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After months of planning…

Ok, maybe not months, but it took many group emails back and forth to get most of us together for this dinner. For those of you who couldn’t make it… There’s always a next time loh~~

The restaurant we went was at Yang Ming Mountain, and none of us been there before, we picked this place, well… I picked this place because no one gave suggestions, and just so happens that I saw it on TV, and it looked pretty nice, with the view and all… And now that I’ve been there, I would say it’s good for families, friends, couples, and for all occasions… However, it’s not really meant for very big groups, the biggest table they have can hold 12 people, but it’s one of those booth type of seating, it’s not very convenient for people to get in and get out… And the restaurant is laid out in three tiers, the top one where we sat was actually indoors, so it gets smoky with the BBQ, the second tier can allow you to BBQ and have hot pot, but the third the outer most tables on the deck over hanging the cliff, can only order hot pot and other stir-fry dishes where as there are no BBQ grills on the table…

So anyway, amazingly we all arrived on time, oh and btw, the name of the place is 八卦夜未眠… and before I left home in the afternoon, I check the METAR and TAF, the weather will be nice and clear~  This way, we can enjoy the nice view of Taipei City~

The entrance and as you can see, the view was very nice… would be better if the Taipei skyline had a bit more tall buildings….
P1020086 P1020088 P1020089 P1020090 P1020091 P1020094
We sat indoors, but with large windows so we can still have a nice view~ you can see Taipei 101 in the distance, on the left and the SK building on the right~
P1020095 P1020098 P1020100
Everyone just chatting and waiting for the food… oh yeah, the booth we had can sit about 6 regular adults or 8 skinny people… since we had 12 adults and two kids, we took two booths.

Yeah~~ Food! We ordered two 6 people set meal, which included a hot pot, your choice of three different meats for BBQ, a salad and satay. No drinks, but they do give you a 25% discount on the drinks if you order the set meal… More on drinks later…
So we got two seafood combo hot pots, one with milk soup base and one with spicy tomato soup, both are good~
P1020103 P1020107
Meanwhile, the grill is still begging to be fed…  The sauce, nothing spectacular but does the job. The parsley acts as brush…
Here is Victor’s son, I call him 花田一路… So cute~
P1020097 P1020110 P1020111
Ah, the beer arrived, 3 liters of draft beer~~  The salad and the satay also came. The waiter said the satay is the throat of octopus… tastes like.. chicken.. hahaha~

P1020118 P1020125
And the meats and seafood for the grill came too~  The grill became very busy for the next 30 minutes or so…
And what’s this? Victor and wife trying to suffocate their son?
Oh no lah, just changing diapers, but in public? at the dinner table?? hahaha~~
Halftime… Most of the food was gone, and JJ started to show the symptoms of Food Coma…
P1020127 P1020128
These are just two of the drinks that we ordered… I thought it was ok at the best… Next time I’ll stick with soda and beer…
However… there is this one drink… More on that later…
P1020129 P1020131
What’s this? More food? yeah… this was not part of the set meal, the set meal says it’s for Six, but it probably meant for 3 boys and 3 girls… not enough for 6 grown men.. hahahaha~ So table one ordered three more dishes and a chicken soup. While table two still deciding what to order…
P1020132 P1020133 P1020134
And yes, table two order another hot pot with milk soup base, because, when we wanted to try the soup from table one during the first round after about 20 minutes into the meal… it was already empty with NOTHING in it… And Ryan is enjoying a nice piece of the shell fish that looked like a penis… hahahaha~
P1020145 P1020146

After the food coma, JJ started to show the symptoms of… well, I’m not sure… but stay away, it could be contagious…
OK, so JJ’s drink arrived… basically, it’s a freaking fruit combo plate in a glass~ hahahaha~~
It’s got watermelon, cantaloupe, oranges, guava, and apple?
Everyone took a piece of fruit, and JJ got stuck with just the glass… well, it’s got some kind of fruit ice tea in it….
P1020139 P1020140 P1020141 P1020142

So, over all, I’d give the restaurant a 4 out of 5, cuz the food was not bad, the view is very nice, and since it’s outdoors, you can smoke all you want lah!!!!!

10/12 Night Riders…

Posted: October 13, 2008 in Just Another Day

Temperature dropped dramatically for the past few days, so that means biking season started… for me at least…

This was taken on the 11th, my dad wanted to go ride along the river park, but we got stuck in the rain…
It’s nice to see a rainbow once in a while, since I’m still on the hunt for that pot of gold.. haha
 P1020051 P1020052

Angela’s new ride~ Dahon Courser… 7 Speed with rear suspension, not bad lah…
P1020067 P1020069

After we arrived in Shi-Lin we parked in front of 鮮芋仙, and we each enjoyed a bowl of refreshing icy dessert.
P1020070 P1020074

On the way back, we decided to go to NY Bagels, but we ended up at Swensons because there’s no place to park our bikes at NY Bagel…
At Swensons, the manager let us park inside right in front of the ice cream~
P1020081 P1020080

David didn’t have any money, so he borrowed 500NT so he can have a bowl of soup, steak, and ice cream…
I had a burger… to replenish the calories lost from the bike ride earlier… hahaha!
P1020076 P1020075

10/08 MyPlace.. More Toys!

