May 1st, 2008 Dan-Shui Biking Trip

Posted: May 1, 2008 in Just Another Day

My ass is really hurting now…

P1000686 This is probably the… most healthy thing I’ve done since… I was born…
Jay, Iron-Leg Lun, and I have successfully rode our little bikes to Dan-Shui and back,
without fainting, bleeding, or hyperventilating… However, my ass is in PAIN!!!!!!!

Anyway, our trip was from my house, to Jay’s house, then to Rao-He Street.
From there, we entered the bike path straight to Dan-Shui…

On the way there, we stopped a few times to rest, eat, pee, drink, eat, pee…
It was about 60km round trip… I’m too tired to go downstairs to take a picture of my odometer… So you’ll just have to trust me on that… Basically, we just rode along the left side of the Ji-Long River,
then cross over to right shores of the Dan-Shui River, and arrive at our final destination, Dan-Shui.

Then after stopping in Dan-Shui for some food and drinks and dessert, we headed back except this time,
we kept on the right side of the river, which in the end, turns out to be about 3-5km less.

Please go check the photo album “Bike Day Dan-Shui” for our exciting pictures…

My ass is really hurting…

P1000801 P1000851

Here’s the proof~ 61.7 km

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