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I like to shop, and I can buy anything, anywhere… I’m good like that~

So I was at the Yong-Ji market with Angela today, it was hot, but, I have been wanting to try something for a while now, and it’s only sold at this market… The scallion cake that I believe, is the same kind that was sold at all Chinese Muslim restaurants in LA… The big ass scallion cake~

P1010715 P1010717 P1010718

It was around 4pm, and there are people surrounding the place… You have to admit, the power of the media is REALLY REALLY big here in Taiwan… When I got to the shop, there were about 10-15 people standing around, waiting…  and I was told to buy “tickets” first.  Each order is 1/8 of the big round thing you see in the middle, and is 50NT each. I bought 4. Why 4, I don’t know…

My numbers were 66-69… and they were then serving number… 3… But good thing the lady told me it’ll only be around 30 minutes. Which is great, this way I could go walk around and check out other stuff~
P1010719 P1010720 P1010724

But before I go, I got these cup cakes, 10NT each, from the same shop. It’s not bad for 10NT I thought.
P1010721 P1010740P1010738

After about 30 minutes, I went back to the shop, they were already serving number 80 something~ The lady took my tickets, and quickly gave me my stuff right away~ I have to say, this is not exactly the same as the ones in LA, but close enough. The outside is crispy, and the inside is moist and soft~ A bit chewy too~ I could eat this every day!! OK, maybe not every day, but it’s pretty darn good I think~
P1010734 P1010735 P1010737

The little shop next door to the scallion cakes, is this place. This is a traditional Chinese thing, it’s like a big dumpling with stuffing that’s consists of chives, eggs, tofu, and cellophane noodles~ OR~ You can see it as a stuffed pita~ Either way, it’s something I’ve always had since I was a baby~  What’s so special about this one is that it’s not fried, or pan seared like how it’s done every where else, it’s actually just heated thru on a hot iron plate without any oil, it’s called 烙 in Chinese, I’m not sure what it is in English… Go Google it yourself…

Since it’s cooked without oil, so it’s healthier, but, if I have to compare to the baked ones I’ve had before, I actually prefer the baked ones for it’s crispy outer crust~ I’ll try to buy one next time to share it with you all~
P1010723 P1010725 P1010726 P1010727 P1010728

While we were waiting for the scallion cakes, there’s also this little tofu flower stand down the alley. Since it’s hot as hell, Angela and I each had a bowl to cool us down~ The tofu flower was silky smooth, and it’s not too sweet, the peanuts were soft, didn’t have the tapioca but didn’t hear complaints. It’s good, but no need to get out of your way to come here to have one. I’m sure there are equally good ones around your neighborhood~
P1010729 P1010731 P1010732

In the end, I actually also bought some veggies, roast chicken, fried pork chop, bamboo shoots, and some other stuff. Like I said, I like to shop, and I can buy anything anywhere…

I can have ramen every day, for the rest of my life…

When I found out that Flower Moon Blue was going to open a third store in Taipei, I wished that it would be close to my house… (First one opened up at Taipei Main Station, second one opened up at Warner Village.)

And my wish came true~~ It opened up inside the Tun-Hua Eslite, which is only about a 5 minute walk from my house! Yippie!!
This is actually my third time there this week. First time was with my mom, second time with Vivian and Tony, and this third time with Angela and Howard. Like I said, I can have ramen EVERY DAY!!!

Alright~ So this is actually the first time I’m posting this restaurant here… or… is it the second time… who cares~
The menu, typical Japanese styled menu, with pictures and great pictures~ The ramen comes in three flavors, regular, extra rich, and miso. There’s also a new one that’s suppose to come out soon… But till then… This is all you get…

Actually, no, there’s also a spicy version~ And be warned, it’s SPICY! Anyway, the regular and the extra rich all come with pork back fat and filled with garlic~ If you don’t like garlic, or pork fat, maybe you can ask them not to add it… There’s also fried rice, it comes in an iron skillet which you’ll have to do the stir-frying~

Oh, and depending on how hungry you are, you can make your rice or ramen a combo, a combo comes with a drink, and either A. Salad, B. Cha-Shu Rice, or C. Fried Chicken Nuggets.  There are also other stuff you can order on the side, gyoza, pork chop, spring roll… and something else… I can’t remember…
P1010683 P1010684 P1010685 P1010686 P1010687

On the table, you also get all kinds of condiments that you can add to your rice or noodles. There’s soy sauce, “special” soy sauce, pepper, chili oil, vinegar… There’s also this little jar… That contains… Chives! Marinated with chili sauce~ I love it~~ Add some to your noodles when you’re half way thru, and give your ramen a kick~~
P1010688 P1010689 P1010691 P1010692 P1010694

Every table has a pitcher of ice cold water~ Just like in Japan!

