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Happy Rice Dumpling Day

Posted: May 31, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
Today is Rice Dumpling Day, or as some ppl might call it, Dragon Boat Festival.  I like to call it Rice Dumpling Day…
However, there were no rice dumplings for us.  But we did finish our last CASA exam today!  No more groundschool!! Ever!! Till we get back to TPE that is…  The exam itself was not hard, but it was tricky.  I passed with 85%, most of us were around that range.  Given that the passing rate is 17% in Australia, I think we all did a pretty good job~
Tomorrow I will be flying my first twin-engine flight!  How exciting~  But the weather seems to be shitty… We’ll see~

55 Days Left

Posted: May 27, 2006 in Food and drink, Life in Adelaide
The weather was great today~
Went downtown this afternoon to hav lunch and coffee, sat around for a while to enjoy this nice winter afternoon~  indoors… haha
After we got back, JJ, Jay and I went over to the liquor store to stock up on some alcoholic beverage~  Jay was trying to hunt down some of the wines that got pretty good reviews online, and I was just… there…
Actually, I wanted to buy some hard liquor, to re-live the days back in TPE, but…  a bottle of Macallan 12 yr was 85AUD…  A bottle of Black Lable was 40… Green Lable, 75 or somthing… Bombay was 40 bucks… Even a bottle of Absolute was 35.  So… I bought a bottle of Skyy Vodka for 29.99 on sale~
Alcohol, like many other things in life, it’s really a personal preference over any awards or grading from critics.  A 80 dollar bottle of award winning Shiraz may taste like crap to me, but a “box” of cheap ass wine cooler may be all I need.  I think the guides and critics only offer ppl a “direction” on what you might want, and not get ripped off.  It’ll give you an idea of what it suppose to taste like, and how much it’ll cost, but in the end, the person who decides what’s good and what’s not, is you and your taste buds.
Hmm… ppl are here, I have to go entertain the guests~

A Week of Hell

Posted: May 22, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
Our last week of ground school starts today.
After this week, there will be no more ground school till we graduate!  But the pain… and the suffering… man…
Especially since this whole week is consist of only one subject, Command Instrument Rating… basically it’s all about the Laws on procedures…  It’s really hard to stay awake in class…  But on one hand, it’s better than flying, cuz no preperation needed.

I Got Wings

Posted: May 20, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
I got lucky yesterday.
The weather was pretty nice yesterday, cloud base was high, calm winds, and good visibility.  After about an hour of ground theory, I went on my way.  The whole test was basically nothing different than what we do everyday, so it was not hard to do.  But since it’s a test, our performance is cut by 20%…  So I try to distract the testing officer by talking to him the whole time~ 
The three landings that I did last night was perfect!  I was amazed!  Smooth and right down the middle.  Must be all the ppl who were crossing their fingers and toes for me! Thanks guys! So after 3 hours, we are back at Parafield and I passed!  What a relief! 
Next week, ground school.  errr….   week after, Dutchess~ cool~

CPL Tomorrow

Posted: May 18, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
So, Mod 5 is finally one flight away from over.  The last flight will be tomorrow, CPL check with Mr. Page.
Today I flew my last solo flight to get the hours needed for my CPL test.  Now I have 167.7 total hours, 70.1 solo command hours, and 51 crosscountry solo hours.  That’s actually not alot, compare to any commercial pilot flying out there.  But technically I am not a "commercial pilot" till I pass the test tomorrow~  So my career is only just about to begin~ 
Hopefully by this time today, I’ll be enjoying a beer with my instructor and bitch about our CIR final next week…
So, whoever is reading this, please start "emergency corssing finger to wish Ted good luck procedure"~ hahaha

Dumbass I Am

Posted: May 13, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
Well, today Betty and I flew to Mildura, about two hours away from us…  We have to fly there, make a full stop, rest, refuel, and come back.  After finishing the flight plan and stuff, we had some breakfast and grabbed some extra for our lunch.  Then we were on our way at 9am… 
The nav route was easy, there’s no way you can get yourself lost.  After we landed, secured the aircraft, and we realized… neither of us had brought the gas cards with us…  Without card, no fuel.. The one what we have with us is for Air BP, but the gas bowser belongs to Mobile…  So we called back to FTA and asked what to do…  Credit Card they say…  We can use credit card to pay first, and then the college will refund the money back to us.  Good thing Betty brought her wallet…  So we went on to eat lunch at the terminal there, and after a bit a rest, we head back out to taxi the aircraft to the bowser (gas pump)…  Just when we were thinking thank god that Betty brought her credit card with her… The stupid machine does not take anything other than Mobile gas card… What the !##@$%@!!   So we have no money, no ATM around, no gas, no way to go home…  
Then, I saw the phone number on the wall for Airport Refuelling Service.  After about another 30 minutes of wait, the guy finally showed up…  I tell you, AVGAS is not cheap.. at 1.59AUD a liter…  we needed about 110 liters each…  Anyway…  So we have about 3 more hours left till last light (sun light), so can’t mess around and take pictures of NOTHING, and had to head home…  It was 5 pm by the time we got back, alive. 
So that ended my day… No flying tomorrow… Thank God…
Today I flew my first dual nav, since last dual nav… hehehe
After a couple of aircraft changes and delays, we finally took off a bit after 4 o’clock this afternoon.  After the usual touch and go at Adelaide International, we head off to Strathalbyn to do more circuits, then to a little black dot on the map.  After finding the little black dot with just enough sun light left, we turn to Tailem Bend and upgraded to IFR (Instrument Flight Rules).  By now, it’s completely dark.  Did some aerowork at TBD, and then, the fun starts~  Climbing to 6000′ to track to Drina (an IFR waypoint over Lake Alexandrina), we have to pass through clouds~  It was cool, even though I couldn’t see anything really, but after we got to 6000′, we were on top of the clouds and the view was great!  Actually, there weren’t much to see, it was just a sea of cloud reflecting the moonlight and some blinking light from other aircrafts.  Then after another 30 minutes, we started our descent to Adelaide and back to Parafield.  It was a pretty damn cool sortie~
My phone couldn’t take any clear pictures of the view at night, so can’t post it up here…  Too bad for you ppl… hee~