for AirLaw, while listening to MC HotDog… 
This week should turn out to be a busy week though.  Cuz CASA on Wednesday, and I have a feeling that I would get booked to fly my first Solo Nav that afternoon, or fly CTA into Adelaide airport…  Then if they really want to… probably Mod3 Check on Friday… Man… 
With so much to do, and only 4 months left… Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!


Posted: March 10, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
Finally, it’s FRIDAY! Actually, Friday in Parafield don’t mean a thing.  People still fly night circuit till 10pm, while others have to go to bed at 10pm so they can wake up at 0500 for the Saturday 7am flight. 
Anyway, thanks to Buddah, I passed today’s Nav2 progress test~  Luckily, the stuff I browsed thru last night before bed were all in the test!  Anyway, not important, only a progress test. 
So what did CAL15 do tonight?  What else…  for all the assassins out there, yes, we were at China Town, again…  The Korean restaurant was once again, packed So Michael decided to make a reservation for next weekend~  How come no one else thought about it??  Haa~  Then we went to the food court across the street/atrium from the food court we always go.  I had a Beef Noodle Soup, it was not bad, except I think that the noodle they used is not the right type… Afterwards, as part of our routine, we went over to Qubic to buy bubble tea, then over to HK Market to do some grocery shopping.  I bought a pack of dumplings that was recommended by the boss lady, and of course, it’s the most expensive one… Then on our way back, we stopped by the liquor store next to our school, and got a case of beer…  I still got my port from two weeks ago, so I didn’t buy anything. 
Mental Note:  Have to study this weekend for next week’s CASA Air Law exam…  Must amend Jepps  Must not procrastinate but if I don’t procrastinate, then that wouldn’t be me…

Stuff Instead Of Roll

Posted: March 9, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
Instead of complaining about the crap they serve at the mess, today I’ll talk about something interesting, to me
Since we are running out of ciggies, we decided to go buy some tobacco and roll it ourselves.  Why roll? Cuz a pack of ciggy is 10 AUD  Anyway, what we end up buying are in the pictures.  Instead of those ciggy paper that you have to roll, we bought the ones with filters attached already.  It looks just like a regular ciggy without the tobacco.  So how do you pack it?  We also got that thing in the picture, all you gotta do is fill up the middle chamber with tobacco, and put the "empty ciggy" at the end.  Then you pull/slide the lever/slider thing, and then push it out.  And Voila~ there it is!  Nice and stuffed for your personal enjoyment~
That’s it for today, gotta cram some navigation stuff in my head now… got exam tomorrow… again…
Oh yeah… passed my Mod3 precheck with my new instructor today.  Haven’t flown in 3 weeks, and did alright…  Even though my diversion and GLA entry wasn’t exactly good… Now I worry… How the heck am I suppose to pass my Mod3 check?

CASA Two Down More To Go

Posted: March 8, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
Today we took our second CASA exam, and all of us passed~ So as a reward, they cooked up some shitty food for us for dinner so we can eat ourselves… 就是吃自己啦~
So why is it so hard for the chefs at the school to make decent food for us?  I do know that it’s not easy to cook great meals for 100 ppl day in and day out, but… it’s not entirely impossible, right?  There are a few dishes they put out every once in a while that tastes good, and everyone went home happy, so why not stick to those?  I think none of us here expect meals that would receive a perfect score of 30 on the Zagat Survey, nor do we dream to have a Michelin  chef to come cook for us.  We just want something that would let us forget about that one flapless landing that we stuffed up, and energizes our brain after a 3-hour sim.   
Given that it’s hard for someone to do something when they never done it, or even seen it done before.  But… as a chef, aren’t you curious about what other ppl are cooking?  This reminds me of the show from Japan, that save the poor ppl show 搶救貧窮大作戰.  Every episode, they will go to a crappy restaurant and bring the owner to study under another great chef for 3 days, and afterwards would help them to redecorate the restaurant and open for business again.  I guess it’s hard for you to know what you are doing wrong till you see it done properly.  And you never know what you gonna get from that box of chocolate in Forrest Gump’s hands…. HeeHee
Alright, that’s it for today, flying tomorrow~  Finally~