Angela made her a combo with the salad~ Didn’t try it, so no idea how it is…
P1010696 P1010697

Howard made his a combo with Cha-Shu Rice~ Didn’t ask how it was though~

Angela’s fried rice~ Curry flavored~ Like I said, comes in a hot skillet, you have to be quick or you’ll burn the bottom and get crispy fried rice~ hehehe~
P1010700 P1010703

I had the extra rich cha-shu ramen, and Howard had the regular ramen~ Both I’ve had before, and I like them all~
P1010701 P1010702

Goyza was simply OK, not the best I’ve had, but if you must order, go ahead~ The pork chop again, not their main thing, but still has a reasonable quality, crispy and juicy. Again, not the best, but I always order one, because… Having only ramen is soooo boring!!! hahaha~ So don’t be fooled by my excellent photo skills, it’s not as good as it looks! hahahaha~ But good enough if you have to have one~
P1010706 P1010707 P1010708

After lunch, we went over to this new place over at Chong-Xiao Lane 216.  What sets this place different from all the other ice dessert places is that they freeze soy milk and the umm… ummm…. 仙草… some Chinese herbal thing… good for summer…  Then, they make it into a sorbet~ For 50 NT, you have both the soy milk and the 仙草 sorbet, and add 4 toppings on it!  And the mango thing, that’s actually mango chunks on top of mango sorbet, and now it’s buy one and get the second one 1/2 off~

Hmm… I’m gonna go have some more later!!!
P1010709 P1010710
P1010712 P1010713

This is a commercial for the Olymus PEN.

Almost makes me want to buy one… Almost.. hehehehe~ 




YouTube – The PEN Story

09-07-04 Peter Luger

Posted: July 4, 2009 in Food and drink, US

If you like steaks, go to Peter Luger.

This is one of rare flights where I get to stay in NYC for more than 24 hours. Just so happens, one of the guys from CAL17, Richard, got a reservation at Peter Luger for a late lunch on the 4th of July. So when he asked me if I would like to go, of course I said yes!

Peter Luger, a steakhouse established in 1887, rated 4 stars by the Zagat Survey and voted the #1 steakhouse many many years in a roll, famous for their dry aged USDA Prime Porterhouse and the sizzling thick cut bacon. I’ve been wanting to try this place since I was born.. haha~ They have two locations, we went to the one in Brooklyn since it’s closest to our hotel.

After we got off the train in Brooklyn, we walked for a few minutes and then, there it is~
P1010644 P1010645 P1010646 P1010647 P1010648 P1010649 P1010650 P1010673 P1010651

We actually got there almost an hour early, but they had a few empty tables, so they sat us down right away. Which didn’t give us a chance to hang at the gentlemen’s bar~ That guy peeking in the door was Captain Dogget, yeah, he also came along~ Being an Aussie, he loves meat!

P1010652 P1010672P1010657

The menu, is short and simple, steaks for one, steaks for two, steaks for three, steaks for four… We took the waiter’s suggestion by ordering steaks for two, a rib eye steak, three strips of sizzling bacon extra thick cut , an order of sliced tomatoes and onions (to get rid of the guilt from eating all the meat and fat and grease), an order of creamed spinach, an order of German fried potatoes, and of course, a bottle of Peter Luger Napa to wash it all down~

The bread is nothing out of the ordinary, so…

P1010653 P1010654 P1010659

The wine, was actually made and bottled by Underground Inc. in Napa Valley. I’m not a big wine guy, nor do I know anything about wine, but I thought it was pretty good~ The sauce, is their famous steak sauce, goes well with the tomatoes and onions too~

P1010655 P1010656

The bacon, it was sooooooo good!!! That’s if you like bacon of course~ Very juicy, and not as salty as your supermarket bought bacons~ The tomatoes, I’m not sure what kind, but it was meaty and juicy, very good~ The onions have a little kick to it, but nothing too special.

P1010662 P1010664

Before we get to the steaks, here are some facts about your T-Bone/Porterhouse:
The bigger side, is called the strip loin, if served without the bone, it’s the New York Strip. The smaller side, the tenderloin, is also what we call the fillet mignon. The most tender cut of beef you can get without the fat~
For a steak to be qualified to as a T-Bone steak, the tenderloin must be at least 1/2 inch thick, and to be qualified as a Porterhouse, it has to be at least 1.25 inch thick.

So that’s why steak lovers love a big slab of Porterhouse! You get two cuts of steaks in one!

Alright, the steak… On the left is the rib eye, and porterhouse to the right. They pre-cut it into pieces, and they will put a few slices on your plate, and also spoon some fried potatoes and creamed spinach for you. They did it so quickly, I didn’t get a chance to get a shot of the steak in whole… Oh yeah, we had it medium rare, anything more, you’d be wasting your money!!

P1010666 P1010667 P1010668

Ok, so how does it taste? OMG! Soooooo Gooooood!!!! The waiter put a piece each on to our plate, the strip loin, fillet mignon, and rib eye. I tried the fillet mignon first… so tender… melts in your mouth… then I tried the strip loin, juicy, a bit more chewy (not in a bad way) so you feel it’s existence~ Then, the rib eye, my favorite cut of beet, YUM! Yeah, YUM! The is the best steak I have had in years!!

The creamed spinach was also very good, strongly recommend it! As for the fried potatoes… I think you can do without, but then, that’s me, maybe you might like it~

P1010669 P1010670 P1010671

Over all, if you like steaks, you should come here and give it a try~ Oh, and the service here was also very good, the waiter was friendly and always kept our wine glasses and water glasses full~ As for the price, it’s not cheap, but it is not expensive enough  that you’ll have to eat instant noodles for a month~
The bill came out to be 234.79, with tip, we rounded up to 270, so we paid 90 dollars each. It not that bad at all~ You’ll have to pay more at Ruth’s Chris in Taipei, and correct me if I’m wrong, they don’t age their beef! So I think this is well worth the price~ Oh yeah, you also get a gold coin chocolate~

Oh, one more thing, they take cash only, unless you have a Peter Luger’s credit card. So, bring CASH! hehehe~

Heading to NY in a few hours…

Peter Luger here I come!!!!!!!!