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1-29 More and More and More Toys!!!

Posted: January 31, 2009 in Toys

Yes, I’m still in HYPER TURBO shopping mode!

So… I bought more crap to fill up my room… hahahaha!!
This cute little remote controlled car is from TOMY/TAKARA, from the Q-Steer series…
I didn’t know until after I played with it, that not all cars come with same motor, some with faster ones, some with slower ones…

The red GTR I bought has a fast motor, while the AE86 and RX7 have slower ones.
The GTR says, "One Mat Circuit" on the box, and with the picture, I thought it came with a "mat"… and the store clerk says it only has a piece of "paper"… turns out… It actually meant… "you can set up a circuit on ONE TATAMI MAT!!!"
it does come with cones and stuff for you to set it up, and it came with some diagrams to show you how to set up 8 different tracks ranging from easy to difficult courses… The GTR also came with "High Speed Gears" and "Drifting Tires" which really makes the car go faster, and spins a lot… haha~

All of these cars has a "turbo" button on top of the remote, and it actually "shifts" the car into overdrive, and makes it go faster~ but of course, it’ll drain the battery faster too…

I’ll put up some pics and maybe even videos of the track and these little cars after my "Proficiency Training" tomorrow… or… until I buy more of these little cars… I want to collect them all!!!!
P1020910 P1020911 P1020912 P1020913 P1020914 P1020915 P1020916 P1020917 P1020918 P1020919 P1020920 P1020921 P1020922 P1020923 P1020924 P1020925 P1020926 P1020927 P1020928 P1020929

This is just a scissor… a "man’s" scissor… OK.. it’s for trimming your nose hair… that’s all…
Only special thing is that.. it’s.. Made in Japan… which is rare nowadays… Almost everything is made in China now…
P1020930 P1020931 P1020932 P1020933 P1020934 P1020935 P1020936 P1020937 P1020938

01/28 More New Toys

Posted: January 28, 2009 in Toys

It all started last month…

Sophia gave me this for Christmas – A limited edition Domo USB drive
P1020862 P1020863 P1020861

Then, I was in SFO last week…

I only brought my small suitcase since it was a passenger flight, and I didn’t really fell like checking in my bag…
But I was wrong… EVERYTHING at the mall was on sale!!! So I sort of went crazy… However, I got everything at about 50-70% off!!
There was one store that didn’t go on sale though… It was the Apple Store… So I only bought one thing… Julius the monkey from Paul Frank phone cover for my iPhone…
IMG_0511 IMG_0512 
IMG_0514 IMG_0515

Then, today, I went to "West Door Ding" to check out some used PS3 games, but didn’t see anything I like, and ended up buying something else totally different… A bag of crap and a box of plastic…
Anyway, here they are….

This is the bag of crap… it does look like crap…
P1020880 P1020881 P1020882
What exactly is it? It’s… the Kuso edition of Dragon Ball vs. One Piece~ If you have read both of these comics or watched both of these cartoons, then you would know what I mean by the Kuso edition… It’s part of the 40 year anniversary edition of the Jump Comic Book series~ I think this set is not an original set from Japan, as some of the pain is a bit… off, but I’m ok with is, at least it’s cheap… haha~

P1020885 P1020884  P1020886 P1020887 P1020890 P1020891 P1020893 P1020894 P1020896 P1020898 P1020899 P1020900 P1020889

Here’s the whole set all together~ and I ever bought a display box for it… I’m really becoming a Otaku…
P1020904 P1020906

Then… I bought this other box of plastic… It’s the Thousand Sunny… the pirate ship from One Piece… This is the Deluxe Version as it comes with all the main characters~ I’m not yet willing to open it… If you know me… You know how I am anal about my toys…
This is also the second edition of this ship, I’m thinking about buying the first edition tomorrow… Alone with the smaller version of the two ships, the original Going Mary, and the Thousand Sunny… Yes ladies and gentlemen, I have now shifted into overdrive of post Chinese New Years shopping mode… hehehehe~~
P1020907 P1020908 P1020909

