09-04-07 LAX-NYC

Posted: April 12, 2009 in Travel

Usually, we fly out of LA at night…

But this time, due to the volcanic activities in Anchorage, cargo flights are all messed up, so are our schedule… This is my first time flying from LA to JFK… The weather was nice in LA, as always, so I got these pictures~ You can see the Long Beach harbor, and Ontario Airport, and I’m pretty sure that’s the Big Bear in the last two pictures…
P1000608 P1000609 P1000610 P1000611 P1000612 P1000613

In this next set, you’ll see a city in the middle of the desert, yeah, it’s Las Vegas baby! If you look at it closely you can see the downtown strip, and you can actually make out some of the hotels~
P1000616 P1000618 P1000620 P1000621 P1000623 P1000625 P1000627

This is heading towards Bryce Canyon… I’m not exactly sure where Grand Canyon is… but I’m sure it’s around it some where… 
P1000631 P1000632 P1000637 P1000638 P1000641 P1000642 

This is… umm.. I think it’s the Colorado River… I’m not good at this geography stuff…

This I can’t remember where it was… but it’s in the middle of the mountain… and I’m convinced that it’s a secret military base…
There’s nothing around, just a flat area in the middle of no where… and it’s got roads, can’t really make out buildings…
So it must be underground… yeah, it’s got to be a secret military base!!! Hahahaha~
P1000649 P1000650

Northwest Airlines…

This was at NY, all this, 4.95… 4 choices, one soup, one apple, one water.. man.. how do they make money off of this??P1000651 P1000652 P1000653 P1000654

This was not that great… for 1.50.. it’s ok lah…

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