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Yeah, Warner no more…

Went to see Angels and Demons the other day, and before the movie, had lunch at the ramen place. I’ve had it before at Tapiei Train Station, literally, the restaurant was on the 2nd floor of the Taipei Train Station. This is their second store, inside the Vieshow Village building. After lunch, I saw a flyer saying there will be a 3rd restaurant opening soon!!! I really hope it’s next to my house!!!

This is one of the few ramen shops that offers more than ramen. They also have fried rice, pork chop, gyoza, and some other stuff. Their ramen is pretty good, at least I like it, Angela likes it too cuz it’s heavy on the flavors. Mom likes their fried rice, served on a sizzling skillet, which will burn the rice a bit to give it a crispy texture.

I had the new spicy flavor that day, Angela had miso ramen and mom had the fried rice. I have to say, it’s spicy… I was still feeling the heat later that night, if you know what I mean…. hehehehe~
IMG_0975 IMG_0976 IMG_0977IMG_0978

Took these pics with my phone, so I used this little app called “color splash” to play with one of the pics.
Isn’t it cool?!

Oh yeah, Angels and Demons was good. But a bit too predictable I thought… Gonna get the book to see if the book is better than the Movie, as is with most cases… BTW, books are actually cheaper in Taiwan than the States… It’s 9.68 at Costco here in Anchorage, but only 280 at Eslite! and that’s before the 21% discount!!!

My weakness is “limited edition”…

When I bought this, they told me it might take up to 2-4 weeks to make it, cuz I ordered special lens…
So I was a bit surprised that they called today that it’s ready, since it’s only been a week.
Inside the bag are the glasses and a CD. I have no idea what’s in the CD…
P1010286 P1010287 

The case, this time is different, cuz it’s “limited edition”… hahahaha
It’s actually not a box shaped thing, it’s kinda like a piece of cloth.. fake leather… and then you fold it and sort of wrap around the glasses. it has magnets on the edge and a elastic band that can wrap around where ends meet.
P1010289 P1010291

ic! berlin, international earthmade…
nanba 難波 is the model… there are also 3 other models in this series.
Designed by Ralph Anderl, who started ic! berlin, Steve Goldberg, an American from City Optics, and a Japanese fram maker.
Since it was designed by 3 designers from 3 different countries, hence the ic! berlin international.

There’re only 15 sets in Taiwan. 12 pairs in a set, 4 models, each models has a clear lens, meant for prescription lens, and two other that are sunglasses. Taiwan is the only country other than Japan that has this series.
The "蛙の子は蛙", means, a frog’s son is still a frog… or like father like son… sort of symbolizes the Japanese spirit…
well.. at least that’s what the press release says…
And each model has a Japanese name. I got 難波, there’s also 天王寺, 吹田, and 芦屋, all named after cities in Japan.
P1010295 P1010299
Different angles of the pair. As you can tell, it’s got a layer of the reflective thing on it, and I asked them to dye the lens light grey with a gradient, so I can still see clearly indoors as well as outdoors~
P1010292 P1010293 P1010294 
P1010300 P1010301 P1010302

OK, that’s it… Some fucker decided to call in sick on Dragon Boat Day, so I have to go to ANC-NYC in a bit…

This is it, the “Super Seafood Don” place…

There are photos and reports about this place floating around the internet, and Next Magazine had recently had an article on this place in their magazine. The rumor is, minimum wait, 1 hour, and there are people lining up from noon till 10pm…

So today we decided to go check it out, thinking that the line, if any, should be very short at 3 in the afternoon.
When we arrived, there were no line, and one empty table. BTW, Angela didn’t put on fake eye lashes today…

Anyway, we waited as no one came to take our order… time is about 3:20pm… and after a while, people started to line up… good thing we got there early…  Turns out, the protocol was that you wait on the side, don’t matter if there are seats available or not, then when they are ready, they’ll come out to hand out the ordering forms, and seat you. Then after a few minutes, they come out to take everyone’s order, and they make all the dishes all at the same time. So the wait time, after you ordered, really depends on what others ordered, and the order they make the dishes…
P1010265 P1010260 P1010261 P1010262 P1010266 P1010267

