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Another Week Gone By

Posted: April 30, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
I passed my sim check on Saturday morning~ hehe~ One more check down, and two more to go~
So yesterday afternoon, Betty, JJ, Jet, Jay, and I went to Port Adelaide.  A place that we fly over everytime we fly to Adelaide International, and sometimes we have to orbit overhead.  And then we had steaks at a near by Tavern, it was cheap and good~  If it was free, it would be perfect~ haha~
Then we went to the beach and saw ppl uh.. wind surfing?  or… Kite surfing? I’m not sure what it’s called…  That’s pretty much it…
Today went into town to get a haircut, and that was it… Oh, also got two crab nets~  Will start crabbing next week~ haha

Pilot as a Profession

Posted: April 26, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
Another one of us CAL ppl is leaving tomorrow.  Not because he couldn’t pass tests or checks, but because he is thinking ahead.  The penalty is paying 1.5M NT approximately = 50,000 USD… 
Pilot as a profession seems to be all glamorous with oppertunities to travel around the world and make a pretty decent living from an onlooker’s point of view.  But from a pilot’s perspective, it’s a job that requires you to work against your biological clock, it’s mentally demanding, the pressure that comes with it,  and mainly, being away from your family.  Some ppl can handle it with no problem, those cold hearted bastards who don’t have families… hahahaha J/K~  It is something to think about though. 
I think many of us who are here probably didn’t really thought about this when we first applied for the job.  The reasons why we are here are all different, some are in for the love of planes, some are here cuz of the money, women, and money, and women…  I’m only here cuz I thought I’d give it a try. If I make it, cool, if I don’t, oh well, I can always find another job since I’m multi-talented… hahahaha~  It’s not exactly my dream to be a pilot, acutally, it probably was ONE of my dreams.  Cartoonist, artist, architect, F1 driver, 3D animator, writer, game programmer… So many… and I’ve tried and sort of given up on all of them… Except F1 driver, I haven’t even finish GT4 on my PS2…  Damn, I’m getting side-tracked again!  A definite sign of aging…
Anyway, I guess what I want to say is, this job ain’t for everyone.  Even the ones who are pilots are probably regretting not working as a banker or stock broker…   Better jobs are out there waiting…  But since we are already on this "boat", I guess we have to row it to the finish line…  Good luck to those who left, and good luck X 10 for those of us who are still here…

Money can’t buy everything.  But money can buy you a wonderful meal at the World’s Most Expensive Restaurants, provided that you have lots of it…  Don’t get me wrong, not all great food has to be expensive, and not all expensive food is great.  You can have a wonderful pastrami sandwich for a few bucks at The Hats in LA, a great bowl of rice with meat sauce for the price of less than a Big Mac in Taipei, and a wonderful bowl of miso ramen in Tokyo that costs less than a movie ticket nowadays~ 

The definition of a "satisfying meal" varies from person to person, the mood they’re in, expectations, the people they are with, and many other factors.  For me, it could be a bowl of plain noodles with just some soysauce, sesame oil, and chilli oil at home by myself.  It can also be a big ass raw scallop, milky sweet sea urchin that were shipped from Japan in the morning along with a slab of medium rare USDA ribeye steak seasoned only with pepper and sea salt, and a bottle of sake with friends and family. 

Forbes magazine came up with a list of the most expensive restaurants in the U.S. and another one for around the world.  At a glance, they don’t seem to be THAT expensive, you can easily top 100 USD per person at many restaurants in TPE, so what’s the difference?  According to Forbes, these restaurants not only provide great food, but also the service and the whole dinning experience.

Some restaurants may have great food, but a part-time waiter who throws food on the table can ruin your night.  A table of a family with screaming kids running around in a nice romantic restaurant will probably put a hold on your marriage proposal and wait for another day. People shouting over drinking games while downing red wine in a trendy lounge bar might make you wonder why you paid 500NT for that glass of single malt whiskey.  Hmm… I think I’m getting off track again… Note to self: Talk about why there are no "real" high class dinning in TPE next time…  

Food is not the sole source of satisfaction of a meal.  Don’t you agree?

So here are the articles and the list.  I guess there are more things on my To Do list now…

World’s Most Expensive Restaurants 2005

Most Expensive U.S. Restaurants 2005

Aragawa, Tokyo $277
Arpège, Paris $211
Eigensinn Farm, Toronto $213 without wine
Sketch – The Lecture Room and Library, London $176
Petermann’s Kunststuben, Zurich $151 without wine
Tetsuya’s Restaurant, Sydney $135
Vitrum, Berlin $118 without wine $200 with wine
Steirereck, Vienna $114 without wine
Yamazato, Amsterdam $108
Zalacaín, Madrid $108
Bruneau, Belgium $90 without wine $162 with wine
Il Teatro, Milan $86 without wine
Vivendo, Rome $85 without wine
Peirchic, Dubai $86
Restaurant Savoy, Moscow $80
Cipriani, Rio de Janeiro $67 without wine
Whampoa Club, Shanghai $61
Milos Athens, Athens $60
Vadrózsa, Budapest $60 without wine
Seasons, Istanbul $58
Travertino, New Delhi $50 without wine
Ben Kay, Mexico City $37
Atlantic Grill Room, Capetown $30 without wine $41 with wine
Milos, Montreal $30


Posted: April 22, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
The weather today was pretty nice, so we decided to go to Glenelg, hoping to see "papaya field"…
That’s pretty much it really…  Had a beer, and some oysters… Nice and relaxing day~

We are Next

Posted: April 21, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
Today was CAL14’s graduation.
It’s the 3rd graduation that we’ve attended since we got here.  Time really does fly.  In exactly 3 months time, it’ll be our turn. 
I think this is the first time since CAL started training here at FTA, the whole course will be leaving together.  Before, there were always a couple left behind with unfinished training, but this time, they will all be leaving together at the same time!  I hope our course will do the same… Well, at least let me finish on time… hehehe
Anyway, congrats to CAL14, we’ll see you soon!

