10/12 Night Riders…

Posted: October 13, 2008 in Just Another Day

Temperature dropped dramatically for the past few days, so that means biking season started… for me at least…

This was taken on the 11th, my dad wanted to go ride along the river park, but we got stuck in the rain…
It’s nice to see a rainbow once in a while, since I’m still on the hunt for that pot of gold.. haha
 P1020051 P1020052

Angela’s new ride~ Dahon Courser… 7 Speed with rear suspension, not bad lah…
P1020067 P1020069

After we arrived in Shi-Lin we parked in front of 鮮芋仙, and we each enjoyed a bowl of refreshing icy dessert.
P1020070 P1020074

On the way back, we decided to go to NY Bagels, but we ended up at Swensons because there’s no place to park our bikes at NY Bagel…
At Swensons, the manager let us park inside right in front of the ice cream~
P1020081 P1020080

David didn’t have any money, so he borrowed 500NT so he can have a bowl of soup, steak, and ice cream…
I had a burger… to replenish the calories lost from the bike ride earlier… hahaha!
P1020076 P1020075

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