10-04-29 X-Mini II & X-Mini Max II

Posted: April 28, 2010 in Toys

On the left is the X-Mini Max II, and on the right is X-Mini II. Both pack with big sounds. The Mini Max offers stereo sound and obviously the Mini II doesn’t since it’s only got one speaker. It’s sound quality is pretty good with nice mids. Highs and bass is not too bad consider it’s size and price. It’s compact size is good for people who travels around with a MP3 player, iPod, iPhone, laptop… I think it’s a good buy, especially if you travel around like myself, or you simply just like to share what you’re listening to on your laptop with the people around you at Starbucks…
P1020701   P1020745
左邊這個是Ariel自己買的, 有提供立體聲的X-Mini Max II. 右邊是我買的X-Mini II. 兩個都是好東西. 不要看他size蠻小的, 但是聲音還滿大的. 音質也算還不錯, 中音表現OK, 高音低音都可以接受, 畢竟以他的大小, 價格來說, 這樣的表現很好了~ 如果你有常常出國或者喜歡在Starbucks跟其他人分享你的音樂, 是可以買的~


P1020733 P1020735 P1020736 P1020737 P1020738 P1020741

Here is a sample I just made on it playing with different types of music.
剛剛拍的測試, 加減看.

  1. 小剛 says:

    搶頭香 ~ted會不會太忙 ,一下子拍 一下子操作 還三分多鐘 手會不會酸~呵音質真的很不賴耶 攝影機還拿蠻穩的 厲害

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