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This is dinner, the most important meal of the day… To Chinese people at least…

Andy, Hayden and I went to West Villa for dinner. I’ve read reviews about this place, and wanted to try it, and just so happens, Andy’s friend recommended this place when we were thinking about what to have for dinner. So here we go~

OK, I didn’t really get a shot of the inside of the restaurant, but it was… hmm… not important… However, you know this place ain’t your cheap cheap big plate of food place when you walk in, and to my surprise, most tables were empty! There were only about 3 sets of customers dining when we arrived, and from what I read, this place should be packed with a line waiting outside!!! Oh, and also, I thought this would be a family styled place where you have big tables with a bunch of people with a million dishes on top, but… some of the tables were just couples… hmmm…

Then, we saw the menu… Yeah, it ain’t cheap… most dishes were around 200 HKD, and some go up to 5-6000 HKD… Shark Fin, Abalone, Fish Maw… Yes, “Fish Maw”… if you don’t know what it is… Click Here
But in short, it’s the gas bladder in a fish… where fish uses it to control its buoyancy… a great source for “collagen”… It’s 5888 for a plate of a big ass maw! about double the size of my palm… How do I know? Cuz this couple next table ordered it… They also ordered, shark fin soup, abalone, beef, and something else… Estimating their check to be over 10,000 HKD…

OK OK, back to OUR dinner! So after we saw the menu, one question popped up… Where are all the Dim Sum and the Cantonese BBQ stuff?? Especially the famous Cha Shu!!! (Cantonese BBQ Pork) What the hell?! So Andy asked the waitress and then… They gave us another menu, which is exactly the same except with English and some pictures… Turns out, they only have dim sum on weekends and holidays… Bummer….

Alright, what about the Cha Shu?! Their cha-shu was made famous because of a certain HK action movie superstar (now famous around the world thanks to Hollywood) likes the stuff… We wanted it, but “SOLD OUT!!!” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~~~~ The waitress explained that they only make a small batch a day, and usually sold out by dinner time, so be sure to call and reserve it next time we go for dinner…
(The waitress was really nice, as “someone” at our table kept on mentioning cha-shu in every sentence…
Waitress asks, “here’s our card, call before you come next time to check with us.”
H, saving the number in his phone, pretended dialing and said” I’m gonna call the chef now to see if there are still any cha-shu left.”
W: “how about chicken?”
H: “Cha Shu Chicken?”
W: “How about some dessert?”
H: “Are there Cha-Shu in it?”
after about 25 similar comments, she was still nice and patient enough to smile and laugh with us~ But then it’s probably just H’s charm that prevented her from blowing up in our faces~)

P1010636 P1010637

OK, enough about cha-shu… We ordered Beef Cubes with Fried Garlic Slices, Salt and Pepper Bombay Duck (Lizardfish), Clay Pot Rice with Pork Short Ribs and Bacalhau (salted fish), Fried Spring Chicken with innards, and a veggie dish that the waitress recommended Stir-fried Water Spinach (通菜, 空心菜) with Shrimp Paste.

The beef cubes were delicious, tender, juicy, and the garlic slices were crispy, sweet and fragrant~ and it doesn’t leave you with garlic breath after you have them~

The fish, YUM! It was crispy outside of course, and the fish itself is very delicate, melts in your mouth! At first I thought it’s undercooked, but then, after taking a closer look, it was fully cooked, and then I just kept on eating~P1010628

The rice, since it was cooked in the clay pot along with the pork and the fish, is very fragrant. The pork ribs were also very tender, but I didn’t try the bacalhau, but it’s flavors are all in the rice~ The little bowl of sauce, which I think is just sweet soy sauce, gives the rice a bit more taste which I liked~
P1010629 P1010630 P1010631

The chicken, it was also very juicy, even the breasts was nice and tender~ But it’s not exactly something that WOWs you… it’s good chicken, but then, it’s just chicken.

The water spinach, OK, this is an interesting dish…
First of all, as you must’ve noticed, it has no leaves… waitress says cuz this way, the texture is all crisp since the leaves wilts and softens after being cooked… Then, it’s cooked in a clay pot, still sizzling when it arrived at our table~ It was flavored with shrimp paste, which you can smell right a way, but you can barely taste it. It’s kinda weird, because shrimp paste is salty, so they probably only put a little bit in, so it gives the dish its smell, but… when you actually taste it, it’s… bland… and the water spinach… I am not sure if water spinach are all like this in HK, but in Taiwan, this ain’t it… So I say this dish is interesting, but I personally would not order it again…
Smells good, but… yeah…..

