LA – Las Vegas

Posted: May 15, 2008 in Food and drink, Travel, US

My break for May is officially coming to an end…

Went to LA for a week, spent 3 days in Las Vegas, it was fun~
P1000892 P1000895

The first night at Vegas was exciting, I won close to 1000USD on “Penny Slots”!!!
It was crazy~  However…
The second day… I went from up by a lot… to… minus 2-300 bucks….
Then the third day… I won a bit here and there… and sort of made it back
So the total damage was probably down by 1 or 200 bucks, which was ok~

The new Palazzo hotel was nice, which is a part of the Venetian next door
Sort of like The Hotel to Mandalay Bay, or Encore to Wynn’s…
The only difference is that Palazzo has its own casino~ Where I made my fortune the first night…
P1000907 P1000910

The second day, we went to Wynn’s for buffet, and that’s where I lost all my winnings…
Instead of stop myself from more action, we decided that we hit downtown LV for more~~~
P1000916 P1000947

Haven’t been to downtown LV for a while, and the light and sound show was interesting
We hit almost all the casinos there, and won a bit here and loose a bit there…
Until we all got hungry, and decided to go down to China Town for some snack…
P1000961 P1000976

Third day, after checking out of the hotel, we all went to Bellagio’s for more buffet~
Andy and I got back on the slot machines before we had to leave.
and good thing we did~  We got a bit of our money back, and Andy turned 20 bucks into 100 at the BJ table~
P1010002 P1010009

So the moral of the story is…
No matter how much you lose, as long as you win your last hand, you leave Vegas as a Winner!!

The photo album covers all the buffet and… actually, no and… just food.. hehehe enjoy~

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