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Last night was a revisit of Xin-Hua… 昨天重返新華…

I had hotpot in mind when I picked out this restaurant today. Xin-Hua is known for their Cantonese dishes, but they do offer hotpots in the winter. Since it’s Cantonese/Hong Kong style cuisine, the most famous soup base would be curry… Anyway… that’ll have to wait till next time, since no one but me wanted to have hotpot…
我本來是想吃火鍋的, 因為雖然他們是個”菜館,” 但是他們冬天的時候也有港式火鍋. 不過昨天除了我之外, 沒有人想吃火鍋…

So here’s what we had last night:

Noodles, well, it’s just noodles with some chives and sprouts, it’s a classic Cantonese dish, and they do a pretty good job here.
The beef is just blanched in boiling water, on a bed of sprouts with a chili soy sauce. Good every time~
DSC00846 DSC00847
干燒依麵, 味道還不錯, 港式餐廳通常都會有的一道菜. 這裡做的算是標準八~
白灼肥牛, 之前就叫過的菜. 牛肉片在滾水涮過, 底下鋪著銀芽, 沾醬是生辣椒醬油. 簡單卻好吃的一道菜.

The garlic frog dish is prepared in a clay pot, with whole cloves of garlic. The frog was very tender, and the garlic was soft and sweet, it’s very nicely done I thought. I’d order again. Yeah, it tastes like chicken~
The fried chicken was dipped in a fermented tofu sauce batter. However, the flavors are not very distinctive, can’t really taste the fermented tofu… It’s not bad, but I would prefer their other fried chicken dish that we had last time.
DSC00848 DSC00849
蒜子田雞堡, 田雞很嫩, 蒜頭軟甜, 很好吃的一道菜~
南乳炸雞, 這道菜我覺得沒有什麼南乳味… 不難吃, 不過我比較喜歡他們的炸子雞.

Beef and cellophane noodles with Chinese BBQ sauce in a clay pot. The BBQ sauce was not overpowering, but just enough so you know it’s in there. I liked it.
The fried rice is still good, and I’m not sure if I mentioned it last time, it’s not oily like some other places. So if you don’t like oily fried rice, give it a try.
DSC00850 DSC00851
沙茶牛肉粉絲堡, 沙茶放的剛好, 不會太強, 味到剛好~
鹹魚雞粒炒飯, 還是一樣炒得乾鬆, 不會油油的, 喜歡吃炒飯的, 應該會喜歡~

We ordered these two dishes the last time we were here also. However, this time, they ran out of the smaller river shrimps, so they made it with the larger prawn instead. But of course, the number of shrimps decreases as the size of the shrimp increases~
DSC00853 DSC00855
金沙蝦還有百花油條之前來都有點過, 唯一不同的是, 這次他們沒有沙蝦了, 所以用草蝦代替. 不過當然啦, 蝦子變大了, 數量就少囉~ 只有8隻. 還有就是, 我還是覺得他們可以把蝦子炸得再酥一點點…

The steamed meatloaf with egg yolk is a good dish to go with rice. There is a small difference between this one, and the ones we make at home, it’s not so much chewy but more like a springy yet firm texture. I guess it’s probably because they play around with the ground meat more than we do at home. By playing around I mean they probably slap it around to get more “elasticity” out of the meat, not thing pornographic…
DSC00857 DSC00858
蛋黃蒸肉餅, 這是一道簡單又下飯的菜. 他們這裡應該是有把絞肉摔打過, 讓他的筋度出來, 所以口感比較Q. 喔, 還有蛋黃不是鹹蛋黃. 就這樣…

I’m gonna try their hotpot next time…

Lunch was Japanese, so, dinner, Chinese.

This is a restaurant I had heard about a while ago. It’s right next to Liz’s house and famous for their Number One Pot. Which is a soup with a bunch of expensive ingredients and costs 11000nt per pot. Of course, we didn’t order that… Not that the thought didn’t cross my mind…
這又是一家我很久以前就聽過, 不過一直沒有去的餐廳. 他們最有名的應該就是他們的一品鍋吧~ 我是有想過要點啦… 不過一鍋一萬一…

The following dishes were for 8 people. If it were at any other restaurant, we can probably finish it, but here at this restaurant, the portions are huge! So we left with big ass doggie bags…
這餐我們有8個人, 每道菜的單獨照片可能看不出來, 但是每道菜都很大份, 我們走的時候打包了兩大袋…

