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So I bought an iPhone… After a few days of using it… It’s still entertaining… and I am on the verge of breaking down to get the unlimited 3G Internet Access Plan… Cuz an iPhone without Internet access… is like a neutered stallion… Looks good but useless…. hahahaha~~~~ Anyway, before I bought the phone, I bought a cover from SwitchEasy… It’s a very nice cover… except arctic is not that great on a black phone… However, it does come with a video stand, an universal dock adapter, two screen protecting membrane, a plug for the connector, and… that’s it… It’s a good deal I think….
P1020570 P1020571
P1020572 P1020573

And while I was in HK, I saw this at a toy store… it’s cheaper than TW and they gave me another 20% discount~
Basically it’s a little remote controlled car that drifts, at home… on hard wood floors, and tiles, not sure about carpets though….
P1020575 P1020576 P1020577 P1020579 P1020580 P1020582 P1020586  P1020588 P1020591

Last but not least… Also got this in HK, at Time Square…
Even though I already have lots of shirts and jackets and jeans and stuff in my closet… I have never bought one of these…
P1020594 P1020595
Yup, a leather jacket~  Never thought I would buy one… But this one is different!
It’s got a HOOD!! hahahaa~~  A detachable hood! With the hood it looks kinda casual and sporty, and without it, it looks just like any other leather jacket~ It’s attached to the jacket via a zipper, and instead of having another layer of cloth to the inside of the jacket, it’s just two flappy thing and that’s it~ and with it attached, it looks like as if you’re wearing a hooded vest.
So I like to think I got two jackets for the price of one!
P1020596 P1020597 P1020599 P1020600 P1020601
Oh yeah, got it at Zara with a good price~

So there it is… If you are kind at heart, I’ll be setting up a foundation for myself, supporting my shopaholic habits… feel free to donate…. hahahaaaa

11/05 The Mystery Purchase

Posted: November 5, 2008 in Toys

So… Here it is… the pictures will tell the story… My very first Apple product…
It’s entertaining… still kinda like my P1i better… but it’s… entertaining… More on it later…
P1020561 P1020562 P1020563 P1020564 P1020565 P1020566 P1020567 P1020568

10/31 HK Trip

Posted: November 5, 2008 in Food and drink, Hong Kong, Macau, Travel

So, I was in HK again…

This time it was a four day trip including one day at Macao.
Got there on Sunday, Halloween, and it seemed like EVERYONE in HK are in LKF…
Second day’s main event was to go to SaiGon for seafood, third day went to Macao and last day for some last minute shopping…

So here it is in brief, for the complete set of pictures, it’ll be in the photo album…

After arriving in HK, we had a bit to eat and headed straight to LKF… and like I said… there were about a million people packed in the the area… and before you can get to LKF, you had to follow the crowd all the way down the hill, takes about… an hour at least to walk up there… and there’s no other way to get up there cuz of the traffic control…

P1020210 P1020232 P1020236 P1020241 P1020247 P1020252
Tsui-Hua is still the number one choice for boys and girls late at night…
Australia Milk Company
P1020279 P1020288 P1020291
Took the Little Express Bus from SaiGon back to Causeway Bay…
Temple Street, where we found out that one of us is a selfish bastard… something we all knew already… hahahahahaha~
P1020368 P1020390
The ferry to Macao… and did all the tourist stuff…
P1020407 P1020436
P1020449 P1020469
The famous tofu place and the famous egg tart place~
P1020482 P1020494
Underneath the Macao Tower
P1020508 P1020514
Venetian – Exact replica of the one in Vegas~
One of the few dimsum places that still have carts pushed around so you can pick what you want right at your table~
P1020539 P1020547 P1020553
Mystery purchase…