10-10-19 My New Clock Radio

Posted: October 19, 2010 in Toys

When I can get something 50% less than the price sold in Taiwan, it’s a bargain.
對我來說, 能夠以半價買到一樣的東西, 就是超值.

Saw this in the newspaper the other day, selling for around 10K in Taiwan, I went directly to Amazon. I feel bad for the people who paid full price here in Taiwan…
前幾個禮拜在報紙裡面看到了這東西, 台灣售價大概是1萬出頭, 我的第一個反應當然是去Amazon看看. 我只能說我很同情那些在台灣買到的人…

This clock radio can charge your iPhone/iPod (iPhone 4 compatible) and play whatever music you have on it. It also has built in FM/AM radio, alarm that wakes you up in the morning, it can also play from an auxiliary source. The sound is good, for a clock radio, and I like it’s retro styling. I’d say it’s a good buy, unless you buy it in Taiwan.
這台Yamaha的收音機鬧鐘除了可以讓你聽廣播, 叫你起床, 播放你的iPhone/iPod裡面的音樂, 替你的iPhone/iPod充電之外, 還可以利用外接音源線再連接一個訊號. 音質我覺得以一台那麼小的東西來說, 算是不錯了, 我也滿喜歡他的復古的造型. 以Amazon的價錢來說, 這個真的滿划得來的. 如果是在台灣買… 恩…
P1030548 P1030549 P1030550 P1030552 P1030553 P1030557 
P1030559 P1030561
The remote can control your iPhone/iPod. 遙控器可以控制iPhone/iPod.

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