The bamboo shoots, dried tofu, kimchee were all pretty good I thought, but nothing out of the ordinary. Decent, but can live without.
DSC00791 DSC00792 DSC00795
桌上有六盤小菜, 這是要錢的. 我們留了3樣. 筍子還不錯, 泡菜也不錯, 豆干很好吃. 不過都還沒有到不吃會有遺憾的境界~

These three little dishes are condiments, the orange sauce, which is kinda of a sweet and sour sauce, more sour than sweet, it’s for the pig feet that we ordered. The chunk of fermented tofu was for anything you want, smells good, tasted good too~ The other one is a mixture of radish, chili, and fermented soy beans. I liked it too~ Goes great with the stir fry radish cakes~
The last one is a cup of chili pepper in vinegar, for the liver from the combination plate of stewed stuff.
DSC00793 DSC00794 DSC00797
這幾樣東西都是用來提味的. 橘色的是酸酸帶一滴滴甜的醬, 用來沾豬腳的. 豆腐乳很香, 很好吃~ 如果你吃得比較鹹, 沾點這個, 很好吃~ 那盤蘿蔔乾豆豉辣椒是老闆自己做的, 很好吃喔~ 拿來加進炒蘿蔔糕, 美味~ 最後那碗泡著辣椒的醋, 是用來沾滷味拼盤裡面的豬肝的. 我喜歡~

The stew combo. It’s got beef, tripe, pig ears, intestines, and liver. I think they were all excellent~ All had enough flavor and cooked just right~ It was actually rated number one in Taiwan by one of the gourmet writer/food critic~ I wouldn’t go as far as calling it the number one in Taiwan, but it’s high up there~
The pig hock, feet, leg, whatever you want to call it, was excellent too. But I’m biased, since I love pig feet~ It was very tender, and the lean part still retained it moisture, didn’t dry out, and the skin part was soft, not chewy, and not oily I thought. I’m thinking about ordering these two dishes for Chinese New Year~~
DSC00796 DSC00798 DSC00800
滷味拼盤, 拼了五種, 牛腱, 牛肚, 豬肝, 豬耳朵, 還有滷大腸. 某位朱姓美食家老前輩曾經說過這裡的滷味是全台第一, 我沒有吃過全台的滷味, 不過我想, 這個絕對是前幾名~ 真得很好吃, 滷的很入味, 然後每樣東西的又都有該有的口感~ 愛吃滷味的, 一定要試試看~ 讚啦!
豬腳好像也是他們的招牌, 我不曉得他們是怎麼處理的, 整隻豬腳煮的軟爛, 肥的部份不會油膩, 瘦的部分軟嫩不會乾柴. 直接吃, 或者沾醬吃都很好吃~~ 我現在在慎重的考慮今年農曆年來跟他們定這兩道菜~ 尤其那個豬腳骨頭還可以拿來燉湯燉白菜~~ 划得來~

The next dish is pickled mustard leaves with tofu skin. It’s just the two combined and flavored with a bit of salt, that’s it, but that’s the way it’s suppose to be. It’s one of my favorite dish since childhood. However, here, it’s more moist than most of the other places, and is warm where as many other places would prepare it as a cold appetizer.
The soup… It’s gigantic. We didn’t know till it came to the table… It’s a huge pot with a whole chicken in it. On the top layer, it had bamboo shoots, giant pieces of cabbage and Chinese ham. The bamboo shoots were crisp and sweet, the cabbage, was trimmed so that only the stem/heart of the leaf is kept. From the size of it, it must’ve been a huge cabbage~ The soup was very clear and light, unlike 驥園, where they have it white and rich.
DSC00802 DSC00803 DSC00804
雪菜百葉是一道我從小吃到大的菜. 很多地方的作法是涼拌, 這裡的作法是熱炒, 帶了一點的高湯, 不需要多餘的調味, 我喜歡~
雞湯… 他的正式菜名好像是… 火腿雞煨白菜… 還是什麼… 我也忘了… 裡面有一整隻雞, 然後上層有很多的筍子, 還有白菜, 還有金華火腿. 筍子甜脆, 湯很清澈, 最特別的是那個白菜. 那個白菜很像很大片的榨菜的感覺, 應該說, 就是白菜心, 但是超級大片! 普通的白菜如過去除了葉子的部份, 那個梗的部份通常沒有那麼大片, 這裡的很大, 然後吃起來不會軟爛, 還保有一點口感. 我覺得很好吃~ 湯是清澈的, 不像驥園那種白色濃郁的湯頭, 比較清爽, 但是不代表無味.