Over all, I like this place! A bit expensive for what it offers (minus the shark fin, abalone stuff…) but I would definitely go back again! Especially since I didn’t get to try the CHA-SHU!!!!!

Food 4/5
Service 4/5
Atmosphere 3.5/5
(I’m not very sure about the glass mirror covered pillars in a Chinesy decor…but it’s clean and bright)

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OK, yup, was in HK again~~

This time I managed to take an early flight so I can have lunch too! I took the Airport Express to Hong Kong (located inside the IFC), and met up with Andy. We were going to this place called… umm… I forgot… some wonton noodle place, but we were like the 40th customer waiting in line… So we went to this place… which I can’t remember the name of the restaurant either… Andy??!!

Anyway, we bumped into Ray, Andy’s friend, who is also from TW, and us 3 had lunch together.

OK, lunch.  The lunch sets are 148HKD, that includes a soup or salad, a drink (iced tea, lime soda, fountain soda), and a main course.
The soup of the day was Leek Potato Soup, which I liked, and their complimentary bread was also pretty good~

P1010608 P1010609 P1010610

The lime soda was lime with soda… and no refills, I think. It’s a bit sweet, but refreshing.

P1010612 P1010614

Andy ordered a Caesar Salad, I think it came with grilled chicken… I had the Open Face Steak Sandwich. I’m not sure what the fried egg was about, but the “coleslaw” was pretty good~ I’m not really sure what exactly it is… it kinda tasted like coleslaw, but it’s made with Napa cabbage instead of normal cabbage… but still good~ The sandwich itself was not bad either, the white sauce you see in between the steak and the bread was actually horseradish and mayo, which is quite nice.

One thing about it though, is that the “steak” isn’t really what I would call a steak…. it’s pretty thin… kinda not much thicker than the hamburger patties inside the Big Mac… And they should’ve cooked it no more than medium since it’s probably sirloin and not much fat in it… Don’t get me wrong, it’s not tough and chewy, it’s just I would prefer it a bit more bloody… hehehe~
P1010615P1010616 P1010618

Overall, I’d go back again, if I was working in the IFC, but I don’t, so I probably won’t be back for a long time, because… there are just too many good restaurants waiting for me to explore in HK!!! (like the one we have for dinner the same day! which will be posted shortly.)

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First time good, ain’t always good…

Had lunch with Vivian, Chris and Ruby yesterday at Primo.  As usual, they ask if we had made reservations, which we didn’t, and then they told us to wait… when there clearly are empty tables… Then after about 3-5 minutes, they sat us down…

Anyway, the pizza was still pretty good, but the pasta… well… the umm… shrimp one was ok, but when they brought the penne… Dude… it’s raw… it ain’t no “al dente”… it’s freaking undercooked… and when we told the waiter… his reply was “our pasta is a bit firmer than other places…” Dude… I know he is trying to say they cook their pasta the real Italian way, but.. dude, this ain’t it…. it’s not firm, it’s RAW!!

I’m not sure if I will ever order pasta from them again… I guess pizza is a safer choice if you’re hungry…
IMG_1020 IMG_1021
IMG_1022 IMG_1023

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This is Drew, Vickie’s son. He is two years old, so cute~ As he is pretending to make a call and saw me taking a picture of him, he flipped the phone over and held it up and pretend taking pictures of me~ hahahaha~ So funny! and then I guess he pretended to show us what he took… hahahahaha~  Maybe I’ll get me one of these things one day… but… them expensive… VERY…. Expensive… Hahahaha~
IMG_1024 IMG_1025 IMG_1026 IMG_1027

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Today is another healthy day… At least it started sort of healthy…
今天應該是健康的一天的… 至少… 本來是…

Before we get any further… Today, I’m writing this in both English and Chinese… But! The Chinese part is not an exact translation to the English part. Because…  I don’t want people to use this to learn English, hahahaha!
So if you want to learn English…. PAY ME!!!
今天咧.. 你會發現我是用雙語來發表… 不過咧… 中文的部份, 不是完全是英文的翻譯版, 因為… 我不想有人拿這個來學英文… 所以, 如果你想學英文的話… 付錢來啦~~~~

Woke up real early today to go to the Flight Safety Meeting, and also the Fleet Meeting that followed…
Then in the afternoon, Alan, Annie, David, Angela and I went to San-Zhi to umm… have a refreshing beverage…
Actually… it’s not our main purpose there… we had BIGGER goals…
今天起了一個大早去參加飛安會還有機隊的技研會… 下午咧, 就跟艾倫, 安妮, 大衛, 安琪拉一起去了三芝那邊吹吹風喝咖啡~   不過嚴格上來說… 我們只是順便來看看海吹吹風…. 我們有更偉大的目的…

