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This time, we stayed at the newly renovated Mira Hotel, formerly known as the Miramar.

The hotel is nice, it’s still being renovated, so they actually provided us with earplugs, free head massage and free drinks at the bar. But it’s actually not that bad, they don’t start construction till after 10 AM, and the noise was down to minimum, very faint, and doesn’t bother us at all~ The rooms are nicely decorated, and the service was very good, all the people working there are friendly and very helpful. I’m not sure if they were rated a 5-star hotel, and I have no idea what a 5-star hotel should be like, but I think it’s quite good for commoners like us… hahaha~ Some of the details will be in the photo album~

So, other than the usual places that we always go, Australian Milk Company, Tsui-Hua, and 許留山, we went to two new restaurants this time. West Villa 西苑 and a Chow-Zhou restaurant called 兩興. They were both quite good, and I wish I had a bigger stomach…

This trip I also bought two new toys, but that was about it…

On the way home, we were upgraded to business class for reasons unknown, but of course we gladly accepted~ Even though it’s only a short flight, but it’s still nice that you can be able to stretch out your legs without bumping into the seat in front…

For more details of this trip, go to the photo album~

Oh, and let me talk a bit about the food at the “Liang-Xing” chow-zhou seafood restaurant. Our comment was that it’s similar to Taiwanese food, and the dishes we ordered, all came with dipping sauces, the dishes itself doesn’t really have a lot of taste to it, but the dipping sauces made it yummy. It’s an interesting experience, and I would go back again, or try other chow-zhou restaurants~

As for the food at West Villa, it’s a bit over priced. The bbq pork was yummy and so was the roasted piglet, but since Angela doesn’t eat much, and Andy only had a few pieces… It was too much for me to handle, cuz after the 5th or 6th piece… it ain’t so good anymore… haha~ But overall, it’s not bad, and I would go back again, with a bunch of people~

P1020037 P1020043 P1020053 P1020071 P1020094 P1020105 P1020130 P1020137 P1020154 P1020172 P1020187 P1020203 P1020215

OK, Dragon Inn, a dumpling place. I like the name, Dragon Inn, nice~

We were going to have spicy hot pot noodles today, but on our way there, Alan mentioned about this place, since I never been, and most importantly, it’s easier to find parking, we headed to today’s restaurant of choice, Dragon Inn 龍門客棧.

It’s not a fancy place, don’t have neon lights flashing either, but it has it’s own style and feel to it.

It got an open kitchen to the right of the entrance, big buckets of boiling water for cooking noodles and dumplings~
To the left of the entrance, is where you order your “Lu-Cai” 滷菜, they have lots… from pig tongue to tofu skin~
P1010957 P1010952 P1010961

Inside the restaurant, it’s… a combination of lots of old stuff… and it’s packed too~
P1010926 P1010949 P1010950

This is the lu-wei I ordered, got a bit of everything… it’s actually a pretty big plate~ And of course I ordered the peanuts, I love peanuts!!! It’s the kind that was marinated, but not too salty, and not too soft~ The lu-wei was all pretty good I thought, nothing spectacular, it’s home style cooking for Chinese refugee descendents in Taiwan… Yeah, that’s what I’m gonna refer to myself from now on… hahahaha!!!
P1010927 P1010930 P1010932

This is Egg Drop Beef Soup 牛肉蛋花湯, got eggs, cabbage in it. Soup is just like your beef noodle soup, pretty good I thought. Not dead salty (死鹹), and won’t make you thirsty either.
P1010934 P1010936

50 dumplings, what a sight~ It’s pork and cabbage stuffing. It’s the only choice you have… Not sure if the skin was handmade, but it’s pretty good~ Putting it next to the other stuff and you can see, yeah, it’s a pretty damn big plate~
P1010937 P1010939 P1010940

OK, the pork chop was a bit disappointing… It’s more of a Japanese styled fried pork chop… I was expecting something different… The dry beef noodles, no stock was added to it, so it’s just the sauce from the beef stew. Not too bad, but won’t miss out on anything if you don’t try it.
P1010943 P1010945

Overall, this is a pretty good place to try, that’s if you like dumplings of course. I’m sure there are better ones out there, but then, taste really is a personal thing…

Andy reminded me today that I haven’t been posting anything for a while now…

Come to think of it… Yeah, I haven’t really been to any new restaurants… actually, new restaurants that impresses me enough to make it on my blog… hahaha~ (the real reason is I got lazy…) Alright, I’ll find some time to post some new ones up in here…

And me not posting any new toys… doesn’t mean I didn’t buy any new toys… As a matter of fact… I bought a bunch of toys lately… as some of you may know… I’m freaking obsessed with Mazinger… Mazinger Z… Great Mazinger…  One of these days, I shall share my newly acquired collections…

Here’s a little preview…

This is the new ramen from 花月嵐. Soup base is still pork bones, but this time they added chicken also, so the soup is lighter in texture, but still has a layer of pork back fat on it, and flavored with soy sauce. The fried potato wedges was free, because the new ramen is called 新太郎 (xin tai lang), and the promotion was that if you have any of the three characters 新太郎 (or same pronunciation) and order the new ramen, you get a free order of fried potatoes~  Actually, I didn’t know till after I ordered… It was a very fine print on a little piece of plastic card…
IMG_1209 IMG_1212

This is just the maintenance guy cleaning my side of the windshield… so exciting…

OK, this is some of the new stuff I bought recently…
IMG_1214 IMG_1215 IMG_1216

To be continued…