Posted: October 8, 2008 in Toys

So my mom was in LA for a week, when she came back, she lugged this thing back for me.  Kevin and Angel saw it and bought it for me, since I was looking for a bed/breakfast table last time I was in LA… How nice of them~~ Thanks dude!!

So here it is, MyPlace, your personal workstation~
P1020012 P1020014
It’s actually separated into two half, the right side has this rougher texture soft to the touch, kinda of like a hard sponge, which acts as a mouse pad…
P1020015 P1020016
It also comes with a little light, so you can see your keyboard in the dark~
P1020018 P1020019
The only thing is… it takes batteries, it would be much better if it just use USB power~
P1020020 P1020021
The back side looks complicated… The legs extend…
P1020022 P1020023
It can then extend again…
P1020024 P1020025
So it can be set to two different heights, one for skinny thigh and one for big thigh.. hahaha
P1020026 P1020027 
And for the left side, it can be raised up into an angle…

P1020028 P1020030
can go up to about 75-80 degrees…
P1020031 P1020032 P1020044

So I was at Breeze earlier this afternoon, having a late lunch. Pictures will be in another entry…
After lunch, I went up to Hands Tailug to see what’s new, and… I saw this cool thing~
Well, it’s not THAT cool, since it’s just a plastic microwavable bowl… But I thought I could use it when I’m fly out and since most of the places I stay have microwave, I could heat up canned soup, instant noodles and stuff… Yeah, I could’ve just use any Tupperware and it will do the same job… but…. ah… You don’t understand lah!!!

In the package, it comes with the bowl, lid, and another piece of plastic for steaming.
P1020033 P1020034 P1020035
The lid has some instructions printed on it… all I could figure out is…. To make instant noodles, 3 minutes with hot water… 7 minutes with cold water…
It also has this slits that can use for draining the water/soup, in case you making yakisoba~ Japanese, you just have to give it to them….
P1020037 P1020038 P1020039
I’m not sure why it has the marking of 500cc and 600cc in it… I suppose… one for regular size noodles and one for Ogi size lah!!!
The steaming thingy has these little feet, so it’s elevated, that way you won’t get soggy meat buns… hehehe
P1020040 P1020036 P1020042P1020041 

I also got something else from the shop, a ice scoop and a Hello Kitty ice cube maker… I guess it’ll be another entry since I’m too lazy to go downstairs and take pics of them… haha~~

I just realized I only took 4 pictures from lunch… So…. here they are… It’s the sushi bar place on B1 in Breeze Center… I would recommend going there in the afternoon, non-lunch/dinner time… otherwise be prepared to wait in line for at least 20-30 minutes…

I only had the Uni from this doburi, and it’s pretty good, it costs 600 or 650… I forgot…
This is crab meat with crab miso… I like it!! Your mouth will be filled with the flavors of crab and the ocean!! hahahaha!! I think it was… 120… or something… so… 60 each~ I think it not a bad deal…
This is the umm… clam… you see it in almost every sushi place, but this one tastes a bit different… I can’t really say what’s the difference… but it tastes different from the frozen ones you can buy at supermarkets…
This is Red Clam, it’s different from the previous one.. It’s… crunchier… kind of like jelly fish… but not that crunchy… anyway, it’s good shit, I like it…
We’ve also had other stuff but I was way too hungry to take pictures… Maybe next time bah….

10/07 Twice As Hot Salsa

Posted: October 7, 2008 in Food and drink, Toys, US

Last month, I flew with a Mexican Captain, Captain Munoz.  He mentioned that the best salsa he ever had was from this little German town Fredricksburg in Texas. And he offered to give me a jar when he goes home next time.  Few days ago, he emailed me and told me that he left a bottle in his mailbox for me to pick up.  So today, I flew my first flight of the month, an early morning 8 o’clock HKG flight and back, and picked up the salsa upon returning without scaring anyone on the flight.