This is the place we went, didn’t remember the name…
We each ordered a drink and Mr. & Mrs. Lin brought cherries~
這家店咧… 我也不記得叫什麼名字.. 也不重要… 反正這個只是順便來的… 哈哈哈哈~
P1010521 P1010525 P1010545

This is not Annie’s girly drink… It’s mine… and there’re the cherries they brought~
這是我的娘們飲料…不是林太太的喔!! 還有林氏夫婦帶來的櫻桃~
P1010527 P1010529 P1010544
There was this… swing… 鞦韆啦~~
P1010539 P1010541

As the sun sets… We wrapped up and continued to our next destination…
The REAL reason why we are out in the boonies…
隨著太陽慢慢的掉到海裡面…. 我們也結束這邊的”小菜”繼續前往我們今天真正來這個鳥不生蛋荒郊野外的目的…

This is it… Frank’s BBQ – 邊界驛站…
It’s suppose to be a Texan styled BBQ/Steakhouse… the outer decor sort of looks like it… but what’s with the wooden sign?!  It’s like something you’d expect from a tea house in San-Yi! Seriously, what the hell is it doing on top of a STEAKHOUSE??!!!   This makes me strongly believe… that… Frank… is TAIWANESE!!! Hahahaha~
(San-Yi a town near TaiChung famous for Hakka ppl and wooden sculptures)
我覺得.. 這個… 算是個美式的德州牛排館… 不過… 他的設計師把他的外表台化了….
那個木頭招牌… 根本是三義那邊的什麼客家餐廳還是茶藝館的東西吧?!!! 要不要再台一點啊??
所以我強烈懷疑… 法蘭克是個台灣人… 哈哈哈哈哈哈~~~

P1010549 P1010550 P1010560

See~~~ I told you this is in the middle of no where!!! it’s 6:30, and no cars at all~~~ Good place to do a little speeding if it wasn’t for the stupid cameras every 500 feet….
看吧… 鳥不生蛋雞不拉屎的荒郊野外… 真的是邊界…. 六點半路上就空空的… 是要清場辦賽車喔?
This is actually the hallway that leads to the restroom…
You wonder… why are all these people on the wall?? 40oz…
這個是去廁所的走廊… 牆上的照片… 是因為兩個神奇的數字… 32 和 40…
P1010554 P1010555
Our table… and I think the whoever decorated this place… tried…
我們的桌子~ 夠7-8個人坐了吧… 然後… 我只能說… 設計師應該是有努力過…
P1010552 P1010558
Salad… Typical Taiwanese styled salad… nothing special… The second plate has fries, mashed potatoes, corn, chili, and was it potato salad? It’s actually a pretty big plate… I only had the fries on that plate, I liked it~ The soup is umm… Oyster Mushroom Chowder… One word… Sweet…. Not as in, oh, that’s a sweet car… It’s more like… someone confused salt with sugar sweet… It’s a bit too sweet for my taste… But I guess nothing a little salt n’ pepper can’t fix… if still no.. Tabasco…
沙拉… 就是沙拉… 有千島醬還有鄉村醬… 第二個盤子呢, 有薯條, 玉米, 馬鈴薯泥, 墨西哥辣豆肉醬, 還有… 我不是很記得… 我沒有怎麼碰那盤東西… 我只知道, 薯條還不錯… 其他的都沒有吃… 那個湯… ㄟ.. 什麼杏鮑菇濃湯… 如果用一個字形容… 甜… 兩個字的話就是.. 甜甜… 哈哈哈哈哈哈~~~~
P1010559 P1010567 P1010568

OK, this is it…. This is why we drover all the way from Taipei City to Taipei County for!!! The Gigantic 40oz Sirlion Steak!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, how big is 40 oz… it’s 1.25 kilos… OK, maybe not THAT BIG!! But this is the largest steak in TW for sure… OK… pretty sure… maybe….
這個就是我們千里迢迢從台北市來到台北縣的原因…. 超級無敵大40盎斯特級沙朗大牛排~~~ OK, 菜單上好像只是特級沙朗牛排…
40oz 多大? 有1.25公斤… 普通台灣的牛排大部分都在8-12oz左右… 所以這個在台灣來說… 應該是所有餐廳裡面最大最大最大的牛排了吧~~~ 應該是啦… 不然至少也有最大最大…. 再不然.. 最大…. 應該啦….

