10-07-13 I’m an Octopus 我是章魚哥

Posted: July 13, 2010 in Toys

I bet I have more watches than Paul…

These are the watches that I wear these days… None of them are really expensive, only one costs more than my chair, but I think they all look pretty good~~ I actually have more watches, but… I can’t find a couple of them, and some of them had finished their service and are living the rest of their days somewhere in my closet.P1030256 
這些是我現在有在戴的錶… 都不會很貴, 只有一隻比我的椅子貴, 但是我覺得都很有型~~ 其實我還有更多的錶, 不過有幾隻我找不到, 還有幾隻在櫃子裏面享受他們退休的生活.
P1030262 P1030264 P1030269 

Quartz movement, both are 50mm, both are inexpensive~
Fossil can display two time zones~
Invicta can only display one time zone, but it’s got a stop watch and displays date~

兩隻石英錶, 兩隻都有50mm寬, 兩隻都滿便宜的~
Fossil 這隻可以顯示兩地時間
Invicta 這隻有碼表還有日期

Both solar powered, both radio controlled multi band atomic timing thing…
Citizen has both home city and world city as well as UTC on it.
Casio can display two time zones, but it’s suppose to withstand 6Gs or was it 15? designed for the Red Bull Air Race, or… was it some guy in the Air Race wearing this… I can’t remember, and I don’t care… I don’t think 744 can take that many Gs… it’ll automatically disassemble itself way before reaching 15Gs…
P1030249 P1030250
這兩隻都是太陽能, 有碼錶, 有鬧鐘, 有日期星期顯示的自動對時電波飛行錶
Citizen 這隻可以顯示兩地時間加上UTC標準時間
Casio 這隻只有兩地時間, 不過他主打什麼可以抗6個G還是15個G… 好像是為了Red Bull Air Race設計的錶, 還是某個Air Race的駕駛有戴著隻… 管他的, 不重要… 400要拉到15個G… 拜託, 早就解體了…

Both Quartz movement, the Skagen has carbon fiber face, Luminox has carbon fiber casing~
The Skagen has day, date, and a second time zone display.
Luminox displays day only, but it’s got the self-powered micro gas lights, so it stays illuminated 24 hrs a day~
P1030253 P1030251
這兩隻也是石英錶. Skagen這隻是碳纖維的錶面, Luminox是碳纖維塑鋼的錶殼~
Skagen 可以顯示兩地時間, 也有日期跟星期
Luminox 這隻只有日期, 不過他有微發光管, 所以他24小時都會發亮~

Both are automatic movement, and both are suppose to be pilot watches.
The BC4 is limited edition with a unique 24hr display, the big crown adjusts the outer rim for a second time zone.
The BC3 is a classic, simple in design with day/date, my first automatic watch, had it for almost 8 years?
P1030247 P1030252
BC4 這隻是Blue Eagle限量款, 有著特別的24小時的顯示, 還有外圈可以調整第二地時間.
BC3 這隻是經典, 我的第一支機械錶, 買了有8年了吧~

I am going to find my other missing watches…

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