So here it is, wrapped in paper and sealed in a Ziploc bag~

Made by Square Headed Germans… hehehehe…   Twice As Hot Salsa!!  Why is it twice as hot? cuz it’s got Habaneros!! The captain did warn me to use small portions at a time, and he won’t be held responsible for any consequences if consumed in large portions… hehehe  And as the label says, Burns on Entry, Flames on Exit!!
P1020004 P1020005 P1020006
In the jar, it looks like fresh salsa, btw, salsa in Spanish means… Sauce… So how hot can it be??
P1020007 P1020008 P1020009
Salsa on chips… And… It really is… HOT!!!! As of this moment, I can feel it moving down from my stomach to my intestines….
I hope I won’t have flames coming out of my ass later tonight….  If you are interested, call me for an appointment…

This is my bike… I been meaning to ride it around for the last couple of days… since the temperature here in Taipei dropped dramatically… But… it also started raining…
I guess…. I’ll just have to wait till the rain stops….
P1020002 P1020001

So, Fall is here, that means it’s the season to enjoy Oysters and Crabs~~~
Since I’ve already had oysters in HK last month, we start this month off with a seafood feast!!

All of the B-Class members were there, except Jet and Nicole cuz poor Nicole had to work till late… Oh, and Jay’s wife, cuz she went down south for work…  Since Jay, David, Angela and I had nothing to do, we left Taipei a bit earlier, and then Alan came with April in another car, and Ryan and Ariel came last.
DSC01274 DSC01275 DSC01277 DSC01278 DSC01280 DSC01282

Just before Ryan and Ariel arrived, we ordered for dinner. Our budget was 4000NT, which is 500 per person, and we got…. a lot of food….  Crabs, fish, shrimp, squid, clams, veggies, baby lobsters, noodle, we got everything covered~ Well, except that big ass lobster David held in his hands, that alone is 2000NT, according to the lady who ordered for us…
DSC01283 DSC01284 DSC01287DSC01285 DSC01286 DSC01288 DSC01289 DSC01291

Squid sashimi, Fish sashimi, and salt and pepper shrimps~
DSC01302 DSC01303 DSC01290
Clams, veggies…
DSC01292 DSC01293 DSC01294
Noodles,  fried white fish, crab cooked with sesame oil and ginger
DSC01295 DSC01296 DSC01297
Hmm.. this was suppose to be pig’s esophagus?  The head and tentacles of the squid was stir fried, another different kind of crab stir fried with eggs and onion

DSC01299 DSC01301
Grilled baby lobsters


There was another veggie dish and a miso soup made with the head and leftover parts of the fish that we ate raw… hehehe Total of 15 dishes for only 4000NT, good deal eh? I wouldn’t say it’s the best I’ve ever had, but at least the seafood was fresh, still alive and kicking and spitting water out when we picked them out. Good if lots of people go together~

October 1st, is my brother Kevin’s birthday. So to celebrate his birthday, I made spaghetti with meatballs for dinner.
So, I went on to find a yummy meatballs recipe.

It took me 3 days to go to 3 different supermarkets and Costco to get all the ingredients! (Note to self: Bring a shopping list next time)… If I remember correctly, I got the meat, eggs, parmesan, mozzarella, and… bananas from Costco, Tomatoes, breadcrumbs, onions and garlic were from 全聯, Parsley and mushrooms from Breeze Center… and something from City Super, I can’t remember… oh yeah, it was something else… Taco Night lah… nevermind… And the sauce and pasta were from Safeway in San Francisco…

The meatballs I made from scratch, with ground beef, onions, parsley, garlic, breadcrumbs, eggs, freshly grated parmesan, black pepper and salt. Mix it all together, pan fry it to sear the outside, and then bake it in the oven 375 degrees for 20 minutes to cook it through. Then throw it into my store bought Classico Pasta Sauce, simmer it, and viola! It turned out to be a lot better than I expected~

P1010989 P1010993 P1010994P1010997 P1010999 P1010960 P1010961 P1010962 P1010965 P1010966

A meal of spaghetti with meatballs can not be complete without garlic bread!! So I made some garlic butter, spread it on sliced french bread, top it with some tomato dices, chopped green onion, and fresh mozzarella~  A couple of slices were slightly burnt, cuz I was too busy chatting away, but still can eat lah!!
P1010968 P1010969 P1010970

Jay brought over some lettuce with Caesar salad dressing, Ryan and Ariel brought over a bottle of bubbly, and accroding to them, it’s the same wine that’s served in presidential banquets~
P1010985 P1010971

Ok, so before this all started, Jay also brought over some stinky tofu, and what did Ryan do? He added the pickled vegetables from the stinky tofu to his spaghetti… I really… don’t know what to say… How can you be so “台” lah!!!!!!!!!
P1010973 P1010974 P1010975

So what’s for dessert? We threw whatever’s in the fridge into the blender. Kiwi, grapes, apples, banana, a cup of mango slushee, apple juice, and some ice cubes… It’s very…. Healthy~ hehehe It’s all good lah!!!
P1010976 P1010977 P1010979 P1010980

After everything was done, and down the stomach, it’s time to just sit and chat and talk shit about whoever’s not here… hehehe…

Happy Birthday Kevin!! (Yeah, he not in pictures, cuz he wasn’t even in Taiwan… hahaha)