The other veggie dish was sponge cucumber cooked in broth. Nothing spectacular, but it’s always good to eat more veggies~
The stir-fried radish cake was just radish cake with eggs, bean sprouts, chives and some chili. I liked it too~ It’s a bit different from the Cantonese style of the same dish, but how different… I guess it’s not as heavily salted as the Cantonese style~
DSC00805 DSC00807 DSC00812
絲瓜沒有什麼特別的地方, 不過多吃蔬菜對身體好~
南洋炒蘿蔔糕很好吃~ 就是蘿蔔糕跟蛋, 豆芽, 韭菜, 辣椒絲一起炒. 跟港式不一樣的地方是, 港式通常會放入XO醬一起拌炒, 所以味道比較重, 這個比較清淡, 吃起來比較沒有負擔~ 如果你口味比較重, 配上一點豆腐乳或者那個豆豉蘿蔔乾會很讚~~

The fish. This is a sea fish, weighs over a kilo. Steamed, and dressed with ginger, green onions, chili, and cilantro. It had a lot of meat, and it was not over cooked so the meat was still moist. This is one of the only two dishes that we finished, since it won’t be good if it’s heated again~

DSC00810 DSC00811
這條魚是條海魚. 名叫花面魚的樣子, 因為它臉上有一條一條的斑紋. 兩斤多, 超大一隻. 蒸的剛好, 不會過老, 肉有彈性, 很好吃~ 這道菜是我們唯二的其中一道有吃完的, 因為這個帶回去加熱就不好吃了~~

Fried shrimp balls. I think it was covered with dried bread crumbs, actually, not, it was more like little chunks of dried toast, so that it’s light and crunchy on the outside. It is also a good dish, and thank God there was only 10 balls… This is the other dish that we cleaned up~~
That’s all we ordered. Then, the waitress brought over a big ass plate and said it’s a complimentary dish from the owner/chef. It’s a plate of BIG chunks of liver!!! Each chunk was about the size of a 6 oz steak!! ok… maybe 4 oz… But still, as you can probably see from the last picture, each piece was about the size of my palm, and about half an inch thick! It was cooked with ginger and soy sauce, and it was cooked just enough, so that it’s cooked through but not enough that the texture becomes dense and mushy. Good dish indeed, and even though I’m already full, I still had a big chunk of it~
DSC00814 DSC00815 DSC00816
這個蝦球也滿好吃的, 外面我覺得應該有裹一層乾吐司碎塊之類的東西, 所以外層是脆的~ 這是我們另外一道有吃完的東西, 因為只有10顆~~
以上就是所有的菜… 然後… 那個小姐又端上一大盤炒豬肝說是老闆招待~~~~ 這盤豬肝裡面的每一塊都超級大!!! 大約有個一公分多的厚度, 然後大約有巴掌大… 嚇死人了~~ 老闆就是拿來跟薑片炒, 炒得剛好, 裡面熟了, 但是還保持豬肝爽脆的的口感, 很好吃咧~~ 所以雖然我已經飽了, 我還是吃了一大塊~~


I asked the owner at the end of the meal, if anyone ever finished all their dishes at the restaurant, and he said, there are a few… over a 26-year span at this current location… I have to say, this is a nice restaurant to go with A LOT of people. All there dishes were good, I especially liked the stew combo, pig feet, radish cake and the free liver~ Just be aware that if you have 8 people at the table, order as if you would normally order for 6, but if you are like Jay and I, just order whatever you want, there are always doggie bags!!
結論是, 這裡的東西都滿好吃的, 屬於比較清淡的口味. 我自己特別喜歡他們的滷味, 豬腳, 炒蘿蔔糕, 還有那盤老板送的豬肝. 這裡適合很多人來吃, 因為菜的份量真得很大, 但是如果你跟我一樣秉持著, 不怕吃不完, 打包帶走就好的理念的話, 那就盡情的點吧!!!!

I have never been to Hokkaido…

I really like Japanese food, a lot. The restaurant we went today is owned by cousin Wang’s friend, name unknown. I think I should go with him next time, so I can know the owner also in order for me to get some sa-vi-su without cousin Wang~~
日本料理一直都是我的最愛. 今天去的”北海道食堂”是一筆殺朋友開的. 本來叫做御藏, 後來重新開募變成專攻北海道食材的日本料理店.

