09-04-29 Pizza Pizza

Posted: April 28, 2009 in Food and drink, Taiwan

I like pizza, I like it, but not so much that I can say I love it… I think…

Actually, I used to like pizza a lot. I remember back in college, Kevin and I would order a large pizza with red onions, mushroom, and Italian sausage from this pizza place in Isla Vista called Woodstock, which has the best pizza around the area~ Partly because they are not cheap with their toppings, the pizza is always covered with lots and lots of toppings of your choice, and I didn’t think there was a need to order double cheese, cuz it’s also plenty enough~

Pizza in Taiwan, however, is some what different… Pizza Hut and Domino’s are the main choices, which are probably the last two choices you would think of to order a pizza back in the states… Oh, and what’s up with all the funky flavors? Teriyaki Chicken? Kimchee? and what happened to the tomato sauce? I guess these are some of the reasons I kinda lost interest in pizza after I moved back in TW.

Then, there’s places like Citizen Cane, and Cosi O Cosi. They have these thin thin thin crust pizza, much thinner than the slice you buy in NY, and probably 1/10th of the thickness of a Chicago styled pizza… And recently, there are more and more pizza places popping up around the city, and of course, I have to try try see loh~

New York Pizza Kitchen – owned by the same people that owns NY Bagels, has more of a NY styled pizza. Went there last Friday? With Andy, Ruby, Marco, Christina, Ben and Carol. There’re no fancy toppings like umm… artichokes, salmon, chorizo, or prosciutto, and you can order by the slice~

For the appetizers, we ordered jalapeno poppers, calamari, and buffalo wings, well… let me put it this way, you won’t be missing out much if you didn’t try it… it’s just average…
P1000730 P1000731 P1000733

Salads… There are two choices, Central Park Salad and Caesar, both of which were ok, it’s just salad… As for the pizza, we ordered a pepperoni pizza, and a “white” pizza. Pepperoni pizza was good, but I like the “white pizza” better~ It’s got garlic, basil, and mozzarella topped with clumps of ricotta cheese, simple but yum~
P1000732 P1000734 P1000735

Trattoria di Primo – opened up last year, I think… They also have a little cheese shop in the restaurant, but the selections are limited… Went there today with Jay and Angela, business was good, even at 230 in the afternoon… The lunch special comes with a soup, a salad, a pasta or pizza, and coffee or tea. We ordered two lunch specials, and another pizza, and a carpaccio.

The carpaccio was more like roast beef, I’m not sure if that’s the way they make it in Italy… but it ain’t no Korean beef tartar~ It’s not raw for sure, but it was pretty good, not sure what they topped it with, arugula? sort of has a nutty and spicy flavor to it. The salad, I can’t quite make out the dressing, but it was pretty good, and the soup, well, it’s pureed corn with some bits of chicken in it, creamy but not too creamy… hmmm…
P1000787 P1000789 P1000795

As for their pizza, the ones that comes with the lunch special, are a bit smaller, enough for a girl, but not enough for a real man like Jay and I… hahaha~ The first one, is ummm… I can’t remember the name of the pizza, but it’s got fresh chili on top, it’s pretty good, and Jay ordered the one with the uh… was it Italian sausage? yeah, I think so, and onions I think, it’s also yummy. And I ordered a Florentine pizza, which has spinach, bacon, and an egg~ The yolk is still runny, as you can see from the picture~ So it’s more “juicy”? hahaha~ I loved it~ Oh, you can also have half and half, so you can have two different pizza on one~
P1000797 P1000800
P1000801 P1000802

Oh, they also serve you with either mineral water or sparkling water… I thought the waitress said there’s a fee per person for it, but didn’t see it on the bill… and didn’t ask… hahaha~
P1000790 P1000793

OK, as for the dessert, we tried the uh… Balloon thing… it’s a balloon, and you have to use a toothpick to poke it so it’ll burst… The insides… it sort of like a cross between a ummm… Crème Brûlée and Flan…use your imagination…
P1000804 P1000806 P1000808 P1000809 P1000810 P1000811

We also got this thing, it’s just Mascarpone cheese with raisins in it~ Good if you like creamy cheese and raisins~
P1000819 P1000816

I’d go back to both of these restaurants again, not because they have free refills on cokes, but cuz they both have great pizzas~ They are about the same price… The lunch special at Primo is a good deal for 300 NT, but if you have a bigger appetite, you’ll probably have to order a little something else to fill the gap… NY Pizza Kitchen’s pizza is around 600, and they are 16″, good for 2-3 people, or a hungry man… Primo also got some wines ranges from 600-1000 a bottle… and strangely enough, they also have Taiwan Beer… Not sure why… Anyway… that’s it for today…

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