10-02-04 White Coffee with Little Lin 和小林去白咖啡

Posted: February 4, 2010 in Food and drink, Taiwan

Life of a pilot is not as glamorous as most people think…
飛行員的生活, 真的沒有大家想像的那麼奢華光鮮亮麗…

Today’s afternoon tea session was held at White Coffee, next to the 7-11 around my house. Takes me about 1 minute to walk there… Yes, everything is around my house…
今天的下午茶是在長江白咖啡一號店, 我家巷口的7-11旁邊. 走路1分鐘. 我家真是個好地點~

White coffee is a Malaysian thing, it’s just coffee with milk/condensed milk/evaporated filled milk (I serious don’t know why the hell they translated it this way…) Food here at White Coffee is not exactly great, but it’s good enough for snacks… Mr. & Mrs. Alan Lin plus Little Lin, and Jay attended today’s session. Little Lin still has no hair.
白咖啡是個馬來西亞的東西. 說穿了, 就是咖啡加奶/煉乳/奶水就變成白咖啡了… 那這家店的食物其實還好, 沒有很好吃, 不過可以接受. 今天的成員有林氏夫婦加小林, 還有Jay. 小林的頭髮還是一樣少.
P1020633 P1020608 P1020601
P1020600 P1020602 P1020604 P1020605 P1020606 P1020607

Like I said, food here is not great, but good enough to be acceptable. Had laksa today, not bad lah~
點的叻沙, 可以吃的下去.
P1020599 P1020610 P1020620

Little Lin now likes to grab stuff and chew on whatever that comes near his mouth.
小林現在很喜歡抓東西, 還有咬任何接近他嘴巴的東西…

P1020617 P1020618 P1020619

The Hai-Nan Chicken Rice was ok according to Jay.
The spicy chicken nasi goreng was not bad according to Angela.
The yaka toast was pretty good~ or… was it Kaya toast?
海南雞飯據說是還OK, 辣雞炒飯還不錯, 那個什麼亞吐司還滿好吃~
P1020611 P1020624 P1020623

Old Lin and Little Lin 老林和小林
P1020627 P1020628 P1020629 P1020630 P1020631 P1020632

  1. Anni says:

    怎麼越看我家小林 越像個小流氓了…………

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