10-10-30 Rainy Barbecue – 千戶傳奇之雨中烤肉

Posted: October 31, 2010 in Food and drink, Just Another Day, Taiwan, Travel

You know how some activities will be held not matter rain or shine? I don’t think barbecue is one of them.

I remember I used to barbecue 4 times a week while I was in college. The good ol’ days~ I think this is my first barbecue in Taiwan since… umm… elementary school… Japanese yakiniku restaurant excluded.
以前還是死大學生的時候, 一個禮拜可以烤肉烤到4次, 這次大概是我繼小學之後, 第一次在台灣烤肉. 日本燒烤不算.

The place is called, 千戶傳奇, it’s actually a farm, for fishes. So, rain, yes, it was raining, at one point, it was raining hard. But that didn’t stop us from grilling some delicious meats~ Cuz we got a roof over our heads… Hahaha~ It was fun, we should do it again, just not during summer… at least not the summer in Taiwan…
我們去的地方叫做"千戶傳奇", 他其實是個農場, 養魚的農場. 我們到的時候, 在下小雨, 烤到後來開始下大雨. 還好我們是在涼亭內烤, 不然應該很難烤熟. 還滿好玩的, 下次有機會再來辦一次, 只要不是辦在夏天就好.

After 3 hours of intense grilling, we cleaned up and went to visit their fish farm. 
烤了三小時之後, 我們東西收收, 就跑去參觀他們的農場.

These are Paddlefish, they have a nose that shaped like a duckbill, interesting fish~ According to the worker there, they are very tasty, and expensive, costs about 40 USD per pound.  I’m interested… hehehe The pond with the red and orange fish is Koi, or carp.
這個是鴨嘴魚, 因為他們長得好像有鴨子的嘴巴, 很有意思的魚. 農場的工作人員說, 這種魚非常好吃, 價格不菲, 一斤大約要1500元, 隨便一條成年的大概要7,8千. 我還滿想吃吃看的…


P1030604P1030609 IMG_0507IMG_0509P1030605P1030606
This is sturgeon. If you’ve had caviar before, you’ve had it’s egg. It’s pretty big, but they can grow up to at least twice the size of the one in the picture. That’s a lot of caviar…
這個是鱘龍魚. 有吃過魚子醬吧? 就是這種魚的蛋. 這魚很大, 照片裡的還算是小的咧~

P1030614P1030610 P1030611P1030615
This is another type of sturgeon. This one can grow up to 10 meters, weigh 1,000 kilos, and live to 150 years old. Amazing right?
這是另外一種鱘魚, 中華鱘. 他們可以長到10公尺長, 一千公斤, 而且可以活到150歲.

After the tour of the fish farm, we headed to the old streets of 三峽.
看完魚之後, 我們就跑去了附近的三峽老街.

Saw this little shop selling pork blood rice cake with people lining up in front of it. So of course, we tried. It was pretty good~ FYI, he’s there on weekends only.
經過這家店的時候, 有一堆人在排隊, 那我們當然要湊個熱鬧買一隻來吃囉~ 還滿不錯的, 如果你有興趣, 老闆只有周末才有賣哦!

I also had these. Strawberry yogurt soft serve, a pineapple popsicle, and a cherimoya flavored popsicle. Yum! Actually, the soft serve was just ok… but it’s a tourist thing, since it’s in the famous horn shaped pastry that they sell here in 三峽.
後來又接連吃了, 草莓優格霜淇淋, 鳳梨枝仔冰, 還有釋迦枝仔冰. 好吃~ 不過我必須說那個霜淇淋還好, 主要是為了那個參與感, 因為他是用三峽有名的牛角裝的~
IMG_0520IMG_0528 IMG_0536IMG_0538

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