10-10-15 Los Angeles

Posted: October 19, 2010 in Food and drink, Toys, US

Didn’t do much this time, other than the usual eat, shop, eat, shop…

But this time I met up with Ben and Wei Wei and their kids for lunch. Ben lives in Chino Hills, so we each drove half way and met up in Cerritos at the BJ Brewery. It was nice to meet up with old friends, and Ben, sorry to disappoint you on the “glamorous lifestyle” of airline pilots. It’s not glamorous at all… it’s only in the movies… or in the “royal airbus fleet”…
P1030522 P1030524
這次回LA跟Ben還有Wei Wei碰到面, 還有他們的小朋友. 為什麼照片只有食物咧? 跟老朋友見面總是愉快的, 不過很抱歉, 我讓他們對飛行員的那種奢華淫蕩的生活形象幻滅了… 根本不是那回事… 那是電影裡才有的情節… 恩… 或著某皇家機隊…

For dinner Kevin, Michael and I went to a Chinese place near the Santa Anita mall. We were going to Bucca di Beppo, but it’s a bit late, and I need to get Michael back to the hotel so he can fly back later~ Chinese is good too~
P1030527 P1030528 P1030530 P1030532
晚餐是跟Kevin還有Michael在一家中國餐廳吃的. 本來要去一家在Pasadena的家庭式的義大利餐廳, 但是怕麥可會來不及趕回去上班, 所以就下次再去囉~

There are actually way more stuff than this that I need to bring back…
iPhone4 bumper and the fake carbon back cover from Griffin was courtesy of Apple. The Ed Hardy ones are authentic Ed Hardy stuff, not the cheap ass fake ones they have on Ebay…
其實這些只是一小部分… Bumper跟那個假碳纖維的殼是Apple送的. Ed Hardy是買的. 真品, 不是Ebay上面的假貨…

P1030534 P1030535 P1030536 P1030537 P1030538 P1030539 P1030540 P1030541
And yes, finally, it’s back! My bike is complete!! well.. for now… hahahaha~
有了這個, 我的車終於完成了… 至少… 目前算是完成了…
P1030542 P1030543 P1030544 P1030545


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