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Walking around the neighborhood after lunch, we realized the Bitter Tea House had moved, same area, different alley…

If you never tried Bitter Tea before, it’s… bitter… kinda like coffee… but… it’s not fragrant, it’s just bitter… Chinese people drink it because it supposedly can ummm… cleanse your liver? or something… Anyway… try it… and you’ll regret it… hahaha!!

P1000738 P1000739 P1000741

So then… on the way home… Angela wanted to check out the watch shop downstairs, so we did… And… She didn’t buy anything, but I ended up with this… a Big Ass watch… by Fossil… Yeah, that’s what they should name it… The Big Ass Watch… hahaha~ and according to Hayden, big watches are very very "IN"~ Yes, this was another impulse buy… I wonder if they have medication for people like me…
P1000742 P1000743 P1000744
It’s got dual time, and.. that’s it… no fancy chronograph, or date window… it’s just a big ass watch… One thing is that the face of the dial is carbon fiber~ didn’t realize until when I was taking this picture… so… YEAH~~
P1000745 P1000746 P1000747
So this is how big it is… 50mm… yeah, huge~ hahaha! almost like wearing a clock on your wrist! I love it!!!
This will just have to do, until… the day I can afford a Bell & Ross on my wrist… hehehe~

09-04-29 Pizza Pizza

Posted: April 28, 2009 in Food and drink, Taiwan

I like pizza, I like it, but not so much that I can say I love it… I think…

Actually, I used to like pizza a lot. I remember back in college, Kevin and I would order a large pizza with red onions, mushroom, and Italian sausage from this pizza place in Isla Vista called Woodstock, which has the best pizza around the area~ Partly because they are not cheap with their toppings, the pizza is always covered with lots and lots of toppings of your choice, and I didn’t think there was a need to order double cheese, cuz it’s also plenty enough~

Pizza in Taiwan, however, is some what different… Pizza Hut and Domino’s are the main choices, which are probably the last two choices you would think of to order a pizza back in the states… Oh, and what’s up with all the funky flavors? Teriyaki Chicken? Kimchee? and what happened to the tomato sauce? I guess these are some of the reasons I kinda lost interest in pizza after I moved back in TW.

Then, there’s places like Citizen Cane, and Cosi O Cosi. They have these thin thin thin crust pizza, much thinner than the slice you buy in NY, and probably 1/10th of the thickness of a Chicago styled pizza… And recently, there are more and more pizza places popping up around the city, and of course, I have to try try see loh~

New York Pizza Kitchen – owned by the same people that owns NY Bagels, has more of a NY styled pizza. Went there last Friday? With Andy, Ruby, Marco, Christina, Ben and Carol. There’re no fancy toppings like umm… artichokes, salmon, chorizo, or prosciutto, and you can order by the slice~

For the appetizers, we ordered jalapeno poppers, calamari, and buffalo wings, well… let me put it this way, you won’t be missing out much if you didn’t try it… it’s just average…
P1000730 P1000731 P1000733

Salads… There are two choices, Central Park Salad and Caesar, both of which were ok, it’s just salad… As for the pizza, we ordered a pepperoni pizza, and a “white” pizza. Pepperoni pizza was good, but I like the “white pizza” better~ It’s got garlic, basil, and mozzarella topped with clumps of ricotta cheese, simple but yum~
P1000732 P1000734 P1000735

Trattoria di Primo – opened up last year, I think… They also have a little cheese shop in the restaurant, but the selections are limited… Went there today with Jay and Angela, business was good, even at 230 in the afternoon… The lunch special comes with a soup, a salad, a pasta or pizza, and coffee or tea. We ordered two lunch specials, and another pizza, and a carpaccio.

