10/07 Twice As Hot Salsa

Posted: October 7, 2008 in Food and drink, Toys, US

Last month, I flew with a Mexican Captain, Captain Munoz.  He mentioned that the best salsa he ever had was from this little German town Fredricksburg in Texas. And he offered to give me a jar when he goes home next time.  Few days ago, he emailed me and told me that he left a bottle in his mailbox for me to pick up.  So today, I flew my first flight of the month, an early morning 8 o’clock HKG flight and back, and picked up the salsa upon returning without scaring anyone on the flight.

So here it is, wrapped in paper and sealed in a Ziploc bag~

Made by Square Headed Germans… hehehehe…   Twice As Hot Salsa!!  Why is it twice as hot? cuz it’s got Habaneros!! The captain did warn me to use small portions at a time, and he won’t be held responsible for any consequences if consumed in large portions… hehehe  And as the label says, Burns on Entry, Flames on Exit!!
P1020004 P1020005 P1020006
In the jar, it looks like fresh salsa, btw, salsa in Spanish means… Sauce… So how hot can it be??
P1020007 P1020008 P1020009
Salsa on chips… And… It really is… HOT!!!! As of this moment, I can feel it moving down from my stomach to my intestines….
I hope I won’t have flames coming out of my ass later tonight….  If you are interested, call me for an appointment…

This is my bike… I been meaning to ride it around for the last couple of days… since the temperature here in Taipei dropped dramatically… But… it also started raining…
I guess…. I’ll just have to wait till the rain stops….
P1020002 P1020001

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