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12/29 Macau

Posted: December 30, 2008 in Food and drink, Macau, Travel

So… Macau… Even red underwear couldn’t help my luck…

I’m not sure why… but my agent booked me a “budget” hotel for my stay in Macau…
No, this ain’t it… This was umm… Point 16? or something… It looks new, costs 2500 HKD to stay for one night…
See the red sign going up and down the building in the middle, East Asia Ho-tel… Missing the “Asia”…
P1020693 P1020694

Our hotel was right across the street… The neon sign… man…
It has an elevator that’s rectangular with the door opening on narrow side… and it might fit two smaller boned ppl standing side by side… And the room… Let’s just say it’s… not the best I’ve stayed… However, it does have like a million channels on TV, with all the channels from HK, TW, and China! Amazing… And the price… 280HKD a night…
P1020692 P1020691 P1020720 P1020721

OK, so our first meal… We were planning on going to the um… “A Lorcha” meaning “Boat House” in Portuguese, but as soon as we got the the door, the waiter said, “sorry, no reservation, no table today…” and it was like 830 already…
So we made our way next door, well, few doors down, to the “Restaurante Litoral”, since I was already set on having Portuguese that night…   Anyway, so we ordered a small jar of Sangria, and Seafood Rice, sort of like Paella but a bit more moist.  We also ordered African Chicken, kinda like jerk chicken in the states. They were all good, and I can’t remember how good the food at “A Lorcha” was, since it was long ago, but this will do for this trip~
P1020714 P1020716 P1020710 P1020699P1020695 P1020704 P1020708

Second day, we made our way to “Three Lamps District” for our lunch. The taxi driver didn’t know where the restaurant was, and just dropped us off and told us to ask the locals… (The locals… dude… Macau is only THAT big! Everyone there should be locals!)
So after asking a few different people, we got the direction to go to the “Red Market”… and then ask people around there…
After about… 10-15 minutes of walking around… There it was, “The Red Market”, it’s actually a red building with a wet market in it… And we thought they were just referring to a street…  Anyway, so our destination, “Long-Hua-Cha-Lou” is right across the alley from the market…  The inside reminded us of a set of a HK movie about food… and supposedly this is a famous place that people bring their cages of birds in the morning over for tea.  Also, this is also the place that still have all the food pushed around on steam-carts.  But since we were there at noon, the carts were gone…  and all the stuff they have left are set on the side, and we had to go get it ourselves.  It’s 14 HKD per dish, and whatever that was left were all good~  Next time, I’ll try to make it in earlier…

P1020753 P1020752
P1020722 P1020740
P1020730 P1020733 P1020734 P1020736 P1020737 P1020738 P1020739

Of course, there must be an afternoon snack… This time, I found the famous “Da-Li-Lai-Ji Cafe”.  It’s suppose to be the best Pork Chop Buns in Macau, and after tasting it, I still like the ones at “Tsui-Hua” over in HK better…  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still good, I just prefer the ones at Tsui-Hua cuz it’s got some lettuce and dressing to make it a bit more moist.  But the pork chop here is better for sure.
The Curry Fish Balls were good too, and the curry was spicy, just the way I like it!
P1020766 P1020772 P1020774

Then, instead of going to Margaret’s Egg Tart place again, we went here, 100 meters down the road from the pork chop bun place, famous for it’s “Bird’s Nest Egg Tarts”, or if you prefer, “Swallow’s Spit Egg Tarts”…  It was much lighter than the Portuguese version, and it’s suppose to make you more beautiful…  btw, 10 HKD each…
P1020784 P1020779 P1020788

Our last stop, “Seng-Cheong” famous for it’s “Water Crab Congee”.  They use Thai Rice and cook with crabs until you can’t really tell if there is rice in it, and it’s got a yellowish color, I think it’s from the crab eggs.  We ordered a small one, which we couldn’t finish, costs 98HKD, with a whole crab in it in addition to just the congee…  They have other stuff on the menu too, mostly seafood, so maybe next time loh~~
P1020798 P1020795

In the end, even though I saved a lot of money on the hotel, unintentionally… but with the money I lost in the casino… I should’ve just stayed at the Venetian and enjoy the luxury…



Los Angeles

Posted: December 19, 2008 in Food and drink, US

So I was in LA earlier this month… actually… no, end of last month…

Went to a couple of places in LA this time, first one… man… I can’t remember… was it Huntington Beach?
OK, let’s just pretend it’s Huntington Beach… Had fish tacos and burritos there, yum yum! I wonder why no one bring this stuff back to Taipei? I’m sure some people would appreciate a good Tex-Mex restaurant here! At least most of the people I know would love it!!!

