Denny’s Slam Burger & Random Snacks

Posted: April 21, 2008 in Food and drink, Up in the Air, US
I’m in Dallas…
Not much to do here… So I went shopping… at Walmart…
I found this NEW Skittles, Quite interesting… it’s comes in five flavors:
S’mores, Vanilla, Chocolate Caramel, Chocolate Pudding, and Brownie Batter~
Then I found these new chocolates from Dove – Vitalize and Beautiful
Here’s Beautiful – Gives you beautiful looking skin… Here’s Vitalize – Gives you a healhy heart…
Then there’s the awsome new chips from Pringles! The Jalapeno Ranch is real good!!!
Bought the Cinnamon Sweet Potato to try… If you want to have a taste – Go buy it youself!! hahahaha!!!
Oh~ What’s this? Pringles EXTREME                        Screamin’ dill pickle?! I just had to buy and try… Hehe
Alright, after walking all the way to Walmart, which is across the freeway from our hotel…
I’ve decided to hav a burger from Denny’s next door~
So I checked online, and saw their new menu~ The Denny’s Slam Burger!! Woohoo!! I like NEW stuff!!
Here it is~
I ordered take out, cuz… I don’ like to eat alone in a restaurant.. So sad….
I couldnt helpt it… I had to order two things…          One is the BBQ Chicken Strips – It’s…. OK lah…
Slam Burger – Why so special?                              Cuz it’s got an egg in it! You can have it anyway you like~
There’s the beef pattie~                                         And Hash Brown on the bottom~~~~
Just like their Grand Slam Breakfast~ Eggs and Hash Brown~~ Yum~~~
In the end, here are some pics from Anchorage, on the ground and in the air~
UPS parking area                                                 Taking off on Runway 32
This is where I work – CI5258 from TPE-ANC-DFW

Nice view from my office eh?                                  Sun set over… I have no idea where I was… over Canada bah…
  1. Hoyuen says:


  2. Ted says:

    妳回的太晚了, 在50分鐘我就要走了… 哈哈哈哈!!!

  3. Henry says:

    ted 我太喜歡交接你的飛機,永遠就是有好吃得花生剩下來,

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