Another Day at The Office

Posted: April 23, 2008 in Food and drink, Up in the Air, US
Just another day at the office heading back to Anchorage from Dallas…
Being a driver of trucks with wings… We probably have the best views from our office than any office building in the world~
So I thought I’d share with you commoners…
A view inside of my office                                       The center pedestal
This the the radio stuff                                           The 8bit stone age computer that tells the plane where to fly
and also tells us if we have enough fuel
and how much longer till we can smoke…
Thrust levers, we have FOUR                                 The Fuel Control switches, it’s in the run position now, of course…
Left shows the route we flying, and right shows us important flight data
such as altitude, attitude, heading, speed and stuff…
This is the Fuel Page                                             This is the ECS page shows temps and air systems
My corner, the round black thing is hand mic, and my little table where I keep my coke and cookies..hahaha
This is the rudder can adjust depth with that knob in the middle, and the right is where oxygen masks is stowed.
In case that we get sleepy, we get to suck in pure oxygen to keep awake… hahahaaha
This was over Texas, flat……….                             This is the Rockies Mtn.
This is Great Falls, Colorado                                  I think this was over Alaska
Glaciers                                                               And ppl pay to see this…
Closer to Anchorage now
More mountains…                                                 The river will lead us to Anchorage, VFR baby!! hahaha!!
Anchorage, Alaska                                                Airport on the upper left corner of the penisula

OK, This was lunch at the office…                          I think.. it’s suppose to be Teriyaki Chicken Risotto
Complete with Salad, Cheese and M&Ms
This was in the hotel room, got it at Walmart… DO NOT BUY!!!! It’s salty and meat was dry…                Ginger Ale
I had to feed them to the trash can… I couldn’t eat it, even if I held my breath with my eyes closed…
Good thing I also bought these… Chef Boyardee’s Lasagna and Campbell’s Clam Chowder. Both Microwavable

Got this Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Cheese Puffs… It has a scary FLUORESCENT RED color…. I like the regular ones better…
  1. Eric says:

    Awesome office, equally Awful food.

  2. Ted says:

    Yeah, you just jealous that you can’t hav the shitty airline meal every day!!

  3. Henry says:

    Nice cockpit pictures, damn it I was planning to do a blog on my office space as well

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