Anyway, let me get on with the food. 來看看我們今天吃了什麼吧~~

DSC00759 DSC00762 DSC00763

Hokkaido oysters, YUM!!! Sweet and tasted like milk!! Big plump juicy oyster!!
The assorted sashimi had salmon, water octopus, clam, and two type of fish that I can’t remember. All were very good. The wasabi was freshly grated, not the powder paste kind~~
The salad had lettuce, sprouts, okra, corn, and tomatoes. Maybe some onions… Dressing was Japanese, sesame vinaigrette. The corn was sweet, didn’t realized there was tomatoes till now… Lettuce was crisp~ Don’t like okra… slimy… ewwweee…
DSC00764 DSC00766 DSC00767
北海道生牡蠣, 一個字, 讚! 兩個字, 讚啦!! 三個字, 真的讚!!! 海裡的牛奶不是浪得虛名的~
五品綜合刺身, 來了六樣, 有鮭魚, 水章魚, 某種貝類, 還有兩個我不記得什麼名字但是很好吃的魚~~
和風沙拉裡面有嘔心的秋葵, 北海道玉米, 蕃茄, 生菜, 還有好像是目宿芽的東西, 和風醬. 全部都很新鮮~

Fried oysters was good too, not sure what the sauce was, it’s kinda like the pork chop sauce, but not as strong…
Fried tofu was very good, instead of regular tofu, they use egg tofu instead. The dashi was good too, not too salty, yet it gives enough flavor. Lots of dried bonito shreds too~
The special don of the day had a prawn tempura, “cucumber fish” tempura, snow crab leg tempura, snow crab claw tempura, and a shiso leaf tempura. I have no idea what that fish was, but it’s very good fish~ Prawn, crab were all good, so was the rice~
DSC00768 DSC00769 DSC00770
炸牡蠣 – 我個人比較喜歡吃生的, 不過這個炸的也很好吃, 不會炸得太老, 還保有鮮美多汁的口感. 那個沾醬我不是很確定是什麼, 有點像豬排醬, 不過沒有那麼重的味道, 比較清爽.
炸豆腐用的是蛋豆腐, 很好吃, 外層有包一些柴魚片. 高湯的味道也很好. 跟台北其他的店比起來, 可以算是前幾名.
今天特選的天井裡面有明蝦, 黃瓜魚, 毛蟹腳, 毛蟹鉗, 還有一片紫蘇葉. 蝦很大, 蟹肉多, 紫蘇香, 不過讓我比較感興趣的是這個黃瓜魚~ 很嫩, 肉很細, 很好吃~ 醬汁不會太鹹不會太甜, 飯煮得好~

Fried “water octopus” tentacles. It was excellent, with their own tartar sauce~ YUM! That’s if you like chewy stuff like me~
The beef was very good too, tender, still raw in the middle with a little wasabi on top, I believe the sauce is a sweet soy sauce…
The seafood don had tamago yaki, salmon, two other fish, a botan shrimp, uni, and salmon roe. All of the ingredients were very fresh, rice was excellent, I like it over the one in Nei-Hu. One thing though… I think I ordered the regular seafood don which is like 350 or something… But I think this one is the “special” seafood don, cuz it had uni in it… So I’m not sure if they brought the wrong one, or they gave us a free upgrade~ hehehe~
DSC00773 DSC00774 DSC00777
炸水章魚腳 – 很Q, 塔塔醬很清爽. 因為我個人的喜好的問題, 我很喜歡這個~
那個牛肉, 我忘了菜名, 反正就是外面烤過一下, 裡面還是生的牛肉切片. 上面放了一小陀新鮮山葵, 沾醬我覺得是甜醬油之類的東西. 肉很嫩, 很好吃~ 配上一點生洋蔥絲, 棒~
海鮮井這個海鮮井~~ 裡面有一隻牡丹蝦, 海膽, 鮭魚卵, 鮭魚, 蛋, 還有兩種魚我完全記不起來是什麼… 我覺得比內湖那家好吃, 因為這個飯好吃多了~ 不過我記得好像只有特製海鮮井裏面才有海膽… 但是他送上來的時候又說這個是海鮮井沒錯… 所以我不曉得是因為一筆沙的關係還是他們弄錯, 我後來付帳也沒有看帳單… 如果以三百多的價錢, 這個算是很物超所值的, 比內湖那個還要好太多了~~~

The grilled fish is a type of fish from Hokkaido. 犒花魚. Instead of grilling it straight out of the water, it was actually gutted and cleaned then air dried over night, a common way to prepare fish in Japan. It was big, as you can see, but you can order half. It was very juicy, and the flesh was delicate. Excellent fish~
Uni – Sea urchin. I didn’t have this one, but I am sure it was good~ Yes, it’s from Hokkaido.