Ok, after about almost 40 minutes, our orders finally arrived. Actually, it only took about 10-15 minutes after we ordered.
The “Super Seafood Don”!!!!! As you can see, there are salmon roes, flying fish eggs, scallops, salmon, tuna, two type of white fish, uni, two shrimps, and for 100 NTD extra, a Butan Shrimp 牡丹蝦. There’s also a layer of seaweed, an egg yolk, some scallions, and dressed with soy sauce along with wasabi on the side.
P1010268 P1010270 P1010272
For the Uni Don, it’s uni, scallops, salmon roe, and flying fish eggs. There’s also the free miso soup, which has salmon and eggs in it.
P1010273 P1010275 P1010276 P1010277 P1010278 P1010279

Yeah, 4pm already… And our fish arrived~
This is just grilled mackerel, half of a mackerel for 200NT. Expensive? Hmm.. it’s about right I think, especially since it’s perfectly grilled and very juicy. I forgot to ask if it was fresh, or one of those Japanese style dried over night fishes. Either way, it’s very good. However, it’s a little bit on the salty side, and juicy means it’s oily too, especially the belly part. So the lemon wedge is a must, if not enough ask for another~
P1010281 P1010282 P1010283

Ok, so the donburi costs 400 each, and 100 extra for the Buntan Shrimp, and the grilled fish, 200, total comes to 1200NTD. Cheap? Hmm.. Not really, but you do get your money worth, the uni was sweet and big, the scallop was very good, fish were all very fresh. But, yes, there’s a but… Actually, a few buts. The butan shrimp was fresh, but not very big, not sure if it’s worth the 100nt. The rice, it’s not sushi rice, I’m not sure what it is… but it’s not sushi rice for sure. There’s also one other thing I don’t like, it’s the fact that they served the donburi with soy sauce already added, so for me, I think it’s a little bit salty, especially when you eat a mouth full of rice with salmon roes…

Other than that, I think this place is worth a try, when you have lots of time on your hands… I think 330-430 is a good time to go, you won’t have to wait too long. There are also some other stuff on the menu other than seafood, there’s also beef, pork and their supposedly famous home made sausage. I’d say this is restaurant is a 3.8 out of 5, worth a try, and might go again.

Yes, more toys… and no, I still haven’t won the lottery yet…

I got this chair for less than 1/2 of it’s retail price, a pretty good deal.
What’s so special about this 30kg chair? It’s got two speakers, a subwoofer and a “bone rattler” built in.
There are individual controls for the Volume, Bass, Treble, and Rumble.
The bone rattler is a device that rattles… duh… It’s designed so that if something blows up in the movie you’re watching, you can sort of feel it… and does it really work?

Well, after testing out a bit with Gran Tourismo 3 on PS3… The speakers, sounds muffled, which is kinda disappointing… So instead of hooking it up directly to the PS3, I hooked it up to the TV audio out. So I get the main source of sound from TV, and the speakers in the chair acts as sort of a fake surround sound.

As for the rattler, well, it rattles, or rumbles, with the bass of the sound source. I’m not sure how low does the frequency has to be to activate the rattler, but one problem I see is that it’ll rattle not only with the sound from the car, but it also rattles with the beat of the background music… So it kinda feel like the chair has a pulse…

After setting the BGM to low, the situation improves a bit, but still doesn’t really feel like a car… but then again… it’s just a chair with speakers… can’t expect too much.. hehe~

Overall, I thought it’s a pretty neat gadget to have, but the fake suede will be a bit of a problem as summer is coming, and I’m not sure how it will deal my sweat… I guess I’ll just have to blast the AC…
P1010212 P1010214 P1010215
Oh, and did I ever mention I got a new TV? Yeah, I did. A 42” BenQ. Cuz it’s cheap… and it does have Full HD, and looks great with blue ray movies~ I guess my gaming station is sort of complete for now… Still missing a True HD amplifier and speakers… But that’ll just have to wait for now, I have more important things to buy…

