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3/27 Niaochao Gonyi Lighter

Posted: March 26, 2009 in Toys

Mom came back today, from Beijing…

She got me this lighter… which from the name… I have no idea what it’s suppose to be…
Then I realized… It’s that new Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing lah~~~ hahaha~

The box, of course, has to be red!
P1000431 P1000432 P1000433
There’re little details inside the stadium, which is kinda cool~
P1000435 P1000436
The flame.. is waaaaaay big! But of course, it’s adjustable~

This is the interesting part… There’s a switch on the bottom side… hmmm….
Hahahahahaha!! It lights up lah!!!! It’s actually has two LED bulbs in side, one that flashes, one that changes color slowly…
How funny is that?! hahaha~ I’m so easily amused.. hehe~ Thanks mom~
P1000439 P1000440 P1000441 P1000442 P1000443 P1000444

3/24 My Two Cents

Posted: March 23, 2009 in Just Another Day

After a late night conversation with a friend…

Things don’t always happen for the best, but that doesn’t mean it’ll always happen for the worst
Look on the brighter side beats standing in the dark
Give yourself a little hope, a little less doubt
Focus on actions that’ll count, and forget the ones that won’t help
It’ll come around, for better or for worse, no regrets

Does that worth 2 cents? or a penny will do, for my thought

3/23 Little Hyatt

Posted: March 23, 2009 in Food and drink, Taiwan

Since North Middle South from last week… or was it the week before… man… Discount Ginko anyone??

Anyway, this is suppose to be one of the restaurants from Four Four South Village, and it’s just called South Village Diner. However, customers who often visit call it “Little Hyatt”. It’s actually quite famous in Taipei. After the village was torn down, well… preserved… It moved to it’s current location… which is not far from it original spot.

Enough about that… Let’s get on with food… “Village Food”… is kind of like comfort food for many who are from these Military Dependent Villages.  Again, it’s just what mom would whip up from whatever that’s leftover in the fridge… hmmm… did they have fridges then?… It’s nothing fancy, but it’ll taste good and fill you up!

As you walk in to the restaurant, you’ll find a big display… umm… cart, case, whatever you want to call it, filled with “Lu Wei”, tofu, eggs, beef, chicken wing, liver and more, marinated and waiting for you to pick out the ones you want and enjoy.
The rest of the menu is simple, noodles, some veggies, and that’s about it… oh, and steamed crabs.

So we stared with peanuts, cooked in salt water I think… maybe a bit of spices… It maybe a bit blend, but I think it would make a good snack since it won’t make you want to drink a ton of water…
Then the cucumbers. They crushed it a bit, and cut into big chunks, and on top, they drizzled it with vinegar, peanut sauce, and minced garlic. It’s a refreshing dish, recommend it.
P1000414 P1000415
This is what I picked out from the big steel cart. Eggs, tofu, seaweed, cow intestine, beef shank, pig head… yes, literally pig’s head… actually… skin on pigs head… with a bit of meat… hmmm.. now that I’ve put it that way… it’s kinda disgusting…. hahaha
Again, these are not very salty or strong in flavor compare to most of the vendors on the street or night markets. But there’s always chili oil to fix that…  It’s not bad, but I think there’s a chance that you might find the stall that sells the same thing around your house tastes better… Don’t get me wrong, it’s good stuff, just people who prefer they food with a bit more flavor to go with a bottle of beer or two might prefer others.
P1000417 P1000418 P1000419
OK, soup. They call it “Four Treasure Soup” because it has bokchoi, eggs, tomato and tofu. I like it, the simple with lots of stuff in it, and tastes good~
OK, this is actually not on the menu… But they have Sesame Sauce noodle and also Zha Jiang noodle… So I asked for both, but in the same bowl… hahaha~ It’s pretty good. The noodles are hand-made. And the sauce is pretty good. Angela said that the same noodle from Four Four South Village is better… But I wouldn’t know… Since I didn’t have any…
P1000426 P1000427
This is an interesting dish from the menu, didn’t think they would have this in a place like this…
Even though it’s spring already, but this one got tons of eggs! But this one costs 500 NT…
P1000429 P1000430

I think this is a restaurant worth trying if you are in the neighborhood, but might not worth your trip if you live an hour away…
If I lived around it, I’d probably go visit once a month, but since I don’t… I’m just gonna search for another similar one closer to my house… I guess it just doesn’t have what I want that would make me want to go back again and again… But don’t hesitate to drop in if you are in the neighborhood, have a bowl of the yummy noodles and soup, along with some tofu and beef shank~ It shouldn’t disappoint you, I hope…

3/23 Sakurajima

Posted: March 22, 2009 in Just Another Day

This was on route back from LA…

Actually, from SFO… It was a cargo flight from LA-SFO-TPE… Another long ass day…
This is near Fukoka I think… Not really sure… Didn’t pay attention to what’s next to it…
It’s Sakurajima, of if you prefer, Mount Sakura…
It erupted today… or… yesterday… or… whatever…  Didn’t see lava pouring out of it, and not volcanic dust in the air, so I guess can’t really say it erupted… more like… bubbling… yeah…. bubbling… hehehe…

Anyway, here are some aerial photos from FL400… that’s 40,000 feet in the air… And my little LX3 did not disappoint~ Got some pretty good shots of it, with only 3X optical zoom, I’m happy with it~
P1000401 P1000404 P1000405 P1000406 P1000407 P1000408 P1000409 P1000410 P1000411
I also found this "aerial shot" which is a preset mode under the SCN mode…
Can you tell the difference??
P1000412 P1000413

Yes, I went back for more!

