10/17 Dinner at Y.M. Mountain

Posted: October 18, 2008 in Food and drink, Taiwan

After months of planning…

Ok, maybe not months, but it took many group emails back and forth to get most of us together for this dinner. For those of you who couldn’t make it… There’s always a next time loh~~

The restaurant we went was at Yang Ming Mountain, and none of us been there before, we picked this place, well… I picked this place because no one gave suggestions, and just so happens that I saw it on TV, and it looked pretty nice, with the view and all… And now that I’ve been there, I would say it’s good for families, friends, couples, and for all occasions… However, it’s not really meant for very big groups, the biggest table they have can hold 12 people, but it’s one of those booth type of seating, it’s not very convenient for people to get in and get out… And the restaurant is laid out in three tiers, the top one where we sat was actually indoors, so it gets smoky with the BBQ, the second tier can allow you to BBQ and have hot pot, but the third the outer most tables on the deck over hanging the cliff, can only order hot pot and other stir-fry dishes where as there are no BBQ grills on the table…

So anyway, amazingly we all arrived on time, oh and btw, the name of the place is 八卦夜未眠… and before I left home in the afternoon, I check the METAR and TAF, the weather will be nice and clear~  This way, we can enjoy the nice view of Taipei City~

The entrance and as you can see, the view was very nice… would be better if the Taipei skyline had a bit more tall buildings….
P1020086 P1020088 P1020089 P1020090 P1020091 P1020094
We sat indoors, but with large windows so we can still have a nice view~ you can see Taipei 101 in the distance, on the left and the SK building on the right~
P1020095 P1020098 P1020100
Everyone just chatting and waiting for the food… oh yeah, the booth we had can sit about 6 regular adults or 8 skinny people… since we had 12 adults and two kids, we took two booths.

Yeah~~ Food! We ordered two 6 people set meal, which included a hot pot, your choice of three different meats for BBQ, a salad and satay. No drinks, but they do give you a 25% discount on the drinks if you order the set meal… More on drinks later…
So we got two seafood combo hot pots, one with milk soup base and one with spicy tomato soup, both are good~
P1020103 P1020107
Meanwhile, the grill is still begging to be fed…  The sauce, nothing spectacular but does the job. The parsley acts as brush…
Here is Victor’s son, I call him 花田一路… So cute~
P1020097 P1020110 P1020111
Ah, the beer arrived, 3 liters of draft beer~~  The salad and the satay also came. The waiter said the satay is the throat of octopus… tastes like.. chicken.. hahaha~

P1020118 P1020125
And the meats and seafood for the grill came too~  The grill became very busy for the next 30 minutes or so…
And what’s this? Victor and wife trying to suffocate their son?
Oh no lah, just changing diapers, but in public? at the dinner table?? hahaha~~
Halftime… Most of the food was gone, and JJ started to show the symptoms of Food Coma…
P1020127 P1020128
These are just two of the drinks that we ordered… I thought it was ok at the best… Next time I’ll stick with soda and beer…
However… there is this one drink… More on that later…
P1020129 P1020131
What’s this? More food? yeah… this was not part of the set meal, the set meal says it’s for Six, but it probably meant for 3 boys and 3 girls… not enough for 6 grown men.. hahahaha~ So table one ordered three more dishes and a chicken soup. While table two still deciding what to order…
P1020132 P1020133 P1020134
And yes, table two order another hot pot with milk soup base, because, when we wanted to try the soup from table one during the first round after about 20 minutes into the meal… it was already empty with NOTHING in it… And Ryan is enjoying a nice piece of the shell fish that looked like a penis… hahahaha~
P1020145 P1020146

After the food coma, JJ started to show the symptoms of… well, I’m not sure… but stay away, it could be contagious…
OK, so JJ’s drink arrived… basically, it’s a freaking fruit combo plate in a glass~ hahahaha~~
It’s got watermelon, cantaloupe, oranges, guava, and apple?
Everyone took a piece of fruit, and JJ got stuck with just the glass… well, it’s got some kind of fruit ice tea in it….
P1020139 P1020140 P1020141 P1020142

So, over all, I’d give the restaurant a 4 out of 5, cuz the food was not bad, the view is very nice, and since it’s outdoors, you can smoke all you want lah!!!!!

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