10/08 MyPlace.. More Toys!

Posted: October 8, 2008 in Toys

So my mom was in LA for a week, when she came back, she lugged this thing back for me.  Kevin and Angel saw it and bought it for me, since I was looking for a bed/breakfast table last time I was in LA… How nice of them~~ Thanks dude!!

So here it is, MyPlace, your personal workstation~
P1020012 P1020014
It’s actually separated into two half, the right side has this rougher texture soft to the touch, kinda of like a hard sponge, which acts as a mouse pad…
P1020015 P1020016
It also comes with a little light, so you can see your keyboard in the dark~
P1020018 P1020019
The only thing is… it takes batteries, it would be much better if it just use USB power~
P1020020 P1020021
The back side looks complicated… The legs extend…
P1020022 P1020023
It can then extend again…
P1020024 P1020025
So it can be set to two different heights, one for skinny thigh and one for big thigh.. hahaha
P1020026 P1020027 
And for the left side, it can be raised up into an angle…

P1020028 P1020030
can go up to about 75-80 degrees…
P1020031 P1020032 P1020044

So I was at Breeze earlier this afternoon, having a late lunch. Pictures will be in another entry…
After lunch, I went up to Hands Tailug to see what’s new, and… I saw this cool thing~
Well, it’s not THAT cool, since it’s just a plastic microwavable bowl… But I thought I could use it when I’m fly out and since most of the places I stay have microwave, I could heat up canned soup, instant noodles and stuff… Yeah, I could’ve just use any Tupperware and it will do the same job… but…. ah… You don’t understand lah!!!

In the package, it comes with the bowl, lid, and another piece of plastic for steaming.
P1020033 P1020034 P1020035
The lid has some instructions printed on it… all I could figure out is…. To make instant noodles, 3 minutes with hot water… 7 minutes with cold water…
It also has this slits that can use for draining the water/soup, in case you making yakisoba~ Japanese, you just have to give it to them….
P1020037 P1020038 P1020039
I’m not sure why it has the marking of 500cc and 600cc in it… I suppose… one for regular size noodles and one for Ogi size lah!!!
The steaming thingy has these little feet, so it’s elevated, that way you won’t get soggy meat buns… hehehe
P1020040 P1020036 P1020042P1020041 

I also got something else from the shop, a ice scoop and a Hello Kitty ice cube maker… I guess it’ll be another entry since I’m too lazy to go downstairs and take pics of them… haha~~

I just realized I only took 4 pictures from lunch… So…. here they are… It’s the sushi bar place on B1 in Breeze Center… I would recommend going there in the afternoon, non-lunch/dinner time… otherwise be prepared to wait in line for at least 20-30 minutes…

I only had the Uni from this doburi, and it’s pretty good, it costs 600 or 650… I forgot…
This is crab meat with crab miso… I like it!! Your mouth will be filled with the flavors of crab and the ocean!! hahahaha!! I think it was… 120… or something… so… 60 each~ I think it not a bad deal…
This is the umm… clam… you see it in almost every sushi place, but this one tastes a bit different… I can’t really say what’s the difference… but it tastes different from the frozen ones you can buy at supermarkets…
This is Red Clam, it’s different from the previous one.. It’s… crunchier… kind of like jelly fish… but not that crunchy… anyway, it’s good shit, I like it…
We’ve also had other stuff but I was way too hungry to take pictures… Maybe next time bah….

  1. Angela says:

    that doburi costs $640~~

  2. Hoyuen says:


  3. Angel says:

    are you using the breakfast table in bed?

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