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09-04-07 Redondo Beach

Posted: April 6, 2009 in Food and drink

It’s been a while since I been to Redondo Beach’s King Harbor…

So, today, the Tung brothers went to Redondo Beach to… Eat some seafood, of course!

I really have to say… If Andy didn’t have a navigator on his car, he’d be spending most of his time awake trying not to get lost on the road… hahahahaha~  It took us almost 30 minutes to find a parking space, and in that 30 minutes, Andy must have floored the gas pedal speeding away (only to stomp on the breaks in like 30 feet, so the uphill or the down hill parts of the parking garage won’t scratch his front diffuser…) to release the anger towards other stupid drivers…. hahahaa…

There were a lot of people there, since it was a Sunday, and the place, still looks exactly the same as I left it the last time I was here~
P1000479 P1000481 P1000483 P1000488
This time, instead of going to the Korean boat house thing on the pier, we decided to join the commoners… hahaha~
This is actually more fun, and this is the way our family used to do it! Where we were still in elementary school, our whole family… Well, who ever that was here in LA at that time, would come, and we would prepare our own ginger vinaigrette (just ginger and vinegar, but vinaigrette sounds so much more confiscated isn’t it? hahaha) at home, and bring our own drinks, and buy bags and bags of crabs, shrimps, lobsters, clams, all the good stuff, and chow down~  Yeah… the good o’ times… times when we didn’t have to pay a cent… hahahaha~~

Anyway, after picking out whatever you want, and vendor would steam it for you, without any seasoning since the seafood is fresh and doesn’t need any extra flavors~ So, here’s what we had that day~
Oysters! They must’ve had 30 different oysters for you to choose from, you pick them out, they open it up for you, and you slurp down your throat~ Since only Kevin and I eat oysters, I picked out umm… Kumamoto, Kushi, Sunset Beach, and forgot the other one… They were all good~~
We also got some clams and that cockle? I really don’t remember the names…. And they were delicious too!
 P1000491 P1000496 P1000505
We also got a lobster, the most expensive item, this little guy costs us 31 dollars~ But I guess that’s not too bad~ We also had corn on the cob~ Why is it that corn in America is so much sweeter than the ones in Taiwan? and it’s no wonder American beef tastes so good, cuz they are corn fed!!! It’s not bad to be a cow in the States… haha
P1000503 P1000530 P1000499
And of course, no one leaves King Harbor without getting their hands smelling like crabs! We bought… a total of 6 Dungeness crabs by accident… and after about half way thru, we thought the rest of the crabs were bad… tastes like frozen ones… so Kevin took it back and guess what? The guy refunded all the money for the crabs! So the crabs, were on the house! At least the ones that were down in our tummies!
P1000500 P1000506 P1000508
Hmm.. I can’t even remember when was the last time we all took a picture together… Probably 10 years ago, when we took the family portrait….  So then, after we finished, we made our way towards the board walk…
P1000533 P1000540 P1000551
But before we get there… I saw a tiny thing on the ground… It’s SOOOOO SMALL!!! I’m sure a rat in the sewer is bigger than this!!!
So turns out, it’s a Chihuahua, not sure if it’s from Beverly Hills, but it’s a 2-month old Chihuahua~
P1000547 P1000549 P1000550 
Ok, so we finally made to the boardwalk, and the sunset in LA, really is beautiful…
P1000560 P1000570 P1000573
For the whole set of pictures with comments, please go to the photo album and check it! If you don’t see individual comments for each photo, that means, I’m out to to get food, and will come back later to finish it lah!!!