The carpaccio was more like roast beef, I’m not sure if that’s the way they make it in Italy… but it ain’t no Korean beef tartar~ It’s not raw for sure, but it was pretty good, not sure what they topped it with, arugula? sort of has a nutty and spicy flavor to it. The salad, I can’t quite make out the dressing, but it was pretty good, and the soup, well, it’s pureed corn with some bits of chicken in it, creamy but not too creamy… hmmm…
P1000787 P1000789 P1000795

As for their pizza, the ones that comes with the lunch special, are a bit smaller, enough for a girl, but not enough for a real man like Jay and I… hahaha~ The first one, is ummm… I can’t remember the name of the pizza, but it’s got fresh chili on top, it’s pretty good, and Jay ordered the one with the uh… was it Italian sausage? yeah, I think so, and onions I think, it’s also yummy. And I ordered a Florentine pizza, which has spinach, bacon, and an egg~ The yolk is still runny, as you can see from the picture~ So it’s more “juicy”? hahaha~ I loved it~ Oh, you can also have half and half, so you can have two different pizza on one~
P1000797 P1000800
P1000801 P1000802

Oh, they also serve you with either mineral water or sparkling water… I thought the waitress said there’s a fee per person for it, but didn’t see it on the bill… and didn’t ask… hahaha~
P1000790 P1000793

OK, as for the dessert, we tried the uh… Balloon thing… it’s a balloon, and you have to use a toothpick to poke it so it’ll burst… The insides… it sort of like a cross between a ummm… Crème Brûlée and Flan…use your imagination…
P1000804 P1000806 P1000808 P1000809 P1000810 P1000811

We also got this thing, it’s just Mascarpone cheese with raisins in it~ Good if you like creamy cheese and raisins~
P1000819 P1000816

I’d go back to both of these restaurants again, not because they have free refills on cokes, but cuz they both have great pizzas~ They are about the same price… The lunch special at Primo is a good deal for 300 NT, but if you have a bigger appetite, you’ll probably have to order a little something else to fill the gap… NY Pizza Kitchen’s pizza is around 600, and they are 16″, good for 2-3 people, or a hungry man… Primo also got some wines ranges from 600-1000 a bottle… and strangely enough, they also have Taiwan Beer… Not sure why… Anyway… that’s it for today…

09-04-27 Hong Kong

Posted: April 28, 2009 in Food and drink, Hong Kong, Travel

Yes… I was in HK again…

This time, instead of staying at a hotel, I stayed with Andy and Hayden at their apartment in Mid-Level, HK.

Here are some pictures I took with my phone… Forgot to bring camera… so… quality is crap…
IMG_0838 IMG_0841
This the Hayden and Andy’s place~ Nice and big and comfy! Especially like the 47″ LCD from Sharp~ hahaha~
I also love their Kleenex! deco style~ Why don’t they have this in TW?? Why??!!!!!!
IMG_0843 IMG_0844
This is my welcome drink… actually, I had a coke before this.. hehehe… It’s a sparkling shiraz from Australia, and it’s quite good!
IMG_0846 IMG_0847 IMG_0849
This is their apartment, and we are heading out for dinner~ The building is about 50 yrs old, but the price… You don’t even wanna ask… and it’s filled with nice ass cars in the garage!
IMG_0850 IMG_0852
This is where we went, Under Bridge Spicy Crab~ It’s famous for spicy crab of course! Next time, no need to head all the way to Little Saigon, just come here!
IMG_0853 IMG_0855
IMG_0854 IMG_0858 IMG_0857
The chicken feet is very good~ the shrimp was deep fried, but the twist is the batter, is salty duck egg yolk! Yum! Their special house fried rice was excellent also~
IMG_0860 IMG_0862 IMG_0865
The garlic covered spicy crab is yum yum good! So are the steamed razor clams~
IMG_0869 IMG_0871
Look at the size of the claw~ I’m not sure what kind of crab this is… But it’s yummy and meaty!
IMG_0872 IMG_0875
After dinner, we headed back home, and yes, you’ll only see this in HK, an Audi R8 parked on the street behind a yucky truck…
IMG_0876 IMG_0878
This is their elevator, old eh? and it can only fit 3 people in there! that’s why I had to hold the camera high to get all of us in~
Hmm… I look like a retard…
IMG_0880 IMG_0881 IMG_0882 IMG_0884
OK, second day… This is Andy’s bag, it’s got a… Chinese methodology creature on it… I guess if you are a Prada fan, you’d know…
And these are just some random pictures I took on the way to brunch~
IMG_0883 IMG_0885 IMG_0886 IMG_0887 IMG_0888 IMG_0889
Oh yeah~ brunch at Tsui-Hua 翠華~ I have to say, this is one of the favorite restaurants in HK! Andy had a breakfast, me, on the other hand, since it’s my last meal in HK this trip, I can’t just order a breakfast! I have to have the fish ball noodle soup and of course, porkchop sandwich! I love Tsui-Hua!!!! Come to think of it… Maybe next time I’ll buy their I Love Tsui-Hua T-shirt!! hahahah~
IMG_0891 IMG_0892 IMG_0890IMG_0893 IMG_0894 IMG_0895 IMG_0897 IMG_0898
Alright, time to say good bye! Hayden came to see me off at the Airport Express station at Central, and that ends my quick trip to HK!
IMG_0899 IMG_0901

