Sogo – En

Posted: April 26, 2008 in Food and drink, Taiwan
Today mom and I went to this restaurant at the Fu-Xing Sogo – “EN”
It was the uh… 竹筴魚 special thing…
I thought the atmosphere was… OK… noisy since you have the weekend shopping crowd
which means you’ll gonna see couples, group of friends, and families with kids…
The waiters… well… the Japanese manager was nice, but everyone else had no facial expressions…
And it took a long long time for our food to come…. Which is no good…
Food was decent, not bad I thought… Not very expensive either
There are a lot of stuff on the menu, categorized by how it’s prepared
Overall, it’s worth trying, I’d give it a 7.5, not the best, but you won’t come out and feel that you should’ve gone somewhere else…
Entrance on the 11th floor
The taller one came after our meal                  Soysauce and Toothpick
but with the same tea… so…
The 竹筴魚刺身
Stir-fry cod roe with veggies                           Fried cheese with Tofu skin wrapping..
Chicken on a brick….                                    Dipping sauce for chicken – radish with plum
This was the other special thing… Rice in the clay pot with 竹筴魚, 毛豆, 梅子, 紫蘇
I think the rice was cooked in fish stock          This was the fish bone from our sashimi deep fried

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