IMG_0332 IMG_0335 IMG_0336 IMG_0338 IMG_0339 IMG_0340 IMG_0341 IMG_0345 IMG_0346

Then, I went to Glendale with Kevin. This is across from Glendale Galleria, Kevin said it’s the same group of people who built The Grove downtown, it’s got the same outdoor feel, and also has the trolley that runs around the place. Not too many shops there, but I like the way it’s set up and the way it feels. Oh, and they have Ruehl and Gilly Hicks? Ruehl basically is the upscale Abercrombie, same style, better fabric that sells for 5-10 dollars more. Gilly Hicks, is also from Abercrombie, that has an Aussie theme selling women’s underwear, bras, lounge clothes…

IMG_0348 IMG_0349 IMG_0350 IMG_0351 IMG_0354 IMG_0355 IMG_0357 IMG_0361 IMG_0365 IMG_0367 IMG_0370 IMG_0371

Inside the Galleria, is a Lego store, man I would kill to have one of these when I was 10… They now have this chess set, I’m sure you can see it on their website… only if I played chess… I would definitely get a set~
IMG_0372 IMG_0373 IMG_0374 IMG_0375 IMG_0376

Hamburger Steak

Posted: December 19, 2008 in Food and drink, Taiwan

Ummm… I can’t remember what the name of this restaurant is… but! it’s very close to my house… One alley north of the Tea Alley.

My brother Andy walked pass it the other day, and took us there.
I think it’s suppose to be a chain from Japan? Or the owner is Japanese… Or the chef went to Japan to learn…
Anyway, the service was ok, not as good as the Japanese, but then again, we’re not in Japan… But I did notice the waitress were all trained to place the plate a certain way, with the little logo pointing to your right… Anal Japanese way….

Ok, the food. I think you can make it a set meal or just a single order. Ours came with a salad with your choice of dressing, a soup, a drink, rice, and your choice of hamburger steak. Oh, yeah, and they all come with a side of fries, yucky carrots and the green thing… I forgot what it’s called… I just call them snot vegs, since the insides is slimy…

We all ordered different hamburgers, I think, there was umm… red wine sauce, cheesy milky sauce, umm… red wine sauce with cheese? wild mushroom with Japanese sauce, and radish and dried bonitos with Japanese sauce. Japanese sauce is kinda like ponzu sauce, bit sour and light, if you don’t like meat that much, maybe it’s the way to go…

Over all… 3.5? Not good enough to go there for special occasions, but OK for just a regular meal, however not worth it if you live far away. Most customers that were there were all high school or maybe college kids… so a bit noisy… oh, and the portions are a bit small… not enough for a real man.. hahaha~  but I do believe the rice is all you can eat… or… not… I can’t remember…
IMG_0382 IMG_0383 IMG_0385 IMG_0386 IMG_0387 IMG_0388 IMG_0389 IMG_0390 IMG_0392

The Diner

Posted: December 19, 2008 in Food and drink, Taiwan

So, after all these years.. I finally made it to “The Diner” for a meal.

It’s suppose to be the hottest brunch place in Taipei, and they serve American style breakfast all day long, just like Danny’s~
One of the best thing about it is that it’s got eggs benedict~ One of my fav things to have for breakfast~
Anyway, the food was pretty good, not exactly the best I’ve ever had but best I’ve had in Taipei I guess…
It’s not exactly cheap, I mean 300nt for a plate of breakfast… it does come with a little glass of freshly squeezed OJ, and a big glass of refillable coke/sprite or coffee/tea.
The one I went to was actually the second restaurant they opened up, the original shop is smaller, and further away from my house, so this is actually better~ However, Marco said that the original place’s food is a wee bit better, but I never been there, so…

Anyway, as usual, here are the pics taken from my iPhone, which is… crap… but I do have a couple of applications on it that can make cool effects~

IMG_0416 IMG_0402 IMG_0408IMG_0406 IMG_0415
Greek omelette – spinach/mushroom/feta cheese
Smoked salmon eggs benedict
Steak and eggs
IMG_0409IMG_0411 IMG_0413

Of course I had more food than this, but these are the only ones that I took pictures of….