IMG_0566 IMG_0567
IMG_0569 IMG_0568

1/26 CNY Fireworks

Posted: January 26, 2009 in Just Another Day

Chinese New Years means… You can sort of kind of legally set the city on fire…

Here are just some shots from the shitty camera of my phone…
I bought this QuadCamera app from the app store on Apple Store, kinda cool, like the Lomo QuadCamera that I never bought~
These are just some highlights of the 3000NT we paid for the fireworks… Some.. never left ground, when it was meant to be high up in the air… haha~
IMG_0523 IMG_0524 IMG_0527 IMG_0528 IMG_0535 IMG_0536

1/6 Birthday Dinner

Posted: January 6, 2009 in Food and drink, Taiwan

Today was my dad’s birthday, so I took him to the famous chicken soup place, 驥園 (Ji-Yuan).

Since it’s famous for chicken soup, it’s got many many clay pots boiling in the kitchen, each with a chicken in it.
No, it’s not just that, instead of using water, they use chicken soup, that was already made hours in advance. They say, it takes 3 chicken to get one pot of soup… and you can definitely tell by the rich flavor it has, and the cream color of the broth. It’s not cheap though, starts at just over 2000 NT for the basic soup, with just a chicken, to over 10,000NT for one with abalone and shark fin in it.

As for their other dishes, they are not bad, but not the best around town. However, I do like their umm… Chinese pancake/crepe… whatever you want to call it…. Anyway, here they are~

First the ppl who attended~
Dad, Grandma Mei, Mom, Grandpa Mei, Angela, Jimmy, Agira, and Annie.
IMG_0474 IMG_0475 IMG_0478 IMG_0480IMG_0473 IMG_0476 IMG_0477

The soup kitchen is on the first floor, clay pots after clay pots~

All captions are from L to R:

Shredded tofu with pork, scallion crepe, and I guess you can call it a Chinese Hot Pocket with scallion stuffing.
P1020820 P1020822 P1020835

Cod with… fried soy crumbs. General Tsao’s Chicken. “The Soup”
P1020829 P1020823

String beans. Steamed veggie dumplings. Tofu (fried first then simmered in a soy sauce based glaze.)
P1020830 P1020832

As you can see, the soup is big~ And after you finish about half way, they ask if you want to add nappa cabbage and tofu into the soup. It’s for an additional 200NT, and they will add more chicken soup in to cook it.  Even if you don’t want the cabbage and tofu, they will still add soup for you. After we finished, I really mean we finished, pretty much not much left, with about an ounce of soup and the breasts, and some bones… They asked if we wanted to pack it to go… I was like… there’s nothing left… but the waitress said that they will add more of that creamy soup and pack it for us. How nice~
P1020833 P1020837

The cake I got it from “Sugar Spice”, it was a low-fat mango custard/pudding cake. It’s first time I bought anything from the place, and it was surprisingly good~  Light, not too sweet, and refreshing.
IMG_0472 P1020839 P1020842

Overall, I’d give this place a 4, food was good, friendly service, and spacious dinning area, decore was a bit old, but clean. A bit on the expensive side, with all the dishes you see, for 9 people (were all filled up to their throat…) costs a bit over 6,000NT, but the soup itself was almost 3,000NT, so it’s not THAT bad.

Didn’t think it’s a 5 cuz compare to the soup, the other dishes were good, but not exciting enough to make you go WOW! Next time I’m gonna try to go to their new restaurant, “雞窩” (Ji-Wo – Chicken Nest).  It’s more modern and features individual set menus, so you don’t have to get 8-10 ppl to enjoy their soup~ Until next time…

No wild parties, no heavy drinking…
Happy New Year to all of you… well, whoever reads this thing anyway… Probably just Angela and Howard… hahahaha~

Fireworks at 101 this year… sucked… 30Million NT… should’ve given it to me… But I suppose it’s good publicity for Taiwan and Taipei.

P1020806 P1020807 P1020808 P1020809 P1020810 P1020811 P1020818