DSC00780 DSC00782
這個犒花魚一夜干真的是很好吃~~~ 肉很細, 又多汁~而且很大條~~~~ 三個棒~~
海膽軍艦我沒有吃, 因為我的海鮮井裡面有了~ 這個海膽雖然沒有我以前吃過那麼的大坨~ 但是他的味道還是很濃郁, 很甜, 沒有怪味, 這個才是海中的牛奶啊!!!! 到底是牡蠣是海中的牛奶還是海膽啊?!!

The grilled chicken meat stick thingy had chopped up cartilage in it. So you get two textures, tender meat with crunchy cartilage. I like it this way~ and comes in three flavors, original, cheese, and plum. I liked them all~
The dark colored balls on the skewer was cow tongue. I’m not really sure how they made it, but it was crunchy on the outside~ I’ll find out why next time I go~ and it was also pretty good btw.
DSC00785 DSC00790
這個軟骨雞肉棒組就是雞絞肉裡面混著剁碎的雞軟骨, 吃起來還可以吃到軟骨脆脆的口感, 好好吃喔~~~ 那這道菜咧, 有三個口味, 原味, cheese, 還有梅子, 都很好吃~ 沾不沾那個七味粉我覺得都沒有差拉~ 不過我覺得如果沾點柚子胡椒應該會很不錯~
這個黑黑的牛舌丸串看起來好像會很鹹, 其實不會, 不過詭異的不是這個, 是它外面有脆脆的口感, 又不像是肉烤的脆脆的那樣… 然後肉丸中間很軟, 跟我想像的不太一樣咧~ 算是充滿了驚喜的一品.

The last two dishes were complimentary of the owner. Bream roe and a tuna spring roll.
The roe was on top of a bed of kelp, the sauce, I can’t remember, but I think it was kinda like a ponzu sauce. The roe itself was a bit dry, but more delicate I thought. It would be good with beer~
The spring roll is kinda like those Vietnamese rolls. It had veggies, tuna, flying fish eggs, and maybe something else, I’m not sure… The sauce was a pinkish color… didn’t have enough to find out what it was… It’s light as in not heave on your taste buds. Makes a good appetizer~
DSC00786 DSC00787
最後這兩個是老闆招待, 鯛魚卵, 還有… ㄟ.. 鮪魚生菜捲. 鯛魚卵很細緻的口感, 有點乾, 不過配上一點海帶芽, 還滿不賴的~ 這個春捲咧, 就很像越南那種生春捲, 裡面包的是鮪魚, 飛魚卵, 生菜, 可能還有別的吧, 但是今天我東西都是沒有仔細看就丟到嘴巴裏面了, 所以… 哈哈哈~ 醬汁是有點粉紅的東西… 沒有沾很多, 所以我也不曉得是什麼~~

Overall, I’d recommend it to anyone who likes Japanese food. It has a little of everything, with all the ingredients from Hokkaido. Another thing is, you can spend a lot, but you can also spend a little, depends on what you order. A donburi starts at only 140nt, with maybe a couple of sticks of yaki tori, or even a grilled fish, you can get full without spending too much. If you order a bunch of stuff like we did, prepare to spend around 1000 per person. For all the food we had, I think it’s not too bad lah~
這家店裡面大部分的食材都是從北海到來的, 生的, 烤的, 炸的, 煮的, 鍋物, 都有, 比較類似居酒屋的感覺. 如果你喜歡日本料理, 又喜歡什麼都來一點, 你應該會喜歡這裡. 價錢咧, 看你怎麼點, 最便宜的親子井, 加兩串烤的東西, 或烤個秋刀魚, 不會花掉你太多錢. 不過如果你像我們今天這樣亂點, 什麼都來一點, 那一個人1000以上跑不掉. 不過看在東西都是從北海到來得份上, 可以接受啦~~~

Second time LO in Miami, same shitty schedule…

The difference this time is that I made it out to the other side of the eight-lane street to get me some South American food~ Actually, I was going to search for the paella that a captain told me last time I was here, but instead, I ended up in Argentina Steak House, having a rib eye steak by myself, and then bought a Tacu-Tacu from El Pollo Inka couple doors down to take back to the hotel.
這次來邁阿密還是一樣只有停留20多個小時, 下午到, 第二天下午走. 哪也不能去, 但是我不甘心! 所以我就跑去旅館對面的一個plaza裡面找東西吃. 本來是要找的是西班牙海鮮飯… 因為上次老闆跟我說對面有家阿根廷餐廳賣的海鮮飯很好吃, 不過…