Taco Bell, I really wish they could open one up here in Taipei, and my life will then be complete… hahaha~
This is their new Volcano Taco and Grilled Taquitos. Both are very good, the Volcano taco is suppose to be spicy, but it’s… not as spicy as the commercial portrayed, no smoke coming out of my nostrils… The steak taquitos are very good, since it’s grilled, it’s got a crispy outer skin and comes with either salsa, sour cream or guacamole.
P1020602 P1020603 P1020604 P1020605 P1020607 P1020608

Pink Berry – Another great invention, frozen yogurt with choice of toppings consists mostly of fruits. Kiwi, black berry and pomegranates are my usual choices~

This was a restaurant from TCH, now opening around Taipei. Not the best I’ve had but not bad lah… The spicy chicken hot pot was salty… Good with rice.  The seafood pancake could use another couple of minutes in the pan to get it more crispy on the outside.
IMG_0190 IMG_0191 IMG_0197 IMG_0201

This was just hot pot at home, got the soup base from Bridge Head, next to our house, it’s got great spicy soup base with lots of duck blood in it~~

This was Fu-Li Bakery on Ren-Ai close to Tun-Hua, an old bakery that’s famous amongst old people.. hahaha~ The cup does not have any milk tea in it, it just looks like it, but it’s actually just some kind of a cake with Boba/Pearl/Tapioca in it, topped with 波蘿麵包~ The garlic bread… It’s REALLY good if you don’t mind the thick layer of butter they put on it… May be better if you toast it in your toaster first, but if you don’t mind butter, enjoy it as it is~
IMG_0215 IMG_0217
IMG_0221 IMG_0223

Ma Tsu Noodles –  One of my favorite places to eat late at night since it opens 24 hours. Their sesame noodles are the best I’ve had anywhere, and must have a combo soup to wash it down! The soup has wontons, Fu-Chow fish balls, and a perfectly poached egg in it. Recently they’ve remodeled the little restaurant, actually… they just put up big ass posters on the wall showing their famous noodles and a big new sign in front of the place… Everything else from flooring, chairs/stools, tables, utensils stayed the same…  And after your fill yourself up with the yummy noodles, you can then go next door, 50嵐 to buy yourself a big cup of whatever you want to drink to go with your after meal ciggy.. hahahaha!!
IMG_0226 IMG_0227 IMG_0228 IMG_0229 IMG_0230 IMG_0231 IMG_0232 IMG_0233

More Toys…

Posted: December 3, 2008 in Toys


New shoes~ I like shoes… no less than my female friends… Got this at Sketchers, they now carry Zoo York and Ecko in their stores.
Not sure what’s up with the cockroach theme… But it’s cheap and nice looking~ It came with two sets of laces, one white and one brown, I like the way it looks with white better, so I’m just gonna stick to white~ The color is actually gray but under dimmed yellow lights, it has a greenish tint.
I especially like the logo on the side of the heel, it’s got the flannel look~  Anyway, here it is~
P1020609 P1020611 P1020612 P1020614 P1020615 P1020617 P1020618 P1020619 P1020620 P1020621

This is just another cover from SwitchEasy, the first one I got, the clear one, didn’t look good on a black phone, so I got this one with the big red button that looks like a jelly bean or M&Ms~ Then I couldn’t help myself but to the this other one, cuz I got one for Kevin and it’s really nice~ 
P1020623 P1020628 P1020632

These are the two games I bought cuz they were on sale at the Sony store, MLB The Show 08, well, cuz it’s 08, the season is over… and Hot Shots Golf cuz I love the series, and now that it’s on sale~ gotta buy it! Besides, Angela likes to play it too~

This.. well, like it says, a mobile booster, basically, after you charge it, it can then charge your iPhone, or any phone that has a USB socket on the go~ Quite handy since you can’t change batteries on the iPhone, and it runs out juice fast since you’re always playing with it~