This is a Test…

Posted: April 26, 2008 in Just Another Day

So I fed up with my stupid windows messenger logs me on and off without telling me

I decided to upgrade to the MSN Live Messenger 8.5

What’s the difference? I have no idea…

However, during the install, it has this option of installing Windows Live Writer

Hmm… Since now I update my blog more often, maybe I can give it a try

Especially since writing my blog online with IE, it… how should I put it…

The text will lag while I type, and sometimes it leads to wrong spelling… yeah, me anal…

So anyway…. so far, I see that this Windows Live Writer has auto spell check which is good

and then there are a few more options for fonts…

The most interesting feature is that you can actually preview your blog as if it was posted on your space before you are done with it.

So anyway, I suppose I will start using this instead of use the online editor…

I guess the next thing I have to do is to install it on my laptop…

Here’s the umm… 甘梅地瓜條 I got yesterday… It more like… Sweet potato wedges…

good? well, not bad lah~


  1. Hoyuen says:

    難怪只是還好… wahaha…
    不要指鹿為馬… ^_^

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