10-06-08 Peanut Farm, Anchorage

Posted: June 9, 2010 in Food and drink, US

Eating alone makes yummy food yucky…

I’m going to nap for a bit, so this will be a short one.
我要去咪一下, 所以這篇會很短.

Went to dinner with Alto and Richard today. Alto requested to take a photo of him because he thinks he is all cool looking with his Zara leather jacket and Rayban carbon fiber sunglasses…
P1020898 P1020899 P1020900
今天晚餐是跟阿圖還有理查一起. 阿圖說要我幫他拍相親照因為他穿了他在阿姆斯買的Zara的皮衣, 還有碳纖維框的雷朋… 陳理察似乎不削跟他照相, 所以把眼睛閉上了…

Peanut is not far from our hotel, about a 10-minute stroll down the street. You’ll see it soon after you pass the The Great Alaskan Bush Company~ It’s up to you to decided whether to satisfy your tummy first or your…. lust…
P1020902 P1020903 P1020905
P1020907 P1020908
我們要去的這家花生農場離旅館很近, 散步10分鐘就可以到. 就在ABC在往下走一點就到了. 你可以自己決定你要先填飽肚子, 還是填飽你的慾望先….

We got a nice window seat with a little stream running next to it, and the NBA Finals game 3 is playing on TV, but since Richard and I are flying later, we are stuck with sodas… Alto got himself a Alaskan Ale or something…. Next time…
P1020911 P1020913 P1020909P1020910
餐廳的旁邊有個小溪, 然後今天剛好是NBA決賽的第三場比賽, 理察和我等等要飛, 所以只有阿圖叫了杯啤酒… 下次… 下次…

The waiter recommended the prime rib panini, and it was pretty good~ It’s cooked well done, but is actually pretty tender~ Kinda reminded me of Lawry’s Cutlery… hmmm…. the fries were great, almost like the thick cut potato chips~ The dips were ranch and some Cajun spiced mayonnaise I think, like it~
P1020914 P1020915 P1020920
經過了服務生的介紹, 我點了這個烤牛肉三明治. 雖然他是全熟的, 但是還滿嫩的, 有點讓我懷念起Lawry’s Cutlery的prime rib sandwich… 薯條/片, 有點像是厚片的洋芋片, 炸的脆脆的, 然後沾醬是ranch… 就是… ㄟ… 鄉村醬嗎? 台灣幾乎沒有這個醬… 所以我也不曉得叫什麼… 然後另外那個是ㄟ… Cajun… Cajun是要怎麼翻阿? 我懶的查字典, 請自己google…

Overall, I think it’s pretty good, and it’s got outdoor seating too~ It’s more like a sports bar than a restaurant, but the food is great, and they also do breakfast~ Next time, I’m going back to try their pizza and beer~~~
整體來說, 這個地方比較像是個運動酒吧, 餐點的選擇還滿多的, 而且他們還有做早餐咧~ 下次我要來試試他們的pizza還有啤酒~~~

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