Rainy Taipei

Posted: May 26, 2008 in Uncategorized

I really don’t like rainy days… But I prefer this over hot and humid…

I think this is the first time this month that I get to stay in TPE for more than 2 days consecutively…
Nothing too exciting happened lately… Other than… umm…. yeah… nothing…

Taxes, yes, Taxes… I had to pay taxes… I was going to protest against it, but then…
I am afraid that the IRS might chew my ass off… so….
Since I only have one source of income, and not a lot of deductibles….
It only took like… 10 minutes to do it…

Anyway, I guess I’ll post some pics up as usual… just some random pictures from the past few weeks~

These pics from left to right…
Lot’s of airplanes around us, each little diamond is an airplane, and the number shows if they are lower or higher than us
in thousand feet. and the little arrow up means climbing and down for descend.
The middle pic is our ACARS system. It was my Tokyo flight, and the airplane just came back from shipping the goods
for the earthquake victims in China. Flight time was only 2:44.
Last pic… just so Liz will believe me that you CANNOT bring roast duck back…
DSC00865  DSC00850DSC00866

This was at Narita Airport Cargo Area. The ice cube… It was soooooooo clear!! and it took forever to melt!
You have to give it to the Japanese ppl… even ice cubes… man…

P1010061 P1010076

This was in NYC, Vickie and Andy took me to this Korean restaurant next to our hotel, it was Yum Yum Good~~~
You can sort of see Andy feeding their son Andrew and Vickie’s hand in the lower right corner…

This was from NY to ANC, the nice Big Sis brought us appetizers, Lobsters with Caviar on Cucumber and.. that purple
bitter lettuce thing… oh, and Guacamole in the center…
Right hand picture… Aurora Light…
P1010087 P1010088

This was our cargo from Anchorage back to Taipei. I think it originated from Chicago.. but I could be wrong…
Guess what it is~~~~~ These were stacked pretty tall, taller than me…
P1010089 P1010098 P1010091

Can you see it??
P1010094 P1010095

See it now? yes, boxes and boxes of little chicks~
Has been a while since I was alone with so many chicks…. hahahaa!!!
P1010096 P1010097

Oh, and I saw this Lamborghini Gallardo’s ad, it was nice…. 
I wonder… when wii I be able to afford this… probably never…

  1. Henry says:

    I have an idea on how you can get a Lamborghini, Find a third world country that is willing to buy a 747-400, During the flight , sedate or incompacitate the captain and fly the plane to this third world country to sell the 747,… Just a thought… but then hmmmmm.. 200+ Million DOLLARS!!!!!!! Fly the white one that is unpainted 😛  . Too hella bored in ANC what can i say

  2. Ted says:

    Good idea, try it first, and let me know how it goes~ hahahaa~~

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