P1010569 P1010570 P1010571

As you can see in the picture… I used a fork to show you how big it is… but then… It doesn’t really show… So you see a coin on the last two pics? Yes, that’s a 10 NT coin… about the size of a quarter…  and it’s about a bit over an inch thick…
所以到底有多大… 那個叉子那來做比例尺看得出來吧? 再不然, 你有看到那個10塊銅板嗎? 對.. 就是那麼大~~~~ 大概有2.5公分厚….

P1010572 P1010573

This is the much smaller 20 oz Rib eye we also ordered…. Along with fried chicken wings and chili cheese fries~ The chicken wings were pretty good~ not very greasy despite the fact that it was fried, and the chili cheese fries, it’s actually not bad~ even thought they probably used the cheap Velveeta nacho cheese instead of freshly grated cheddar~ but hey, it’s Taiwan, better than calling Doritos sprinkled with a bit of unknown cheese and call it Nacho Grande…
對, 你沒有看錯.. 我們還點了一客20oz的肋眼牛排, 一份辣雞翅, 還有墨西哥辣豆肉醬起司薯條… 辣雞翅我覺得還不錯ㄟ~ 不過不辣… 那個薯條咧, 也不錯~ 雖然是假的cheese… 但是還是不錯啦~ 在台灣就不要太挑了… 比某家的墨西哥拿邱好多了….
P1010574 P1010576 P1010579
Oh, yeah… the steak… It’s grilled, over what? I have no idea… probably not charcoal… But, it’s smelled pretty good when the waitress brought it over, fresh meat seared with big fire!! Me like!! And it is actually very well prepared, as the meat did not overcook, smells great, and nice and juicy inside~~ However, the sirloin, is a bit on the tough side… as in tough to chew… you may need to bring you GOOD set of teeth… hahahaha~ Actually, it’s not that bad, it’s probably not aged, but hey! 40 oz for 1490? That’s a pretty good deal~
As for the Rib eye, it’s a rib eye, meat is more tender and more fat~ Overall, I thought both steaks were pretty good~ and the sides were also not bad, the soup was a bit disappointing, but other than that, I’d go again~
對了, 都沒有說牛排好不好吃… 其實咧, 以他的價位來說, 他算很不錯了ㄟ~ 那麼大一塊牛排才1490的樣子, 如果胃口小的, 因為可以餵飽4-5個人~ 而且啊, 他是火烤的, 所以他的外面那個火烤的肉香, 然後裡面咧是多汁的喔~ 不過…. 沙朗因為它是沙朗.. 所以… 他算是比較有”嚼勁”的… 記得帶你比較好的那幅假牙來… 哈哈哈哈~ 其實沒有啦, 其實我覺得滿好吃的, 喜歡吃瘦肉的應該是會喜歡的~ 至於那個肋眼咧, 當然比較嫩啦~ 不過肥肉也比較多所以切掉的也比較多一點點… 反正… 我自己是還蠻喜歡的啦, 火烤的牛排誰會不喜歡阿~~~~~ 今天唯一一個比較失望的東西就是那個有點甜的湯… 不過搞不好你會喜歡… 所以, 我是應該還會再回去一次的~~~


Lastly, remember the wall of photos? It’s actually the people who finished the 32oz sirloin steak, or the 40oz sirloin steak by themselves. Actually.. not just the steak.. in order to get on the wall, you need to finish:
1. that plate of salad
2. that plate of mashed potato with fries, chili and stuff
3. a dinner roll
4. the steak itself (you can trim the fat off…)
5. a can of soda or a glass of juice or ice tea or coffee…
6. a slice of cheesecake…
Yes, it’s actually a set… and since we shared…. no pictures for us today~ We’ll have to wait till our next journey to the countryside to follow our bravest warrior to take on the challenge….. JAY!!!!!!! You are our only hope lah~~~

最後, 還記得那牆上的照片嗎? 那些其實就是一個人單獨吃完一份32或者40oz的沙朗牛排的人~ 不過你以為那麼簡單喔! 你總共需要吃掉的東西有:
1. 那盤沙拉
2. 那盤馬鈴薯泥,玉米,薯條,辣豆肉醬…
3. 一個餐包… 就.. 普通大小…
4. 牛排…
5. 飲料, 有汽水,紅茶,奶茶,果汁,咖啡可以選…
6. 一塊起士蛋糕….
對!! 沒錯!! 各位觀眾, 那是套餐… 這樣一整套吃完才能照像拉~~~ 我們是5個人一起分的, 所以… 就… 沒有上榜啦~~ 不過… 別擔心, 在不久的未來我們將會追隨著我們最強的戰士到這裡來挑戰… 他… 就… 是… JAY啦!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: The steak is only flavored with salt and pepper, so if you don’t like it that way, they do have ketchup, mustard and Tabasco… if not, feel free to bring your own BBQ sauce, steak sauce, or Worcestershire sauce… Whatever that can help you chow down the big slab of meat~~~
PS: 那個牛排只有灑上鹽還有胡椒, 所以如果你不喜歡這種美式的原味的話, 他們還有番茄醬, 芥末跟那個托巴斯克~ 不然… 你可以自己帶烤肉醬, 沙茶醬, 牛排醬, 五味醬, 瓦撒比… 幫助你登上他們的榮譽榜~~