09-04-15 Salt Creek Grille

Posted: April 15, 2009 in Food and drink, US

Yeah, I was in LA again….

OK, the pictures are dark, cuz it was VERY dark inside the restaurant…
Anyway, we drove passed this place, which is across from Whole Foods, looking for a place to eat. From the outside, it looked packed, which is a good sign for any restaurant~

So here we are, Salt Creek Grille, like the name suggests, it’s a place with lots of meat~ well, and fish…
The bread was good, since it’s free.. haha~ It’s sourdough with a slice of cheese on top~
P1000687 P1000689 P1000692 P1000693 P1000694 P1000695 P1000696
OK, I can’t remember it’s name on the menu, but it’s lumps of crab on top of avocados, over a risotto cake and grilled squash…
P1000700 P1000701
This is the night’s special, NY Steak stuffed with crab meat with a blue cheese crust. It was yummy~
P1000704 P1000705 P1000706
This is umm… Pulled flank steak sandwich, pretty good, a bit much on the bbq sauce though…
This is Chicken Jibori or something… Grilled chicken stuffed with a wild mushroom and corn risotto…
P1000709 P1000710
This is just a chocolate cake.. not that great, a bit dry… and yeah, by now, I figured out how to make the white look white on my camera… hahahahaha~ A bit late…
P1000711 P1000715
This was the outside of the restaurant, it’s got a Koi pond, is that how you spell it? Koi?
P1000716 P1000717 P1000718 P1000719

Pretty nice place, food was not bad, all this for about 100 bucks, kinda expensive, but the steak was 30 something already, so I guess it’s about right~

09-04-13 Dinner at San Wan

Posted: April 13, 2009 in Food and drink

潮品集 at the San Wan Hotel is having this all you can eat thing…

It’s umm… 699 per person for lunch and 799 per person for dinner, plus 10% service charge.

We ordered a lot more than this… but I was too busy eating, so skipped some of the more common dim sums…
I think it’s a bit expensive for this kind of stuff, but since it’s all pretty good, I will overlook that… hahaha~

The duck dish is pretty good, thinly sliced duck over a bed of tofu, both of which were stewed in the same yummy sauce.
The left most pic is a ummm… well… it’s fish paste thing… stuffed with squash and stuff… it’s pretty good.
P1000672 P1000673 P1000674

This is a bun stuffed with rice stuffing, interesting…
The peanut was pretty good, I like it~ I’m not sure what the other one is… I think… it might be ummm… cabbage…
P1000676 P1000677
This was… you know what… I really can’t remember!! hahahaha~
Good thing I remember the other two of which was 腸粉 (similar to rice noodles) stir-fried in X.O. sauce
And the other is Raddish Cake sti-fried in X.O. sauce…
P1000678 P1000679 P1000680
Stir-fried squash, shirmp dumplings, and 炸兩…
P1000681 P1000683 P1000684
This is the Flow Motion Milk Yolk Buns… the stuffing is not as liquidy as the ones we had in HK, but still not bad~
P1000685 P1000686

Overall, I think it’s pretty good, but I’m not sure if the price is apporpriate, as I have never been there before, so I’m not sure what is the average price per person is…

