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Carl’s Jr.

Posted: February 22, 2008 in Food and drink, US
Like I said… Cargo flight to LA is not exactly fun… but… it’ll soon change… stay tuned…
so anyway, I went out to buy a burger for lunch, so here it is…
the burger is the Six Dollar Jalapeno Burger, and I upgraded the fries to Chilli Cheese Fries. The burger was huge,
but the chilli cheese fries… were nothing like the picture they had on the wall…

After… 15 days off

Posted: February 22, 2008 in Uncategorized
After 15 days off, I finally started working…
cargo flight to LAX, no fun… I didn’t get to fly, but since I was flying with two captains, I had to be on seat. Good thing I still remember where everythng is.. hahaha
it was foggy in TPE, and Crap weather in LA… good practice for the captain.. hahaha
Flying back in 24 hours, just in time to make it back for Sunday, the 24th…
Sun coming up over the clouds…
We were doing around Mach 0.836, TAS 501 knots 
and thanks to the jetstream over the Pacific, Ground Speed 620 knots 
after a simple conversion, equals to 1116 km/h…
that’s how we fly to LA in 10hrs20min…
here are photos of David’s dog, Mei-Mei, with outfit sponsered by Angela… It kept on moving around.. very hard to get her to look at th camera…
This was… Beef with Mushrooms over rice, very good~
CoCo Ichiban Ya
Mabo Tofu Omelette Rice
Beef curry Omlette rice


Posted: February 17, 2008 in Uncategorized
When I got my Feb. schedule, I was thinking I must hav done something good…
Only three flights this month, TPE-ANC-ORD-SFO-TPE, TPE-ANC-JFK-ANC-TPE, TPE-SFO-TPE, and the most important thing is, I get to be in TPE for CNY, V day, and my B day.
As my CNY break comes to an end, most of it was spent at Barcode, Rm18, and Cashbox… oh, and David’s new pad…  dispatched called and told me my schedule was changed… I thought… damn… I knew it was too good to be true… Then… My JFK flight was cancelled, instead, I get the 19th home standby, and 22nd to LA back on the morning of 24th… this is the longest break I have ever had since I started flying… I must have done something good… hehehe
This little tiny can of beer, 135ml, was given to me from Darryel at 佃權. I passed by last night b4 they close, and he gave me a couple of free drinks, and this tiny can of beer. Cute.

Ford – Built Tough

Posted: February 8, 2008 in Uncategorized
Interesting Ford commercial…