Alright, let me get on with the steak house first~ Argentina Steak House, obviously, it’s Argentinean, duh~ Last time I saw an Argentinean anything was in downtown Amsterdam. There were loads of Argentinean steak houses over there, but I didn’t try it then. I actually went into this restaurant by mistake, cuz the captain told me, he had the paella in an Argentinean restaurant… but when I saw the menu, nope, no paella here! That’s ok though, since I love steak! So I ordered a rib eye steak, with fried eggs and something I really don’t know… it was in Spanish, kinda sounded like polenta, but I know it ain’t it… could be plantain, but it tasted more like yam… Does anyone know? I also ordered a glass of sangria to complete my meal~
當我站在這家阿根廷餐廳外面的時候, 我就有懷疑了, 因為他寫著牛排館兩個大字… 這裡會有海鮮飯嗎? 進去坐下看了餐單之後, 果然… 不過因為我是肉食主義者, 所以我一點都沒有失望~ 我愛牛排啦! 所以我就點了一客肋眼牛排加上兩個荷包蛋還有…. 一個炸物… 我真的不曉得是什麼, 因為menu是西班牙文… 吃起來有點像是番薯… 但是又好像不是… 喔, 我還點了一杯sangria~

The steak was good, seasoned with salt and pepper, grilled to medium rare, yum! but what makes it Argentinean, was the chimichurri sauce. It’s a mixture of herbs, lime juice (or vinegar), garlic, parsley, shallots, bail, thyme, oregano, and olive oil. It’s suppose to be a condiment that goes with most of the Argentinean grilled meat dishes. I guess it’s because the lime juice and the herbs made the greasy steak lighter on your taste buds, kinda refreshes your palette, so you won’t feel sick towards the end of your meal from all that meat~ (according to wikipedia, Argentineans consumes an average of 67.7 kilos of beef per capita in 2007, with an average of 100 kilo since the beginning of time~ THAT’S A LOT OF BEEF!) Oh, the sangria was good too~ haha~ and the fried yellow thing, I still don’t know what it is… I’m just gonna stick it with yam…
牛排很好吃. 他是火烤的, 用了鹽還有胡椒調味, 三分熟~ 我唾棄吃7分熟以上的人! 不過既然這個是家阿根廷餐廳, 總要有個不一樣的地方, 那就是牛排的醬. Chimichurri 是一個阿根廷傳統烤肉配的沾醬, 他是用各種香草, 大蒜, 檸檬汁, 還有橄欖油做成的. 配上烤的油滋滋的肉可以減低肉的油膩感, 讓你的味蕾保持清新~ 我只有吃出來橄欖油, 大蒜, 檸檬, 九層塔, 還有好像有一絲絲薄荷的味道. (根據調查阿根廷人一年平均會吃到100公斤的牛肉… 我很有可能是阿根廷人的後裔…)  牛排, 蛋, 不知名炸物 (雖然不曉得他到底是什麼, 不過他很好吃咧) 配上一杯sangria~ 讚啦! 這樣就是愛歹灣啦~~~

DSC00739 DSC00729 DSC00726 DSC00734DSC00731 DSC00732 DSC00735

So after my meal, I was happy, and I walked past this other restaurant a couple doors down, El Pollo Inka. From the name, I guess it’s chicken something… then I saw the sign says, Peruvian food. Hmmm… I have never had that before either! So I went in, grabbed a menu and started talking to the waiter. They have a lot of stuff on the menu, but it’s mainly separated into three different categories, ceviches, grilled meats, and Tacu-Tacu. I’ve had ceviches, and I just had a grilled steak, but I never had Tacu-Tacu before! So I decided to get one to go for dinner~
吃完我的牛排之後, 我經過了另外一家店, 叫做 El Pollo Inka… 我只曉得pollo是雞的西班牙文… 所以並沒有很吸引我, 不過他的招牌的另外一邊寫著秘魯菜… 秘魯菜… 秘魯菜… 然後下一秒我已經在櫃台看他們的菜單還有跟一個服務生講話了… 餐單上大概就是分三大類ceviches(我不曉得這個東西中文叫什麼… 基本上就是用檸檬汁還有其他東西醃過的生的海鮮), 烤肉, 還有Tacu-Tacu. 我吃過ceviches, 我才剛吃了一塊烤牛排, 不過這個tacu-tacu是什麼咧?!!! 我決定今天的晚餐就是這個東西了~