OK, so these are the stuff I got from Costco in Anchorage… Lots of vitamins and glucosamine… and a new vacuum.
The Dyson root 6 animal. Haven’t tried it out yet as it is still charging, but just the design of it make you think that it just might turn into a robot late at night to gather intel for the Autobots… hahahaha~
P1010217 P1010219 P1010249
It comes with 3 attachments, the first one is actually only on the “animal” model. The brush inside actually rotates designed to pick up hair from pets, and people… The second one can be used two ways, when it’s retracted, it has a little strip of red fine brush, and when extended, it has the long brushes so you can use it on keyboards and stuff… and the 3rd one, it’s too normal to mention it…
P1010229 P1010230 P1010231 P1010233
One thing about this vacuum that’s great is that the filters can be washed so you don’t have to buy new ones, and the clear container on the bottom is where the dust and hair and fur are collected, and all you need to do is to open the bottom lid and dump it out. Nice ain’t it?
P1010237 P1010236
P1010238 P1010239
P1010241 P1010243 P1010245

My pee is florescent yellow

This is suppose to be Manhattan… around 19,000 feet…
P1010177 P1010178 P1010179

So, I come to New York again… This time, Mr. and Mrs Du is here also, so I managed to find my way to 6th Ave and 32nd St. for some Korean food with them~ I was right on time, 12:30 at Harold Square~
P1010180 P1010181
Harold Square, 34th and 6th and Broadway. The big Macy’s at Harold Square.
P1010183 P1010185 P1010186
Lots of ppl choose to ride bikes around town, so therefore, traffic lights for bicycles~
This is the restaurant we went, no idea what the name is…
Kimchee, free of course. Blood sausage~ or Korean sausage, whatever you want to call it~ Yum yum good~
P1010196 P1010191 P1010192
This is what this restaurant is famous for, umm… Ox Tail soup~ Milky white soup, with slices of beef and rice and noodles~
It’s actually quite light but rich with cow flavor~ you know what I mean… hehe…
P1010194 P1010195 P1010197
Then, after lunch we went to Serendipity, I been here before, but didn’t go in cuz it was packed… This time, since it’s a Wednesday afternoon, there are still tables available~ First picture, you can see half of Mr. Du, and Mrs. Du with her 5 month big tummy~
P1010207 P1010206
According to them, their desserts are good, but food is OK. Since we already had lunch, we’ll just have something sweet.
As you can see on the menu, there’s a Guinness World Record “Golden Opulence Sundae” for 1,000.00 USD…
Yes, that’s right, ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!!!! And you have to made a reservation 48 hours in advance… If I save a buck a day…
I’ll be able to have it in 1000 days… Their banana split is 22 dollars, people next table ordered one, it’s pretty big…
P1010200 P1010202 P1010205
We ordered a Frozen Hot Chocolate. Pretty much every table has at least one, if not one per person.
It’s actually kinda like the frappaccinos at Starbucks, but some how, it tastes better… I’m gonna go home and try to make it…
P1010201 P1010204

That’s it for this trip. Next time, I’m gonna try to have a meal at either Peter Luger or Wolfgang!!!

09-05-09 Anchorage

Posted: May 10, 2009 in Up in the Air

Haven’t been in ANC for a couple of months now…

This was the volcano that screwed up all the cargo and passenger flights back in March. Still bubbling and smoking~
P1010166 P1010167 P1010169 P1010170 P1010172


I think maybe this car is a gift… and it’s in the wrapping process…
the second picture… shows you how you reserve a parking spot in front of your house…
the third picture, on the light pole, there are speakers, so the village head can announce stuff…
IMG_0905 IMG_0906 IMG_0907

Oh yeah, more toys~ Wireless Keypad to hook on to the PS3 controller, so you can type stuff… not a necessity, but cool to have…
P1000820 P1000823 P1000829 P1000830 P1000833