09-04-07 LAX-NYC

Posted: April 12, 2009 in Travel

Usually, we fly out of LA at night…

But this time, due to the volcanic activities in Anchorage, cargo flights are all messed up, so are our schedule… This is my first time flying from LA to JFK… The weather was nice in LA, as always, so I got these pictures~ You can see the Long Beach harbor, and Ontario Airport, and I’m pretty sure that’s the Big Bear in the last two pictures…
P1000608 P1000609 P1000610 P1000611 P1000612 P1000613

In this next set, you’ll see a city in the middle of the desert, yeah, it’s Las Vegas baby! If you look at it closely you can see the downtown strip, and you can actually make out some of the hotels~
P1000616 P1000618 P1000620 P1000621 P1000623 P1000625 P1000627

This is heading towards Bryce Canyon… I’m not exactly sure where Grand Canyon is… but I’m sure it’s around it some where… 
P1000631 P1000632 P1000637 P1000638 P1000641 P1000642 

This is… umm.. I think it’s the Colorado River… I’m not good at this geography stuff…

This I can’t remember where it was… but it’s in the middle of the mountain… and I’m convinced that it’s a secret military base…
There’s nothing around, just a flat area in the middle of no where… and it’s got roads, can’t really make out buildings…
So it must be underground… yeah, it’s got to be a secret military base!!! Hahahaha~
P1000649 P1000650

Northwest Airlines…

This was at NY, all this, 4.95… 4 choices, one soup, one apple, one water.. man.. how do they make money off of this??P1000651 P1000652 P1000653 P1000654

This was not that great… for 1.50.. it’s ok lah…

09-04-04 Sukiyaki at 101

Posted: April 7, 2009 in Food and drink, Taiwan

Formosa Regent came out with a promotion in one of their restaurants “三燔本家”.

There are two locations, one in the hotel itself, and one at Taipei 101.
For March and April, they came out with this all you can eat sukiyakyi set. Not everything is all you can eat though, only the beef, USDA American Beef~ It does come with a salad, a veggie plate, and a scoop of ice cream for dessert~

We went to the one at Taipei 101, since I think it’s a bit closer to my house.
Haven’t been to 101 for a while now… but it still looks the same… hahaha~
Anyway, it’s on the 4th floor, where Wasabi used to be… Actually, the Wasabi Buffet is still there, 三燔本家 replaced where the Wasabi bar used to be…

The interior is one of those modern Japanese style, the sushi bar is nice, but I’m not sure if their sushi is any good…
P1000475 P1000474
So, the salad.. it’s ok, nothing spectacular… Eggs were pretty big though…. But they should’ve bought it from Costco, or at least from the same farm that Costco get their eggs, cuz these eggs are just… eggs…. Costco eggs are more rich in flavor… if you had them before, you know what I mean…
P1000452 P1000453
Then the waitress started to prepare our sukiyaki.  A chunk of butter, onions, green onions…
P1000455 P1000456 P1000457
Stir, stir, stir… Then pour in the sukiyaki sauce…. Viola~
P1000458 P1000460 P1000461
JJ doesn’t eat beef, so he ordered pork instead… The veggie plate is the same for all, got some mushrooms, corn, tomato, pumpkin, tofu, fishcake, cabbage, bok choi, and.. that’s it I think….
The rest of us had the all you can eat beef~ yum~ I love American Beef!!! Corn fed is always better than the grass fed Aussie beef! Wagu beef is the exception of course…. but guess what they feed the Wagu cows?…
P1000464 P1000467
The green tea ice cream from Meji was not bad, they poured a bit of red bean sauce on it, to make it… more Japanese….

So, what do I think… I think it’s pretty good, especially the beef, but for mom and Angela, they probably prefer Momo Paradise instead, since at Momo, their veggies are all you can eat, and has more varieties. For meat lovers like me, it’s a good deal, but if you’re not… It’s not that special~ But then… How much meat can you eat at one sitting… hehehe…

Over all, it’s a good meal, too bad it ends this month… But then again, there’s always Momo Paradise, and 天氣圖 at Sogo~