5/28 Lunch with Uncle and Aunt From SD

Posted: May 28, 2008 in Food and drink, Taiwan

It’s sooooooo HOT today!!!

My aunt and uncle from San Diego arrived TPE today, so I went out to lunch with them.
There are probably only two restaurant that my uncle would eat around my house…
One of them is 鼎泰豐, the little meat dumpling/bun place…
And the other one is the one we went today, 吳炒手…

My uncle, ever since… I don’t know when, only eats beef and pork.
Yes, nothing with wings, or anything in the water… and lamb is a no no also…
And as for beef and pork… just the meat, nothing else, no ears or intestines of that sort.
Veggies? He only eats a few varieties….
And I found out today, he doesn’t eat rice balls either….

Enough about that… Here are some pictures…

Dan Dan Noodles – Signature dish but…
I like this other place’s better…

Wonton in Hot Chili Oil                              Dumplings in Hot Chili Oil
Both I thought was decent, but… still missing something… maybe it’s because I just woke up…
and my taste buds have not yet awaken… The dumplings however, is the first time I’ve had them…
It was… not bad. the skin was probably handmade and was chewy.. as in…. Chinese chewy…
P1010112 P1010113

Steamed Pork over Yams                         Umm.. Chinese Rice Pudding with Coconut
I thought the pork was a bit dry…             This was not bad, served chilled
probably cuz they use all skinny meat…
P1010115 P1010116

Then after lunch, I got myself a popsicle for dessert.
This is a new one called Kali Kali Bar from 7-11.
Why kali kali? cuz outer shell is regular apple flavored popsicle…
but the inside, is plum flavored crushed ice, so it gives you a bit of “crunch”
It’s pretty good I though~

Before I show you the picture… I saw this on CNN the other day…
Yes, you got it right, it really is frozen pickle juice…
From Texas… no wonder…. hehehehe

Here’s the Kali Kai Bar~~
P1010117 P1010118

It is not yellow like the pic on the wrapper and inside is not red either
but it does have a crunch to it. The plum flavor is way more powerful, so you can barely taste the apple.
It’s good overall, cuz I like popsicles~
P1010119 P1010120

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