Didn’t really order anything different, and still amazed by the size of the nigiris and sashimi chunks…
Food still good, fish still fresh, price went up a bit, and still VERY VERY packed…
Got there around 6:40, waited for an hour to get in, fished dinner by 9, still a ton of people outside waiting…

P1000370 P1000373
Soup is still free~
P1000368 P1000369
Sashimi still in large chunks!! Good thing it’s fresh, otherwise it would be very hard two swallow…. hahaha~
Still love the Ika Nigiri, soooooo good!! But be warned, there’s a lot of wasabi in it… you might want them not to put any if you can’t handle the heat… hahaha~
P1000374 P1000380 P1000377
Age Dashi Tofu, yum~  Grilled chicken is average, and the Unagi Don… Didn’t have any… but Ryan says it’s good.
P1000375 P1000381
Gigantic Uni Handroll is still good~ Uni was very fresh and sweet. (But some days, it may not be good, ask the waiter before you order)
Shrimp Tempura is good, so are the veggies~ The Omelette Rice is still as delicious as always~
P1000383 P1000384 P1000388 P1000389
This is ummm…. yeah.. I forgot… It’s shrimp… I think this is from the south east coast, sweet and very very fresh!
P1000390 P1000391 P1000392
Had Starbucks afterwards, nothing beats a nice cup of coffee, tea, frappuccino, or whatever drink after a meal, and just sit and chat with friends and family and talk shit about people you hate and bitch about work… hahahaha~~

3/17 HAWX & Saitek AV8R-03

Posted: March 17, 2009 in Toys

So it finally arrived…

Earlier this month, I bought this game called HAWX. It’s a fighter shooting game. Being an airliner pilot, we get to see other planes on our navigation display (when they are close enough), but we never get to shoot them down… hehehe~
This game is not like the Flight Simulator series from Microsoft, it’s just a game where you shoot at whatever you see… and the online mode allows you to go head to head with a friend or a stranger in a aerial dog fight, or you can team up to go through the missions together.  It’s not the best flight shooting game ever, but it’s good enough… considering… it’s the only one of its kind for PS3…

The best thing about this game, is it has like 50 different jet fighters you can choose from~  However, they are not all available for you to use from the get go, you have to gain experience points and level up to unlock them. There are also 3 different weapon packs for each plane, so you can equip your fighter properly according to the objectives of the mission.

There are also some wacko things you have to do to gain those exp points, like flight up side down for 2 minutes… Fly over M2.0 for 5 minutes…. I guess it’s just to give the game a bit more fun?
P1000274 P1000275 P1000276 P1000277 P1000278

So, one can not play a flight shooting game with just a normal controller… You must have… one of these….
The Aviator Flight Stick from Saitek~ It’s only 50 bucks online, but it doesn’t have force feedback….
But then… most modern jet fighters are fly-by-wire! So no force feedback is fine with me~~ and I suppose this is how the Airbus feels like during flight? Howard?
P1000347 P1000348 P1000350
It’s a nice looking stick ain’t it? hehehe~
P1000359 P1000361 P1000363
A lot of buttons… And you actually get to use all of them in the game… and believe it for not, it should add one more, cuz after pressing all the buttons… I can’t find one to switch the view!!! The one that’s guarded is used for a ERS function in the game… X for launching missiles and Square for switching targets… Trigger of course is for your cannons~
P1000356 P1000357 P1000358
On the base of the thing, you have buttons for flares, assistance mode on/off button, PS Home, pause and switch radar screen…
There’s also a little thrust lever~ kinda cute~
P1000353 P1000354 P1000355

Anyway… That’s all the toys I’m gonna buy for now… well… at least this month… I think… well, one thing I know for sure, these will keep me busy for a while~ hahaha~

3/14 New Toys Arrived!

Posted: March 14, 2009 in Toys

Yes, more toys!

This is something I’ve wanted to buy since… Gran Tourismo first came out. That’s like a million years ago!
Anyway, today was my simulator check, and luckily, I passed once again, 3 more months to play around.. hahaha
So a couple of days earlier, I’ve ordered something for myself to celebrate today~

Coming back from my check, these two boxes are upstairs waiting for me…

In the first box… hehehe…
P1000327 P1000328
Is a combination of pieces of metal~ It’s foldable for easy storage…
P1000330 P1000331 P1000332

In the second box… Is the official wheel of Gran Tourismo!
I didn’t buy the G25, one cuz it was too expensive… Second.. I could careless for the manual gear and clutch thingy…
The orange dial is for in-game quick setting of the cars.
The GT in the middle of the wheel lights up when it powered up! Cool~
P1000333 P1000334 P1000335
P1000336 P1000337 P1000338 P1000340 P1000342 P1000345

After putting them together… hehehe… I didn’t buy the rack with a bucket seat was because again.. expensive… and second, it takes a lot of room. So this foldable one seems to be a more suitable choice~
P1000343 P1000344 

After played with it for a couple of hours…

A chair without wheels would probably be a better choice… as I find myself sometimes would roll away from the thing…
Other than that… I felt like an idiot with the wheel… I don’t mean looking like an idiot wearing pajamas bare foot sitting in front of a computer screen turning the steering wheel around… I mean, DAMN! It’s hard to drive with the thing!! Especially when setting the game to simulation… which was suppose to simulate real cars… and I have to say… I guess I don’t have what it’s got to be a real race car driver…  Then after a bit, I got used to it a little, and set the game to normal settings… and it’s quite a lot of fun~ Bring racing games a whole new experience~

In conclusion… I would recommend anyone who likes car racing games to go out and get one~  You’ll see how different it is from playing the game with a controller~