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Went to TCH and HKG this week
TCH was just for a few hours, to buy some stuff and HKG was for two days.
It was all about food really…
We were lucky cuz when we arrived in HK, it stopped raining, and it was suppose to rain after we leave…
The trip was really just about food and meet up with Andy and Hayden.
The weekend was a big thing in HK, 7, a 7-person rugby thing, big international invitational cup, which lasts three days.
Just an excuse for everyone to party for 3 days straight~
LKF was packed with PPL, more than usual… and lots of ppl dressed up in costumes.
That’s about it…
Here are the pics from TCH, HKG please refer to the photo albumn.. too many…
Sweet potato fries with Plum seasoning
The famous chicken feet place
Chinese burger place
FengJia night market
Fried oyster mushrooms
Chinese burger with Eggs

Election Day

Posted: March 22, 2008 in Food and drink, Penang
Election Day
I guess it’s finally over, the election I mean… With such a huge margin, there will be no room to protest or accusations of buying votes or demanding a re-count…
Does this mean that we are going to fly to China soon? Shanghai to Anchorage or LA sounds good.. hehehe
That aside, I still had to work today, flying from TPE to Bangkok then to Pengnang.  BKK was .. hot… 34 degrees already… definitly not a place for retirement.. for me at least… here are some pictures…
One of these days, I will start a new blog… on food and toys only… one of these days…
here are today’s pics~
This was at VTBS, Bangkok airport… can never remember it’s name… Surnavannmbi or something….
the nose was opened up to unload some cargo…
After arriving in Pangnang, Captain took me to a place to eat 肉骨茶… pork bone tea?
unlike Taipei, you can actually have all different kinds of stuff in the soup.
I had no idea what there was, so we just order one with EVERYTHING…
and.. it did came with everything…
Some minced garlic, red chili peppers, and the more spicy green chili peppers..
And as you can see, it did come with everything
there’s meat balls, intestines, tofu, liver, pig knuckles, some veggies, pork, ribs, tofu skin, and even chicken feet…
we also ordered a plate of veggie, it’s stir fried lettus, with ummm… what i think is dried shredded fish, and fried pig skin bits.
That’s all for today… time to shower and watch TV…

Wednesday Afternoon

Posted: March 13, 2008 in Food and drink, Taiwan
Weather was nice…
Went to “西門町” for lunch. Taiwanese style Japanese restaurant “三味食堂 – Sunway Siokudo”.  Here are some pics…
Old looking street~
Stir fry Udon, pretty good~
Huge nigiri! you can sorta tell size by comparing with the spoon next to it.
Big ass handroll~
Shrimp and Veggie Tempura
Here me trying to stuff my face with the giant nigiri~
It was almost as big as my hand
Be sure to get there either real early, or a bit later, avoid the lunch or dinner rush~
or be prepared to stand in line~
Across the street… it caught my eye, yes, my small eyes…  I kinda want to see how ppl get down from there…
Some where near Dan Shui
Fishermen’s Wharf