Mid Week Day Off

Posted: April 19, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
My instructor msged me this morning saying that he is still "sick" and I can have a day off…
But I still got out of bed and bummed around…  I did absolutely nothing today!  After dinner, went over to unit2 to watch cartoon made it the highlight of my day… The most productive thing I did all day was probably going to Mass Brief and writing this…
Congrats to CAL14 as they all passed their CIR and will all graduate and leave this hell hole on time!  With the rate we’re going, we should have no problem graduating on time either *crossing fingers*.  I think CAL14 is the first course to all graduate on time and will leave at the same time…  Not sure what is the significance of that…
I think everyone is looking forward on going back to TW, be with family and friends, but not the second half of the hellish training that’s waiting for us… 
3 months will go by very quickly, and before you and I know it, I’ll be writing this from my contessa in my room~

Three More Months

Posted: April 18, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
So, another three months and I will be away from this place… Hopefully…
I havn’t really been too busy lately… I just got lazy… Nothing really interesting happened either though…
Oh, we did caught Spencer last week… or was it two weeks ago??  Who is Spencer?  Well, he is the one who ate up a chunk of our toast at night… who leaves shit on Jay’s desk… and run around the house at night… 
What else, let me think… Not much really… the weather had been shitty lately… flying in this crappy weather is not fun… Yesterday I was 96 nautical miles out when Melbourn Center called me and told me that due to deteoriorating weather, my company asked me to return to base now…  and today, shitty weather forced me to stay below 2000’… as for tomorrow… who knows… my instructor might not even come to school… that means day off for me… hahahaha!!  I just hope Mr. Eng won’t find out… he’ll probably stick me into sim with someone else… 
The picture… is Spencer… that big yellow glob of thing is PeanutButter… not his shit…
The other picture… there’s a Quantas Airbus… but… shitty phone camera…

CASA CPL Exams Done

Posted: April 11, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
It’s finally over
After today’s exam in the morning, it’s all over!!  Well, not ALL, but for now…
Us CAL15 are also close to finishing all the ground school~  Full-time flying is not far away~  But I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing though… 
Oh yeah, forgot to mention that last weekend, we had our first KTV party since… a whileTitus gave us his speakers that he brought from Vancouver, which has a big ass subwoofer!  He was surprised when he saw that it works, cuz he thought that it was broken since the day he came… So he never used it for the past 7 months…  Our windows shake when we turn up the volume~ hahaha~
Oh another thing, David got drunk that night… and he started to dare everyone to try to put there finger on the mouse trap that we have… No one actually did… but he did it 6 times… it was hillarious~  Let me know if you are interested in seeing the video for it… hahaha~
Alright, that’s it for today…
-The End-

The Weekend

Posted: April 8, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
After passing my Mod Check on Tuesday, I successfully passed the CASA Operations on Wednesday too~
So after that, nothing else happened really… 
Betty is on her way back to Taiwan now, cuz her grandpa passed away.  How long do you want to live for?  Some people take good care of themselves so they can live longer, but at the same time are also missing out on some of the joys and adventures of life.  Some take it to the extreme and die young.  I guess you have to find a balance in the middle some where so that you can live your life to the fullest.
I think you should at least try everything once in your lifetime.  Good or bad…  but of course, minus the obviously dangerous things… ride a bike with no breaks down the hills of SF…  hehehe~  Being here something new, not too many people get this kind of experience in their life time~
So everyone has a goal, but I think it’s not important what the outcome is, it’s the experience that you go thru to reach that goal is important.  Life as a whole, I suppose our goal is to "Rest In Peace" in the very end.  Don’t you agree?  I’m not planning on reaching that goal any time soon…  nor do all the people I know~  So… take China Airlines, it’s safe, I promise~ hahahaha!
Pictures: See the yolks? They were all double yolk eggs!!!  Jay cracked 5 eggs into the bowl, and 10 yolks!!
The man in the picture is our Air Law and IREX instructor, Mr. Nolan.  or Noylan… Anyway…  some think he looks like a serial killer… hehehe~ 

One Gold Bar

Posted: April 4, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
Last Sunday, I had my first VCA Violate Control Airspace  It’s not good…  I misunderstood the controller’s instructions and climb to 2500′ without clearance  Mental Note: Please be more careful next time… It’s too late into the training to get send back now…
Today was my Module 4 check, I finished Module 4 in two weeks.  It probably don’t make too much sense to lucky ppl outside of Parafield.. Hehehe  Anyway, last night I sat the alarm for 0600, but I DID NOT turn it on…  So by the time I opened my eyes, it was 0655  So I rushed over to the planning room to finish my flight plan, and luckily, Mr. Dowling was late too… hehehe~  So I quickly got the pre-flight done, and walked to his office right after he got in~  Since the weather didn’t look too good, I asked to delay the flight for one hour, and then did ground theory, and other stuff.  At 0930, we were on our way~  I’ll spare you ppl with the details  3 hours later…  I passed!!  Yeah~  Now I have ONE gold bar on my shoulder~  It doesn’t mean that much to Airlines, but quite a accomplishment to me~ hahahahaha~   Let the celebrations begin!!  NOT…  CASA tomorrow…
-The End-