09-04-04 Sukiyaki at 101

Posted: April 7, 2009 in Food and drink, Taiwan

Formosa Regent came out with a promotion in one of their restaurants “三燔本家”.

There are two locations, one in the hotel itself, and one at Taipei 101.
For March and April, they came out with this all you can eat sukiyakyi set. Not everything is all you can eat though, only the beef, USDA American Beef~ It does come with a salad, a veggie plate, and a scoop of ice cream for dessert~

We went to the one at Taipei 101, since I think it’s a bit closer to my house.
Haven’t been to 101 for a while now… but it still looks the same… hahaha~
Anyway, it’s on the 4th floor, where Wasabi used to be… Actually, the Wasabi Buffet is still there, 三燔本家 replaced where the Wasabi bar used to be…

The interior is one of those modern Japanese style, the sushi bar is nice, but I’m not sure if their sushi is any good…
P1000475 P1000474
So, the salad.. it’s ok, nothing spectacular… Eggs were pretty big though…. But they should’ve bought it from Costco, or at least from the same farm that Costco get their eggs, cuz these eggs are just… eggs…. Costco eggs are more rich in flavor… if you had them before, you know what I mean…
P1000452 P1000453
Then the waitress started to prepare our sukiyaki.  A chunk of butter, onions, green onions…
P1000455 P1000456 P1000457
Stir, stir, stir… Then pour in the sukiyaki sauce…. Viola~
P1000458 P1000460 P1000461
JJ doesn’t eat beef, so he ordered pork instead… The veggie plate is the same for all, got some mushrooms, corn, tomato, pumpkin, tofu, fishcake, cabbage, bok choi, and.. that’s it I think….
The rest of us had the all you can eat beef~ yum~ I love American Beef!!! Corn fed is always better than the grass fed Aussie beef! Wagu beef is the exception of course…. but guess what they feed the Wagu cows?…
P1000464 P1000467
The green tea ice cream from Meji was not bad, they poured a bit of red bean sauce on it, to make it… more Japanese….

So, what do I think… I think it’s pretty good, especially the beef, but for mom and Angela, they probably prefer Momo Paradise instead, since at Momo, their veggies are all you can eat, and has more varieties. For meat lovers like me, it’s a good deal, but if you’re not… It’s not that special~ But then… How much meat can you eat at one sitting… hehehe…

Over all, it’s a good meal, too bad it ends this month… But then again, there’s always Momo Paradise, and 天氣圖 at Sogo~

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