Tacu-Tacu, is an Afro Peruvian dish. It’s a pan fried rice dish with seasoned beans mix in the rice. It’s then served with pretty much anything from fried eggs to foie gras. What I had ordered was the Tacu Tacu A La Crema De Mariscos. In English… a seafood cream sauce. There’re shrimp, squid, octopus, and mussels in it.  It’s umm… hard to tell what they put in the sauce to make it yellow, I’m guessing it’s turmeric… cuz there’s not a very distinctive flavor in it… can’t be saffron either since the color is just yellow… but then again…
Tacu-Tacu算是個很普遍的祕魯菜的樣子. 他就是飯裡面加入豆子, 拌均之後在鍋裡面煎過一遍, 所以外面會有點脆脆的, 然後配上各式的配菜, 從荷包蛋到鵝肝都有. 我叫的咧, 是tacu-tacu配上綜合海鮮. 海鮮的醬汁黃黃的, 我猜可能是薑黃粉吧… 不太可能是蕃紅花… 應該… 不是…

As for the tacu-tacu, it’s got a sorta crispy outer shell, and the inside had beans and green onions. The beans were seasoned, so by itself, it’s already got some taste to it. It also came with “salsa de aji”, made with Aji chili (which makes it Peruvian), it’s spicy! Not sure what else is in it though… I guess I could go on to find out… maybe later…  How does it taste? It’s quite interesting for sure, I think it’s good, but not very exciting. It’s kinda disappointing in a way, cuz I was expecting something totally different, something I’ve never had before, something… EXOTIC!
這個tacu-tacu吃來還滿好吃的, 豆子有先調味過, 然後還有混了一些青蔥在裡面, 配上醬汁, 滿不錯的, 然後再配一點salsa de aji, 一個用秘魯aji辣椒做成的醬, 很辣, 不過整個配起來, 還滿好吃的咧~ 不過雖然好吃是好吃… 總是少了那麼點”異國的感覺”… 所以讓我有點失望… 畢竟我是抱著嘗試新鮮東西的心情來吃的… 這道菜對我來說… 就是少了那麼點驚喜的感覺…

DSC00736 DSC00746 DSC00747 DSC00745 DSC00740 DSC00744DSC00743 DSC00748

Alright, so this ends my food tour for today. Leaving late in the afternoon tomorrow, so maybe, just maybe I’ll go try something else for lunch tomorrow~
班表改了, 明天變成5點多才起飛, 所以如果我起的來的話, 我還要在去對面看看還有什麼好吃的東西!! 先這樣吧~

2010 New year’s resolution, eat more, sleep more, play more, buy more…
2010年新年新希望, 吃更多, 睡更多, 玩更多, 買更多…

Ryan wanted to have dinner together today, so I picked today’s restaurant, 新華港式菜館 – Xin-Hua Cantonese restaurant. I have been there before, and I like their dishes, and it’s pretty cheap… well, not cheap cheap, but won’t make a dent in your wallet. Actually, I should say… most of my friends are tight on money cuz they all bought new houses, and I don’t want to buy every one dinner… so… hahahahaha!!!
今天這篇比較短, 可以有中文… 雷恩找吃飯, 想吃炒菜的, 我就訂了之前去過的新華. 因為他的菜除了好吃之外, 他又便宜, 因為…大家最近都背著沉重的貸款, 所以我要替大家想想… 不過就這次, 下次我就不敢保證了… 其實應該說… 大家手頭都比較緊, 因為大家都買了房子… 那我又不想請客… 所以… 哈哈哈哈哈哈!!!!!!

This restaurant only open from 1730 till 0200, for dinner and late night gatherings. It’s recommended to make reservations in advance, as they are usually packed for dinner hours. Actually, if you ever walk past it, you’ll never think this would be a place that you’ll have to make reservation for… but trust me… you’d better…
這家不是很起眼的店只開晚上5點半到凌晨兩點, 如果是想晚餐時間去的話強烈建議要訂位. 不然就慢慢的等八…

OK, let’s get on with the dishes:

