A Change of Instructor

Posted: June 9, 2006 in Life in Adelaide
Yesterday, my flights were cancelled cuz I caught a cold.
Big news today, our coursemate Astrophil, suffered a REAL engine failure today at Strathalbyn aerodrome.  The word is that the cylinder head just blew off, oil everywhere.  Luckily, he was at 700′ so he had sufficient height to turn back and land.  He even had time to do a Mayday Call~  It’s times like this, that makes you think, what would you do if it happend to you… hmmm…
Anyway, so I flew my 3rd sortie today, simulated engine failure and really shut it down. It was fun~  Oh yeah, and now I’m flying with Mr. Fletcher, cuz Mr. Volum have to get David and Stanley to finish up their training first.  Well, no big deal, since Mr. Fletcher is a great guy~  Lucky me~
As for the question regarding what is 鋼之鍊金術師… it’s hard to explain eh… It’s basically about these ppl who can use spells/magic and turn things into other things… as long as they are made out of the same material… For example, they can turn a block of metal into a sword.  Check out their website www.fullmetalalchemist.com for details~ hee~
  1. Christine says:


  2. Nina says:

    Thanks ur explanation and information~
    I’ll check it out later~
    By the way, hope u get well as soon as possible~

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