我老是覺得那位"性慾"的教官的blog也沒有比我的精采到那裡去啊~ 但是為什麼回應他的人那麼多?

也有可能是人家人緣好, 朋友多, 所以才會有那麼多的粉絲… 好吧既然如此… 我也只有認了…
不然我們來投票好了… 我的"廣小"的讀者們, 我以後應該是寫英文還是寫中文呢? (這樣也算是個增加留言的方法吧…)

說真的寫英文比寫中文快多了… 英文打了就打了, 中文還要選字… 那個笨蛋新注音常常選的不是我要的字… 還有時候會把那個最常用的藏到最後面去… 爛爆了… 而且用livewriter寫, 還有spell check~ 所以英文真的是方便多了… 還有一個很重要的… 就是… 練習英文…

好吧, 還是要貼一些照片… 不然都是字太無聊了…

這個位子… 不曉得哪天才坐的到…    紐約的天氣… 很爛…                             他是我的委內瑞拉籍的叔叔…
P1010304 P1010312 P1010314

遠遠飛來一台 747…
P1010317 P1010318
遠遠非來一台 777… 吧….
P1010321 P1010322 P1010324
加拿大… 很大… 不過空空的…             阿拉斯加的冰河…                                可以擋紫外線的玻璃…

 P1010391 P1010350
P1010394 P1010392 P1010393 

今天是6/4… 六四天安門的不曉得第幾週年…  跟我似乎沒有什麼很大的關係…

My aunt from San Diego was in town. So was I…

So today we took her out to roam around the countryside… hehehe
First stop was Ying-Ge, famous for pottery. Haven’t been there for a while, and it looked totally different!
We walked around and I’m not sure if my aunt or my mom bought anything…
P1010398 P1010401 P1010408 P1010411
Had a bowl of tofu flower before we head to lunch in Da-Xi

We arrived at Chuan-Xiang 傳香, which Angela and I’ve been last month. The difference this time was we got to have the corn-fed chicken~ and it was yum~~
Then we walked around the main street in Da-Xi, but didn’t take any photos since I was here not too long ago, and things are still the same… Did went to the Peanut Candy place again though~
P1010416 P1010420

Our thrid stop was to Ci-Hu, where Chiang Kai Shek rests his soul… Haven’t been here for a long time too! There’s a new tourist center, with gift shop and a restaurant! and yeah, I bought something and ordered something that was out of stock… So I’ll post it after I get everything~

Inside the tourist center, there’re some interesting stuff, such as the wedding gawn and the tux worn by CKS and his wife. There’s also a video thing showing some of his life stories I think… Didn’t really take a look cuz I was eager to head to the giftshop…
P1010424 P1010426 P1010428 P1010429
There’s also a park, which all the statues of CKS that were taken down during the reign of A-Bian from schools and government offices. It’s kinda interesting I think…
P1010445 P1010448 P1010454
This is the lake, where Ci-Hu gets its name.  And this is the entrance to where you can pay your respect to his… coffin… I’m not sure why, but… how come I remember the coffin being a clear glass coffin instead of the black marble one now?

Then we headed to San-Xia, famous for… I’m not sure… There is this 89 dollar ice cream thing… Bugle shaped bread cone instead of the waffle cone or wafer cones… It was just OK… Oh yeah, they are famous for the “Taiwanese Croissant”… It’s… different… and my mom likes it…
P1010468 P1010472 P1010478 P1010483

For dinner, we went to the “Chicken Nest” 雞窩.  It’s 驥園 Ji-Yuan’s little sister… Same yummy chicken soup, but can be ordered in much smaller sizes, so it’s better when you only have 3 or 4 people for dinner. So are the other dishes too, much smaller sizes, and in turn will make you feel it’s cheaper? All these, plus a bottle of soda, for 2200 NTD, not bad lah~
P1010486 P1010490 P1010493 P1010494 P1010495 P1010501 P1010507

For the rest of the exciting pictures, please visit the full album~