From left to right: 例湯 soup of the day, 白灼肥牛 blanched beef brisket, 脆皮炸雞 crispy fried chicken
DSC00719 DSC00715 DSC00717
The soup had chicken feet, pork, some kind of a melon/squash, chestnut, and some other thing I can’t recognize… As with more quality Cantonese restaurants, the daily soup is usually a good choice~ The beef was tender and cooked just right, the sauce is just freshly chopped chili pepper with soy sauce. There are some bean sprouts underneath it to go with the beef. The chicken, it doesn’t look like anything, but it’s actually a great dish~ The skin is crispy, the meat is tender, even the breasts, and not oily at all~
港式餐廳, 例湯通常不會讓人失望, 今天的湯裡面有豬肉, 雞腳, 佛手瓜, 栗子, 還有其他我不曉得是什麼的東西… 白灼肥牛, 肉很嫩, 燙的剛好, 還保有一點點粉紅色, 下面墊著銀芽, 沾著辣椒醬油吃, 鮮美~ 炸雞, 乍看不怎樣, 但是吃在嘴裡, 肉嫩, 連雞胸肉都是嫩的, 皮還保持脆脆的, 沾點椒鹽, 是一道有水準的菜~

金沙蝦 deep fried shrimp covered in salted egg yolk, 鹹魚雞粒炒飯 fried rice with chicken and salted fish, XO醬百花油條 shrimp stuffed crispy dough stir fried with XO sauce.
DSC00720 DSC00721 DSC00722
The shrimp, it’s good, but if I want to be picky, they should have deep fried it in high heat for a bit longer, to get the shell a bit more crispier, and a little more egg yolk crust would be even better~ However, even as it is, it’s still good. The fried rice was very good too, one of the better fried rice I’ve had anywhere in Taipei. As for the 百花油條, if you never had it before, it’s just 油條 (fried dough) stuffed with fresh shrimp paste, deep fried, then stir-fry it with XO sauce. XO sauce is a sauce made with dried shrimp, scallop, chili, and some spices, every brand/restaurant is a bit different. It’s spicy to taste with flavors of dried scallop and shirmp. 新華 made this dish very well, as the fried dough is still very crispy, and shrimp paste is fresh~ If you like this dish, try it here, you won’t be disappointed.
金沙蝦如果真的要挑剔的話, 我覺得他可以用大火在炸酥點, 然後那個”金沙”, 鹹蛋黃抹多一點~ 不過還是好吃啦, 可以吃到蝦子的甜~ 炒飯, 這個炒飯是我在台北吃到最好吃的炒飯之一! 飯鬆鬆的, 炒得很香, 安琪拉說應該是因為他們飯煮的好~ 因為他們的白飯也是粒粒分明. 百花油條, 如果你喜歡這道菜, 那你要來這裡試試看. 這裡的油條酥脆, 蝦泥Q脆, 加上了XO醬裡干貝跟蝦米的香氣與辣味, 很好吃~

豉汁蒸肉排 steamed pork ribs in black bean sauce, 八寶豆腐堡 seafood tofu stew
The ribs is a very simple dish, it’s just pork ribs steamed with a simple black bean sauce. It’s a great dish to go with rice~ The tofu stew, you’ll see more seafood than tofu! There’s clam, squid, shirmp, fish, pork liver, snow peas, and carrots. It’s another good dish to go with rice~ Actually, most of the dishes here are good with rice or beer, or both!  There were two more dishes that I forgot to take pics of, 腐乳空心菜 and 椒鹽鮮魷. Both were good dishes too~ We finished every dish up, just short of licking the plate clean. The bill was 3000, with a guava juice, no dent in pocket/wallet~
這個蒸肉排好吃! 很簡單的調味, 就是豆豉醬油而已, 但是很下飯! 排骨帶點肥肉不過因為是蒸的, 所以不油不膩, 好吃~ 八寶豆腐堡有哪八寶咧… 有蘭花蚌, 花枝, 魚, 豬肝, 蝦仁, ㄟ… 還有什麼我也忘記了…八寶比豆腐多, 也是一道不錯的菜~ 我們其實還有另外兩道菜, 腐乳空心菜還有椒鹽鮮魷, 不過我忘記照了… 也是兩道好吃的菜~ 總共八菜一湯加上一罐芭樂汁, 3000有找, 8個人都吃飽飽, 便宜吧!

Overall, it’s a good place for a quality meal with either family or friends. If you steer away from crabs and fresh steamed fish, it’s a cheap place to eat. Even if you do order fish or crabs, I doubt it would go over 500 per person. Good food, cheap price, what more can you ask for? Just remember to make reservations in advance, or you’ll have to wait till after 830pm for sure.  Oh yeah, they also have hot pot, which I will be trying next time I visit!
總結, 這是一家好吃得餐廳, 東西好吃, 又不貴. 他們也有螃蟹還有星斑, 這個就比較貴了, 不過我想如果人多, 就算點一隻老鼠斑來吃的話, 一個人也絕對不會超過500的. 喔, 他們還有火鍋, 咖哩/香菜皮蛋兩種湯底, 就等下次囉~