6/4/08 Persian Heaven

Posted: June 4, 2008 in Food and drink, Taiwan

Persian Heaven – Iranian food – Not Middle Eastern, Iranian…

Yeah, Iranians hates to be categorized as Middle Easterners… How I know? hmmm…

Anyway, a while back, I flew with this Lebanese captain, Ayyoub, he loves food and wine.
My kind of people… hehehe… He recommended this place to me during our food chat.
It’s got pretty good food, nice people, and belly dancer~

So tonight, a bunch of us went to Persian Heaven for a treat.
The Chinese name is a direct translation of Persian Heaven.
It’s on the south-east corner of 合江街 and 民生東路三段. Very easy to find.
However… You see that 9-Ball sign in the background?
Someone called me from under that sign and said she can’t find the restaurant…
The first page of the menu says it’s the first Iranian Restaurant in Taiwan~
I’m not even sure if there is a second one…

DSC00851 P1010128

As usual, I made reservation for 730pm… I was there at 725… But… William showed up at 745…
And Liz showed up 5 minutes after… (She would’ve been there a bit early if she hadn’t got lost… hehehe)
The rest… almost 8… PPL Please TRY To Be On Time Next Time!!!

After everyone arrives, we ordered and was ready for to eat.
L: The soup, it’s umm.. got mushroom and veggies in it… Probably some kind of a pea puree…
R: The salad had cucumbers, onions, and tomatoes… not really sure if there was a dressing… or even olive oil…
P1010134 P1010135

The following dishes did not come until the belly dancer finished her show.
I think it was four songs, for about… 15 minutes? The restaurant does not allow ppl to take pictures during the show…
So… sorry, you’ll have to go there to see it for yourself… I think the show starts at 8 and 845…

Anyway, here’s the food~

L: This was minced lamb with pieces of chicken breast stuck in between~
It was very yummy, it also comes in minced beef version, which we also ordered. Yum too~
R: Beef stew with chickpeas and eggplants in a tomato flavored sauce.
Which also has a lamb version.. Actually, most dishes comes in either beef, lamb or chicken.
P1010136 P1010138

L: Beef Shishilik Kebob, that’s how they spell in on the menu… with a “K”…
It was also pretty good, all the meat, lamb, beef, or chicken, minced or not, are pretty tender, and juicy~
R: BBQ Chicken Drummettes, I did not get a piece, so not sure how it is…
but I heard no complaints, so it’s probably good also. If you like wings better, there’s also BBQ wings.
P1010139 P1010140

L: This was grilled tomato and cheese, just tomatoes and cheese, not very special, not great, not bad…
R: Iranian bread. All the dinner sets comes with saffron rice, but could be substitute with this.
So we had half of the orders with rice, and half with this. Need to pay a bit extra though.
P1010141 P1010142

L: We ordered this veggie dish which has bell peppers, tomatoes, celery, garlic,
onions, purple cabbage and carrots. But… as you can see… it comes as a side dish
to almost EVERY dish…
R: Grilled minced chicken, yummy, btw, the white sauce thing that comes with all the bbq/grilled stuff
is ummm… celery and… not sure… was it yogurt?
P1010143 P1010145

This was Lamb in Herbal Veggie stew, It kinda have a Chinese herbal meds flavor.
I only got to have the sauce, didn’t get a piece of the meat… but again… no one complained…

A lot of food~ Oh, btw, the rice, if it was in the states, it would be all golden red/yellow,
not sure if it’s because saffron is more expensive here, (though it is the most expensive spice in the world…)
or the Americans just uses food coloring… either way, the rice was good too~

So that’s it, that’s all the food we had tonight, I would say, if we were all REAL men… it might not be enough.
All the sets come with soup, salad, entree, rice, and a soft drink.
I would recommend the Iranian tea, hot or cold, but if you don’t like cinnamon, order coke…

Price, is not bad, a dinner set and a beer, should be around 500 bucks.
They also have shisha, 500 bucks a pop, if you come to my house, 350 hehehehe~
Tha’s all folks~ till next time~

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